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I Have Nothing To Confess

I have nothing to confess this week, because I have done nothing this week to confess of.  It's true.  I really didn't do anything....

I certainly did not leave my unpacked suitcase sitting on the floor for a day.  And didn't unpack said suit case and pile clean clothes on the stairs and place empty suit case on the first landing of the stairs.  And furthermore, I did not leave clothes and suitcase exactly where I did not place them for three days.  

I really didn't cry as was expected when I deserted left Ryan on his first day of Kindergarten.  And I didn't feel a single ounce of mommy guilt for leaving him with that forlorn look on his face.  

I didn't watch HARRY POTTER and the HALF BLOOD PRINCE on day two school instead of being productive.  And I am not at all interested in seeing the last TWO installments in November of this year and July of 2011.

I would say that I only vacuumed and swept today because Emily accidentally shattered a supposed non breaking Cor…

All Things Yellow

Proceed with caution.... or Go reeeeeeeeeeeaaalllly fast!
Ear worm
Warm and Fuzzy
Follow The Yellow Brick Road!
Sunshine!  The name my mom would call me when I was little.
What do you think of when I say YELLOW? 


Now it is time for Two Truths and a Lie.  If you haven't played before, make a note and play next week.  Tell us three things about yourself, one is a lie.  And see if anyone can guess!  Last week I said...

1.  I once stormed out of a classroom:  True.  It was quiet reading.  I was quietly reading the script of the play I was in.  The teacher argued that this was not a book.  (It was photo copied and in a binder)  I argued that I was reading.  We went back in forth over this and finally got so mad I left.  Oh yeah, I got totally busted for that.  But I was right.
2.  I once openly chastised a teacher:  Oh yes I did!  A classmate told a terrible joke about reuniting the Beatles by using 3 more bullets.  Yeah sick.  My teacher laughed…

A Hawk

There is a hawk that comes and perches on a tree behind our house.  I haven't seen him in a very long time.  I was worried he died.  Then just last Friday, I saw him.  I tiptoed past him and went inside to grab my camera.  He was very sweet and waited for me.  Here is the original plus my edits.

Look at him just sitting there!! I can honestly say...I do not remember what I did here.  Just thought it looked cool. Black and white is always classic And lastly, bumped the brightness/contrast changed the cuvres--whatever that means!  And sharpened it up.

Too Soon

Last Friday before we left on our trip, I began the process for registering Ryan in preschool.  More specifically the Head Start Program through the state since (hopefully) we would qualify and he could prepare for school without me having to fork over extra cash.
The school called on Friday after we had left.  I was informed by one person that he was too old for the program and therefore did not qualify.  The other person wanted to verify his date of birth with me.  I called them both back first thing Monday morning and was not called back.  So I called the Elementary school to get the cut off date for Kindergarten.  He is well within it.  Scary to think for my October baby.  And she confirmed that yes indeed he was too old for the Head Start Program.  I was instructed to get him enrolled tomorrow. (Tuesday)  
I am pretty sure he is ready.  He has been talking about it all day.  I even read a library book to him called "Kindergarten Rocks."  He seemed so small cuddled next to…

I Need A Vacation!

I got a nice break from reality this past weekend.We were invited by Emmy and her family to their time share.  We all had a blast swimming, laughing, eating and swimming, laughing and eating.  It was great just to hang out, float in the water, watch my kids splash and have fun.  

Kristin took some lessons from Rich on swimming.  He was on the swim team in high school.  Who better to learn from??  Certainly not me.  I am a terrible swimmer.  I still hold my nose.   I couldn't believe the progress she made.  Give her a nose plug and regular goggles and she will make the swim team in high school!

Emily was braving practically the whole pool.  It only went to five feet in the very middle of the pool.  She was wandering all over the place.  She treads water pretty good now.  If you get to close to her though, she backs away.  Don't get too close.  

Ryan...oh Ryan.  You and water!I mean seriously boy. He was happily playing on the steps of the pool.  Then he went off the last step, whi…