Thursday, January 21, 2010

But First....

It's Thursday!  Which means, it is time for the Writer's Workshop hosted by none other than, Mama Kat!  I am ready to play as I am every week...but first....

I just have to share my Wednesday with you.  I am actually thinking, that unless you were right there with me, you may not believe it.  This house buying stuff is really getting to me.  The knot that is taking over my neck and shoulder proves it.  Our bank statement is literally being picked apart piece by piece.  We have loan approval, so what I am confused about is why do all the dissecting now???  Everyday it's something new.  Oh and the lending company is across the country so the documents do have to come from there.  So I had to come home between shopping and going to lunch to pull up a bank statement from last month, scan it and email it.  Still stressed, but I am ready for lunch.  And so was Ryan at this point.

Grandma and Aunt Cathy(my sis) came over just as I finished sending yet another piece of information of our oh so mysterious lives.  Since I was driving, we went through the garage to get into the van.  Ryan was in the lead, then my mom, me and my sister.  My sister screamed a blood curdling scream.  I thought she got hurt...see my garage is very somewhat messy.  She was still standing, but she looked a bit pale.  We all looked at her.

"A rat just ran in front of me!"  Yep...she said RAT.  R-A-T disgusting rat.  It ran under my van, and the second I started it, the nasty little bugger ran back the way he/she IT came.  Of course me and my sister screamed.  Poor Ryan is now terrified that the evil rat monster is going to jump out and eat him alive.

Now seriously, my garage is pretty scary, but in the 2 years we have lived here, I have never ever seen any type of evidence of that kind of rodent.  ANY kind of rodent.  We had mice in our HOUSE in VA, but that was a base wide problem and some people on the block that we lived on didn't care.  Eeeeew.  I digress.  I bought the big sticky rat traps.  Not humane?  I am sorry, but when bugs, spiders, or vermin, yes I said that, cross the line they are going down!  If you are wondering, place traps where you saw the critter, they run a pattern.  It's why mice and rats are good at mazes.  So, I made sure the door to the house from the garage was shut nice and tight.  When Rich got home he wanted to know where the traps were.  I took him to the garage and I noticed right away that one of the traps was not where I had laid it.  It was about 6 inches away with our nasty little friend on it.  Yeah, he/she IT was scared and chewing the trap to get off, but like I crossed the line.  Now don't worry, I would never do that to a cat or a dog.  I would find their owner.  I mean I am not totally heartless.  I was glad that it was caught.  Two of my kids were freaking out about the whole thing.  And yes, it was a rat.  Not a little tiny mouse.  Big fat street rat.  There is a green belt right behind our house, so we have all kinds of critters.  We have lizards all around our house outside.  They are my pest control.

So now, aren't you glad I shared?  I made your morning/day right???  I knew it now to further the excitement...I will take on prompt #4  How many homes have you had.....? goes....

1.  Maywood, CA the home I was born in
2.  Midway City, CA the house I grew up in
3.  Anaheim, CA the apartment I shared with my BF for 18 months until we both were broke.
4.  Huntington Beach, CA my first married home
5.  Martinez, Ca our first transfer home
6.  Santa Rosa, CA transfer #2
7.  Novato, CA a smart move to military housing
8.  Fort Belvoir, VA an early transfer following 9/11
9.  Sunny CA where we currently reside.  I hope to stay here for a long time.  Make fun changes, paint, and watch my children grow here.  I am close to family and in an area I really like.  Of the 9 I listed, the ones I liked the most before here would be 7 and 8.  Seven was and is a beautiful part of Northern,CA right across the bay.  VA introduced me to snow, fall, spring and was rich with history and culture.  CA is laid back--where I live--and (usually) has fair weather.  Every home has memories good and bad, and I am glad to have experienced as much as I did!


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mormonhermitmom said...

Dang! Tell me you, humanely, smacked the thing dead with a shovel! My Dad still tells stories about my Grandma taking a hoe to a rattlesnake.

Kimmy said...

OMG!! That's funny I read your blog cause kid you not, I started my car the other day (we have 3 so I haven't been driving this one so much. Saving on the mileage) and it started to smell, kind of smoke too. My husband and I start to smell around the engine to try and find where the smell was coming from. My husband said it kind of smelled like burning pee and I agreed. Then it struck me. A RAT?? So he got the light and shined it on my engine and sure enough, rat turds and pee on my engine!!!! EWWWWWWW.....GROSS! I feel so violated!! So we pulled the car out of the garage and onto the driveway cause it's been really cold out. That'll send them on their mary way. Now we need to get traps too. Just gross!

Oh, and I'm in CA also. I actually live close to Martinez. :O)

Stopping by from Mama Kat's!

Emmy said...

Oh yuck yuck! And I am so with you, kill the rat! They come into my home or garage and they are fair game.

Glad you caught it so soon.

And you have lived a lot of places too, but I already knew that ;)

Laura said...

Oh my gosh that was so funny and kinda freaky. I have never seen a rat, we don't have much for rodents in the Midwest...I think I would have completely freaked out! I'm glad you caught him!!

Mama Kat said...

Geez you really get around. ;)

I think I've lived in...well...five places now that I'm counting. Sheesh...I get around too.

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Okay..I would have bought thousands of those stick traps and layered the garage floor with them. Rats are just dirty gross creatures and serve no purpose, just like roaches. ICK!

elzimmy said...

I would fuhreak out if I saw a rat.

I hear ya on the moving thing, we've had our house for sale for what seems like forever. So tired of dealing with it.

Together We Save said...

A rat!! OMG.... I would be putting traps everywhere.

Maureen said...

OMG I can't stand those pest LOL. Great writing and you had a lot of homes and that makes a great wonderful memories :D Thanks for sharing.

KK said...

Oh dear, I couldn't begin to count if my apartments and door rooms are included, but if I just count houses...14 and probably 20 apartments and dorms. Of course, I've only actually owned 2. THe rest were my parents, we moved all the time!!!

My new house is on a green belt and now I'm thinking I better get a cat!!