Monday, January 18, 2010

Paper Work

We have been in the market to buy a house since May 2009.  We have seen houses from fair to sad condition.  I can even remember seeing a house that was well beyond our abilities to repair.  So much time passed that we had to reapply for our loan.  Not only that, but we also got a different Realtor.  More houses. Short sales.  And we just weren't getting anywhere.  It was so frustrating.  We always joked about buying the house we are renting.  After all, we have been here two years, no change in school, church, and most important...NO MOVING!!  Sorry, KK.  

In September, our Landlord approached us about short selling the house to us.  Oh we bit.  For two months the process dragged on.  Our offer was not accepted(by the bank) so we submitted again.  They accepted it.  On Dec. 22, 2009,  things took off and began to fly.  We were overwhelmed with what was only the beginning of the paperwork.  I was warned by many about the mounds of paperwork.  I declared I can handle it.  After 16 years with the Military, I was used to it.

I now have three file folders that are easily 1 inch thick and growing.  We had to be inspected for termites.  The house had to be appraised by the V.A. people--big gripe here:  he came out TWO days after Christmas, Rich and I worked our kids all day on the 26th alongside with us to make the house presentable.  They wanted this turned in ASAP so that we could close on Jan.15th.   Well, he didn't turn his paperwork in until he got back...TEN days later.  So glad I busted my butt the day after Christmas.  I digress.  We are now ten days behind and being hit with more and more paperwork.  Literally, we are under the microscope with the lending agent.  It's amazing the things they are asking for.  So I have to ask, how come is buying a house harder than attaining a Top Secret SCI Clearance???  Seriously?  I am buying house, not selling secrets, which I do not have anyway.  The most I know is...oh yeah...NOTHING! 

It is totally insane.  We are doing our best to take deep breaths, sign, scan, and email.  The sooner we get it done, the sooner we can BE done!!   We are waiting for the lending agent to send the documents--from FLORIDA!  But first we have to send them 7 more signed and scanned documents.  I bet tomorrow they slap us with ten more.  Do they want blood?  DNA? Just sayin!


Picture of the Day

The boys got haircuts.

GPS...don't leave home without it!  I took Kristin to a friend's house.  Never been there before.  Used google maps.  got me good and lost.  Turned on my little buddy, and he told me how to get there.  I love him.


I have started a new blog:  Metabolism Blues.  Click on the picture on the right. 


Emmy said...

GPS are wonderful.

And that darn paper work! Enough already!

The boys look cute with their haircut. And like your new header. ;)

Together We Save said...

Hope you get all the paper work done!! It is crazy.... at least no moving.

Carolynn said...

You are in the home stretch. Soon it will all be behind you.

GPS...never leave home without it.

Laura said...

The paperwork is CRAZY when buying a house. I hope everything works out for you and SOON! :)

I don't have a GPS but man do I want one, I hate reading directions!

Stopping over from SITS and wanted to say HI! :)

Froggylady said...

I hear you on the no moving part! We're due for orders in a few months and I feel like we just got settled here in SoCal..I'd like to stay for a bit longer! I hope you don't have to send them the tip of your finger for verification, but maybe you should just start taping some hair and little dab of blood to all the documents. I bet they'd stop asking for more. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

mormonhermitmom said...

Well that's just karma trying to get you back for not actually packing up boxes and hiring a truck - you have to have the equal stress in paperwork instead. Crossing my fingers!

KK said...

First of all, you rock :) OK, this is what I tell myself when things get nuts....this can't last forever and a few months from now we'll look back and laugh about what all we went through. All the hoops they are making you jump through are nuts, but it's going to be great when you are done (and don't have to move)!

Ok, going to check your new blog!

Holly said...

We just refinanced...buying all is never easy...but worth it in the end. Hang in there!

Off to check out the new blog

Dianna@KennedyAdventures said...

hang in there ... my husband is a Realtor, and I've learned that there is nothing easy about a short sale, or a foreclosure.