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Random Time

It is summer time, and my life is as crazy as ever.  Maybe more so.  Who needs roller coasters.  I live on one!

I took Rich to the doctor yesterday...and that is another blog for another day!  And guess what movie they were playing???  UP!  So funny.  I love that dog.

Today I will be spending my time cleaning.  And cracking my virtual whip to make the kids work.  Do you know there is an app for that?

Have you played Dice with Buddies?  Now there is Jewels with Buddies!  Just like Bejeweled, but you play against friends.  The screen is too small for me.  I don't do well on a timer.  I wonder how many other excuses I can come up with.  Oh, yesterday I had a monster headache!

That is what you buy after a really bad day.  And when there is no pop in the house.
What I really crave?  Not sugar, nor fat, no...what I really want is a day at the spa.  No kids or husbands.  Just me please.  Oh you want to give me some imported chocolate I will not object.  Just pass the Diet Coke so as to…