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Friday Night Fun

So what does a family of geeks do for fun on a Friday night?  They go and look at computers of course!!!

Ryan likes the notebooks

While Emily enjoys the touch screen

If I had my way, I would probably go with a Mac.  That is likely not going to happen.   But a girl can dream.

Picture of the Day

Even in the pouring rain she smiles.


Ramblings...aka "Random Friday's" are just that...random thoughts or ramblings of the mind. 

I think I need a haircut.  I think I need a haircut because it has been approximately 3 months since my last haircut.  I think I need a haircut because my hair is laying limp and lifeless.  Maybe it is depressed.  I think I need a haircut because I am beginning to look like Cousin It. 

Yeah, I think I need a haircut.

It's finally Friday!!!  No homework.   I think I get more excited about this than the kids do.  And what are our big plans for the weekend?  Beyond restoring order to the chaos, I am not sure.  Rich works Saturday so there isn't much room for family fun until after 3.  But, it's Friday.  We usually let the kids stay up a little later than normal.  Play the wii or some other game.  Sometimes we watch a movie on pay per view.

Reading is good.  I love to read.  I can literally be whisked away in a book.  When I am reading I become part that world.  I am the qu…

But First....

It's Thursday!  Which means, it is time for the Writer's Workshop hosted by none other than, Mama Kat!  I am ready to play as I am every week...but first....

I just have to share my Wednesday with you.  I am actually thinking, that unless you were right there with me, you may not believe it.  This house buying stuff is really getting to me.  The knot that is taking over my neck and shoulder proves it.  Our bank statement is literally being picked apart piece by piece.  We have loan approval, so what I am confused about is why do all the dissecting now???  Everyday it's something new.  Oh and the lending company is across the country so the documents do have to come from there.  So I had to come home between shopping and going to lunch to pull up a bank statement from last month, scan it and email it.  Still stressed, but I am ready for lunch.  And so was Ryan at this point.

Grandma and Aunt Cathy(my sis) came over just as I finished sending yet another piece of information…


I did another one of those goofy survey things on Facebook.  You know the kind where it asks who your first crush was, and then five questions later it is asking who was the first person to break your heart.  Well this survey was a what would you do if...what would you do if you won 10 million dollars etc.  Well one of the questions near the end was, "What would you do if you could be invisible?"

Just think of it.  Totally invisible.  Nobody can see you.  My first thought was, I could go in my room and sit in peace.  They wouldn't find me because they couldn't see me.  I could be really evil and spy on all their play.  Not that they are doing anything they shouldn't.  They know I am around. Then it hit me.  This invisible thing really isn't all it's cracked up to be.  First of all, I couldn't sit in my spot with my best friend laptop.  They would see it....typing independently.  That right there would be a dead give away.  Then there would be the whol…

I'm Bored

I'm bored is something I heard more than once yesterday.  Sunny CA was not sunny, and it will not be sunny for the week.  We haven't needed an ark yet, but we are on alert.  I think if I start seeing animals in pairs I am running for higher ground.

When I was a kid, I loved the rain.  I remember playing in it.  Chasing rainbows, and splashing in puddles.  But this was heavy duty rain.  The kind where you do stay inside and watch it come down.  And down.

That is rain...not snow.  The blue blobs on the left are the "rock wall" on the play structure.  It was dark and gloomy all day.  Ryan wanted to go outside.  I told him no.  He promised he would come back in.  I tried so hard not to laugh.  I almost let him, just to see how fast he would come a running!

So what do you do when you are bored and cooped up all day...oh and remember it is a holiday so there is no school..and apparently no mail....hey...why not play the play the mail game.  How do you play?  Well....

First gr…

Paper Work

We have been in the market to buy a house since May 2009.  We have seen houses from fair to sad condition.  I can even remember seeing a house that was well beyond our abilities to repair.  So much time passed that we had to reapply for our loan.  Not only that, but we also got a different Realtor.  More houses. Short sales.  And we just weren't getting anywhere.  It was so frustrating.  We always joked about buying the house we are renting.  After all, we have been here two years, no change in school, church, and most important...NO MOVING!!  Sorry, KK.  

In September, our Landlord approached us about short selling the house to us.  Oh we bit.  For two months the process dragged on.  Our offer was not accepted(by the bank) so we submitted again.  They accepted it.  On Dec. 22, 2009,  things took off and began to fly.  We were overwhelmed with what was only the beginning of the paperwork.  I was warned by many about the mounds of paperwork.  I declared I can handle it.  After 16 y…