Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The 4-Way Stop

When I was a kid, one of my favorite games to play with my friends was "red light" "green light."  You remember the simplicity of it.  Your friend faced you it meant stop, she turned around, it meant RUN!  Later in life we supposedly learn to drive.  Now I am not talking about myself or any of my bloggy friends, because I know that we are all excluded from this commentary.  However, I am still needing to ask the question...Why can't people do a simple 4-way stop???

It's not really that difficult.  There is even a website that describes it quite simply which can be found here.  But in case it is too complicated, I will simplify it right here.  Just for laughs of course.

1.  If there are no lights, but there is a sign this is not a suggestion.  It is a command.  Slow down BEFORE you get there.

2.  That sideways pedal will slow you down, and ultimately stop the vehicle.  No rolling.  (And btw it's not a CA stop when you are in AZ, TX, GA, UT, OH)it's just running the stop.  Now...don't go...yet.

3.  Look at all the other corners.  Are there cars there?  If so, who got there first?  Was it a tie?  It's that guy furthest from YOUR right.  Yeah him.  He goes first. And so on until it is your turn.  You do not get to go if the guy in front of you did.  This is NOT A LIGHT.  You MUST stop! 

When lights are broken, you must follow the 4 way stop guideline.  If there happens to be a left turn signal at that light, simply pull over, turn off your vehicle, get out of the vehicle, close the door, lock it, and please for the love of humanity WALK HOME!

I am forever amazed at how ridiculous people can be at these stops.  And what is worse, the one I see the most trouble with is the one right by the elementary school. And heaven forbid it is raining!  But then...it's just a question that I had to ask.
Pictures of the Day
Ryan has the answer to not blinking when the flash goes off

An alternative


Christina Lee said...

AMEN! Never have a I noticed this more than when I began walking my son to school!

Sewn With Grace said...

Stopping by from SITS today! Hope your having a good Tuesday!

Emmy said...

Lol! Love that picture. Just a few days ago Lucas eyes were closed for a picture and I told him so, the next picture his eyes were open bigger than I thought they ever could be to compensate. :)

And yes, people really are just idiots on the road.

Laura said...

Ugh, please let the whole world read this post! I don't get it either, no wonder there's so many accidents people suck at driving!

mormonhermitmom said...

I was 16, had my license for like a week, and I did a "rolling" stop at a 4 way, and got caught 50 yards away. First ticket (moving violation). I never did that again. Some of us just have to learn the hard way ;)

Tracie said...

Those drop off mama's are insane in the membrane! I put my kids on the bus unless it is a dire emergency.

I'm your newest follower. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Holly said...

I have a 5 way stop with the fifth way - being the one I must exit form - a little farther back than the others. I say a little prayer every day! And it is he way to get to 17Mile drive in Pebble Beach...so tourists galore and they always run it.

Anonymous said...
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Janiece said...

loved that game

KK said...

Oh I know!