Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves we all have them.  And if you are anything like me, you have a list about a mile long of pet peeves.  Well today I am going to list out five.  Just five.  And I am linking up with The Real Housewives of Oklahoma.  I have just recently found out about them through another fabulous blogger, Mimi at Living in France.  If you haven't checked out either of these blogs, now is the time.  Well after you read my post...then you can go and visit them. ;)

Now for five of my pet peeves....

1.  The fact 95%  of the general public does not know how to take turns at a 4 way stop.  I hate it so much that I wrote a post about it.  And it really irks me when people speed through or barely roll the stop that is by the SCHOOL! 

2.  Mean girls.  They suck.  I forgot how brutal middle school can be until my daughter started it in 2008/09.  Stupid mean girls with their mean girl moms.  Oh you know the type.  We must break the cycle.  But that is another post for another day.

3.  Drama.  I can only take so much before I start shouting, "STOP THE WORLD! I WANNA GET OFF!"  Family drama, teenage drama, the only drama I care to be a part of is that which can be viewed on the television.

4.  People who use the express checkout when they have well over 10 items.  I don't care if you have 4, 5, heck 6 items over.  You came in to get two things, found four things you remembered you needed and picked up some more things that just sounded like a good idea.  Fine.  I don't care.  But if you have 25 or 30 items it's just annoying.

5.  Homework.  I do not blame teachers...I say this because my daughter did.  I explained to her that her teacher didn't choose what he taught, he was given a specific curriculum.  So the pet peeve lies in with the district, county and state.  It's too much night after night for these kids.  And my temperament just isn't cut out for it.  Why does it have to be so much?  And these kids are learning stuff way younger than I did.  My eldest is working on science that I learned in high school.  Why?  It drives me crazy.

And those are just five of my pet peeves.  I have many MANY more.  What are some of your pet peeves?



Amy said...

I think people should just work on being nicer in general. There is too much meanness in the world. I really worry about the time my kids go to school, how they will be treated. Sigh.

hawkeyejlp said...

TOTALLY agree with #1. I'll expand that to most people don't have any courtesy when they are in a car. PERIOD. One of my biggest pet peeves is people dreaming in the left lane when they should stay to the right, or weavers who can't choose a lane and then cut you off. ARGH.
And mean girls and their moms suck at any age. Yup, it's worst at the middle school, but it still sucks all the time.

Cheeseboy said...

A rule of thumb that teachers go by is that for every grade you should add 10 minutes of homework... at least the teachers in my school. So, I teach first grade, so my kids get ten minutes of homework. (Along with the20 minutes they are supposed to spend just reading.)

I'm with you on the 4 way stop. Although even I think I am in the wrong sometimes.

Emmy said...

Great list! And totally agree with all of them. Most weeks Lucas seems to have about 20 mins of homework a day and he is in kindergarten!

MiMi said...

Those are perfect peeves! The 4 way stop really chaps my hide! lol I hate it though!

Middle-aged Mormon Man said...

Amen to the anti-homework rant. We didn't have nearly as much homework when I was a kid - and you can't convince me that they are that much smarter than we are.

If you look at research you find that homework below 6th grade does NOTHING to help the kids.

My home would be much a much happier place if my kids had no homework.


mormonhermitmom said...

Amen to that! My current peeve is the toilet that won't stop backing up.

mle said...

Great peeves! they all irk me too!
My city has been taken over by roundabouts. They used to scare me but now I seek them out over 4-way stops.

Mean girls are no fun at any age!

Watching fictional drama is more amusing {even if it resembles your own}

and don't get me started on the HW!

Ailinh Harris said...

Ditto. I found myself nodding in agreement to some of your posts. I live in an apartment complex, so my biggest pet peeve nowadays is when owners of pets let their dogs out for potty breaks and don't supervise them! So the dogs end up jumping and following whoever walks past them... Uh.Noy.Ing.

Linda Medrano said...

I go along with everything you listed. But I'm going to add one. Husbands who travel ALL THE TIME. It sucks!

KK said...

4 way stops make me mad too!

Blogging Loulasway said...

oops I am guilty of pet peeve #1 (never in a school zone of course) infact we call it the California Stop...when I went to get my drivers license that was my one mark "failure to come to a COMPLETE stop" good thing I brought him that donut and cup of coffee!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

My 3rd grader had some geometry I swear I learned in high school!

Dawn said...

So happy to have you link up with US on The RHOK this week.

You have a great list of peeves.

The homework thing drives me crazy and I used to teach. My daughter (7th grade) doesn't usually have more than 30 min. to an hour a night so it's not too bad this year.

Mean girls and their mean mommas. I hear ya there! Ugh!

We hope you'll be back Monday for another round of MckLinky Monday.

~Dawn (AKA Mrs. Albright)