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Sometimes I Just Don't

It must be Friday.  It must be Friday, because I feel the need to confess.  If you need want to confess you can go and visit Mamarazzi....Glamazon that lucky girl is going on vacation. 

I confess...

Sometimes I just don't want to be the mom.  The go to gal.  The answer lady. Sometimes I just want to be left alone in my own little corner.Sometimes I just want to go on strike.  I am not a fan of teenage crisis and angst.I am not a fan of petty arguing between siblingsI left my dishes in the sink last nightBut in my defense I was on the go  I would list it out but I would probably get too tired and trail off to sleep.I will say when I finally got home and was able to sit.  That is all I did.  I sat like a lump for the rest of the night. I am beyond thrilled that this is the last day of school before Spring break.  Is it because I get my kids to myself 24/7?  That joy might last a couple of hours a day or two.  No, it's because there is no homework, there is sleeping…

I Have A Question...Special Edition

I have a question and a splitting headache, so I am going to cut to the chase right here and now.  The budget crisis.  And the fact that military...MILITARY personnel will have deferred pay until it is resolved.  I apologize here and now for stating the obvious.  Military folks don't get a lot of money to begin with.  Most live paycheck to paycheck.  Thankfully the military has benefits like housing.  They also have the commissary....but a friend of mine whose husband is still enlisted just posted that the commissary is funded by DoD (Dept of Defense) funds.  I guess it could be considered essential personnel...but probably not since it is just food.  And really the food isn't necessary for the dependents right?  She also suggested that perhaps congress should go without THEIR pay until this is over.  I agree. 

My friend also linked this article.  Here is a quote from it.

“The military would be paid through the 8th” — or half a paycheck, the official said. “Beyond that perio…

DWTS Story Time

Tonight it is story time on Dancing with the Stars.  Each dance will tell a personal story of the stars.  For the first time they got to pick their own music.  We get to see one of four dances tonight:  The Foxtrot, The Samba, The Rumba, and The Paso Doble.  They send out the DWTS Troop to show us each style of dance for the night. This way we know how it is SUPPOSED to look.

First up is Wendy Williams and Tony Dovolani.  Poor Wendy.  I feel kind of sorry for her.  I think she has a true desire to do this and loves that she gets to dress up for it--the costumes, wigs and make up.  But really, Wendy is sadly lacking in the dance dept.  I am predicting hers to be the departure tonight.  Her story is about her struggle from radio personality to TV personality.  And the trials that went with it.  As I watched them, I thought two things:  This is a Foxtrot?  And...Tony, come on!!!  I am sorry but he has had a string of lesser partners.  It's time he has one that can shine.

Wendy William…

Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday with Chelsea at Roots and Rings
Questions for Tuesday, April 5, 2011!
Provided by Tabaitha at Keeping Up With the Kayes.

1. What is your idea best date?  A quiet restaurant made for grown ups.  You know with actual linens.  Low lights.  A nice stroll...yeah I'm sappy like that.
2. How long does it take you to get ready to go on a date?  Before marriage probably an hour.  Now...ten minutes.  If that.
3. What would you wear on the date?  Depends on where I am going. 
4. If you are married, how often do you go on dates? If you are single, when was your last date?  Dates?  What are those anyway?  We have been trying to go out at least once a month.  Even if it is for froyo.
5. What was your worst date?  Being told we were going to the beach(San Diego) and then first having breakfast with like ALL his family, then a drive up to the mountains.  Glad I dumped that one!
6. Do you/Did you kiss on your first date?  Who me??
7. If married, how long before you knew he/she was …

What Would You Do?

I am sure you have heard of, or seen the show, What Would You Do?   You know they set up extreme situations unbeknownst to the general public and basically see what they will do.  I took a quiz with three scenarios.  One of which was a mom who dumps her kids out of the car and tells them to walk home.  My first thought is, oh I can relate to getting to that point.  They did it twice.  The first time the "mom" was driving a little sedan and was dressed kind of plain, and had a cigarette.  Immediately a man came running across the street and was telling her to calm down.  Next, they put the same actors in a suburban, and put the mom in a nice outfit, gave her jewelry and fixed her hair.  Same exact thing and yet nobody really did anything.  I voted for the mom.  Because, I have no idea what this woman is going to do...she might just drive a few feet and then let them back in.  Maybe even circle the block.  Would I do that?  I seriously doubt it.  Just thought it was an interes…