Friday, February 11, 2011

My Blog Swap Fumble

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I joined up with Mamarazzi for the Pinktastic Blog Swap?  No?  Well just go here and refresh your memory.  I'll wait.   Okay...well I have to tell you all about it now....

First, if I were to grade myself on it...I think an A for effort, but a D for following directions.  You will see why shortly here.  My overall grade is a C.  See it is called PINKTASTIC.  Pink.  Well some of the stuff I bought was pink.  A key chain that was a foot with "California" on it.  It was pink.  Post its with pink flowers, warm fuzzy socks that are pink and white stripped.  I wrapped it all in Valentinesy(yeah, it's a word) paper. I got her a pair of latex gloves as a joke. I didn't think until after the fact, I should have picked pink!  Sheesh!  I need a do over please!

The apron is black yes, but I fell in love it:  "Today's menu:  take it or leave it!"

Okay, my partner:  Mary over at My Family...My World totally shined!  She gets and A+ for effort and A+ for following directions!  She made sure it was pink all right! And woweee...she spoiled me.  

Can you tell, she gave me a cool cup too?  Where did she find a pink one?? How cool is that?  I only saw the clear one.  Lots of pink.  Lots of goodies:  pink gum--already gone! the pink cup with crystal light single serving packets inside....strawberry energy flavors, funky shoe laces since my shoes are granny-ish!  Cute earbuds.  Yay...block out the kids noise!  This is a funny...$5 gift card to Wally for my Diet Coke habit! hahaha.  Victoria's Secret perfume, lotion and hand sanitizer.  It doesn't get any pinker than that!! A row of sees candies white chocolate strawberry truffles.  Yeah those are gone too.  And look at those cute socks.  My daughter so wants them.  She wants the cup too.  No way kid.  haha.

Are you still with me??  Good.  We are almost done...I have been asked to answer a few questions by none other than Mamarazzi herself!
1. What, if anything, would you do differently if you were to participate in future swaps hosted by Dandelion Wishes?

Pay stricter attention to the details!  I mean duh....PINKTASTIC! haha.

2. What could I have done to make the swap better?

I think you did a fabulous job!  I really don't know what you could do to improve it.  

3. Were you pleased with the package you received?

Heck ya!  I want a to do mine for hers over! hahaha.  No really.

4. Do you have any ideas for a future swap theme?

How about....a season swap( spring, summer, fall, winter)?  Crafty stuff...though I am not a crafty person...wish I swap.  It is sooo much easier to cook and bake if you have the proper tools.  

And that is the PINKTASTIC swap from start to finish!  I had a lot of fun shopping for my partner.  I wish I could have gotten to know her better than I did, but she is up to her neck in work right now!  It is tax season and that is her job!  I bow to you Miss Mary!  I know I couldn't do it.  And I don't!  Thanks again Mamarazzi for letting this newbie in the swap.  And special thanks to my swap partner!  

Have you ever done a swap? 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Reality is...

Reality is...dishes and laundry do not do themselves.

Reality is...cookies are magic.  When you make them...they disappear.

Reality is...getting older really sucks.

Reality is...the older your kids get, the harder it is to get them out of bed.

Reality is...the house doesn't clean itself either.

Reality is...when the money comes in, it in turn goes out.
Reality hear what they want to hear.

Reality is...despite knowing that kids have selective hearing, we still tell them things as if they don't.

Reality is sometimes hard to swallow.  Reality sometimes is funny.  Reality is part of life.  But sometimes reality sucks, so we go to our happy place instead!

Reality I participated in Jenny Matlock's Alphabae-Thursday!!!

Jenny Matlock

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves we all have them.  And if you are anything like me, you have a list about a mile long of pet peeves.  Well today I am going to list out five.  Just five.  And I am linking up with The Real Housewives of Oklahoma.  I have just recently found out about them through another fabulous blogger, Mimi at Living in France.  If you haven't checked out either of these blogs, now is the time.  Well after you read my post...then you can go and visit them. ;)

Now for five of my pet peeves....

1.  The fact 95%  of the general public does not know how to take turns at a 4 way stop.  I hate it so much that I wrote a post about it.  And it really irks me when people speed through or barely roll the stop that is by the SCHOOL! 

2.  Mean girls.  They suck.  I forgot how brutal middle school can be until my daughter started it in 2008/09.  Stupid mean girls with their mean girl moms.  Oh you know the type.  We must break the cycle.  But that is another post for another day.

3.  Drama.  I can only take so much before I start shouting, "STOP THE WORLD! I WANNA GET OFF!"  Family drama, teenage drama, the only drama I care to be a part of is that which can be viewed on the television.

4.  People who use the express checkout when they have well over 10 items.  I don't care if you have 4, 5, heck 6 items over.  You came in to get two things, found four things you remembered you needed and picked up some more things that just sounded like a good idea.  Fine.  I don't care.  But if you have 25 or 30 items it's just annoying.

5.  Homework.  I do not blame teachers...I say this because my daughter did.  I explained to her that her teacher didn't choose what he taught, he was given a specific curriculum.  So the pet peeve lies in with the district, county and state.  It's too much night after night for these kids.  And my temperament just isn't cut out for it.  Why does it have to be so much?  And these kids are learning stuff way younger than I did.  My eldest is working on science that I learned in high school.  Why?  It drives me crazy.

And those are just five of my pet peeves.  I have many MANY more.  What are some of your pet peeves?


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Status Quote


The Status Quote!!!  I love picking random status updates from friends and posting them here.  Of course, I never use names or locations.  If you haven't played before, it's real easy just collect status updates from your friends and post them up.  Then come back and link up with me and EmmyMom!  If you wonder we when we do it.  It's always the second Tuesday of the month. 

The boss's first question of the year--how do I get this file from the email and put in on my desk top?  And he is the boss how?


...was just reminded of the fact that little kids remember the most insignificant comments. Upon producing a cascade of, er, bathtub bubbles, Junior smiled. "Jacuzzi, Mama!" Home jacuzzi's are the bestest!

I will be speaking in my native tongue today.. Sarcasm! :) Finally!  Someone who understands me!

Lunch break = nap time....Apparently the children have other ideas when it's a snow day. They will one day long for a nap.

A man shouldnt think he won the argument if a woman stops talking. She is only plotting his demise in her head :) That and how to hide the body.

Captain EO, Submarines, Autopia, Star Tours. Geez, "Tomorrowland" sure feels like 1988.  Hmmmm....should it be called Yesterland?  Or...Blast from the Past? 

Yes I did just see that mom pick up the chocolate her son dropped on the ground and give it back to him.  To each their own I guess. That one still makes me gag... a lot.

Tonight as we were sitting down to a dinner my 3yo said "Daddy I want a chicken arm." What a silly boy, he always makes me laugh! I love a good chicken arm!

Cali just came in my room just to fart I hate dog farts there the worst I can't argue with that...unless of course there is a skunk in the room too.

Sitting in the airport listening to a couple dudes talking about how expensive condoms are. I hold up my iPad to show an adorable picture of my daughter at the zoo and say, "You guys know what's more expensive than condoms?" And a lot more work too.
"I am a grown-ass woman" - pure class, eh? Can you tell I was watching Real Housewives reruns.  Wow...that is classy.
Scubbing toilets is exactly as enjoyable as it sounds. It really is.
Couldn't find marshmallows at Wal-mart! They must've known I was coming and hid them all. :(  No, I bought them out.  ;)
"I am glad that we pay $60 for C to play indoor soccer...when all he does is stand around and pick his more sports for that kid."  Who knew nose picking would become a new sport!



Monday, February 7, 2011

All in the Family

What do you think of when I say family?  Is it:  laughter?  dysfunctional?  close knit?  estranged?  blended? When you think of family do you think of your siblings and wonder how they turned out so differently than you?  Or are you all carbons of each other? 

In my family, me and my siblings are a lot alike.  We have the same sense of humor.  And that humor has a tendency to come out more when we are nervous or in an uncomfortable situation.  We like food.  Food is a big part of our lives.  We talk to each other and make each other laugh.  It's good.  And yet we are so different.  Is it our age difference?  Were our influences outside the home different?  And if so, how did our response to them differ and why?

These thoughts came to me over the weekend as my mom and I were discussing the differences between me and my sibs.  We are very different.  But why?  We were raised in the same house, by the same people, and yet we are all so very different.  I look at my own children and wonder how different they will turn out.  They seem pretty similar now.  They play together really well.  They are all very a little high strung.  They are all picky eaters.  They all have selective hearing.  So how will they turn out?  How vastly different will they be?  Or will they be more alike? 

How is it in your family?