Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I Know I'm Crazy, It's Okay...

How many of you know that first Saturday in May is Free Comic Book Day?  Don't feel bad if you don't because I didn't know for years.  Then when my son was about 5 we went for the first time and it was a blast.  I had no idea what to expect.  They had charcters there.  Darth Vader, Storm Troopers, Spider-Man, Robin, just to name a few.  Plus the pizza place next door was really smart and did a special offer that day for the patron's of the comic book store.  Then, the next year we went again and it was more fun.  Well last year, started a new tradition with Kristin cosplaying as The Joker.  (Heath Ledger's).

You can guess which one is her.

She was a major hit last year.  She even got a pic with Batman.  This was like a dream come true for her.  Then it got ten times better when Batman asked if she would pose with his daughter who was dressed up like Batgirl!  

So this year she did it again, and so did Emily...and so did I!  Yup.  Me.    

Kristin and Emily were Jack Frost(Rise of the Guardians--if you haven't seen it please do!) and Elsa (Frozen---if you haven't seen it I can't talk to you anymore!)  They both got asked for pictures and hugs!

Costumes are homemade...wigs are bought.  (it was HOT!)


But I said I did it too...

No, I wasn't a missionary!  You sillies!  But they were there!  Oh I had a good time pretending...but even more fun here....
At the Relay for Life in the fight against cancer, because folks even LOKI hates cancer!!  And let's face it, FIREMEN!  Hello!  Kristin posed with them as Jack but alas, I do not have that one.  Howver...we went home for a bit...changed and came back since it was a 24 hour event and posed with the same firemen! 
Oh darn, those firemen didn't recognize us!

My mom was there for this round.  She walked a 5K thank you very much!

Me and my fierce WW Leader and Team Leader for Relay for Life!  You Go Kimmy!

Oh and how much did I walk?  Well....
the 5K charm marks the point when I completed a 5K.  I walked a 10K.  Not to shabby.  I was sore the next day.