Friday, December 28, 2012

Review Extravaganza 2012 Oct, Nov, and Dec.

We are in our final week of the Extravaganza!  It started out so simply, and has grown into a true Extravaganza with prizes valued over $300!!  I hope you all have been playing along!!!  In this our last week, we are recapping October, November and December.

Rich completed all of his treatments for his toe, which had become infected to the bone.  He was released by the wound care treatment center and no longer required crutches. A few minor setbacks with his feet has left him on disability and he is currently under doctor's watchful eye.  However, his blood sugar is the best it has ever been and he is being most obedient in his treatments.
I started a huge step in my life.  Something I had been thinking about for a very long time.  I started school.  I thought about trade school, and community college, but I wanted more.  I wanted a formal education.  What I didn't know, is what I wanted my education to be.  I finally landed on English.  There is a world of opportunity around the English Major.  For now, I am going for my Bachelor's but down the road, who knows...a Masters?
I do all my courses online five weeks at a time.  Each course earns me 3 credits.  At the end of January, I will begin my very first English course.  The first three courses were prep classes and adult learning.  
Kristin created a storybook suitable for children for History that told the story of the French Revolution.  She used her brother and sister as models.  Her teacher loved it and she got a perfect score on it.
Of course a play was done at the high school....The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  Kristin was in it, and I did a review of it for The Patch.  Because I did this, I was given comp tickets.  These kids never disappoint.  They are quite professional in their performances.  He teaches them well, and treats them honorably.
Halloween came...we had an odd assortment of characters this year.....
An angel, a Super Hero, and a real Joker!!!!
Kristin did all of her own make up.  She has learned a lot being a drama student.
Superman saves the day!


November kept me busy as I adjusted to college life.  I graduate in September of 2016.  Just an FYI there.  Oh and I can fly to Iowa to the campus for a full cap and gown ceremony!  How cool is that?  

We celebrated Thanksgiving with a small group this year...we only hosted 13.  One year we had 22.  It was nice and the food was delicious.  


It got here soooo fast that I didn't know what hit me.  The year is over.  In a lot of ways it really sucked.  In other ways, it had good moments.  So what did December bring????


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We decorated our tree...and the house too.  

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Kristin's friend by for a look at Ryan's face...right after I took the picture...Ryan proudly told me, "I farted."  

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Emily went to her first Winter Formal...with a BOY!  He brought her a rose!

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We saw Santa ...TWICE in one day!!!

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Our tree on Christmas Eve before Santa brought his goodies!

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The mess that Ryan seriously did not see.

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The promise of a great new year

My 5 goals....

  1. Successfully teach Kristin to drive.  Yep, she will be 16 in 2013.  She was 12 when I started blogging.  
  2. conquer parallel parking....I have done it with a very generous amount of space.  But I want to do it with a tight space!
  3. Lose my 25 pounds (again) and keep it off!!!
  4. De-clutter my house and become more organize in my life....I believe that even though this is two in one...they will work together.
  5. Save a little money each week for Christmas next year.
      ***Bonus goal***  To go back to being a better blogger.  

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