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Ten Things in November

I try my hardest to smile in the face of adversity.  I try to remain ever faithful during times of trial, especially when those times seem to drag on and on.  So I am grateful for this monthly meme, by my bestie, Emmy, to remind not just me, but all of us of what makes us smile.
1.  Free haircuts for my kids.  Yep...FREE.
2.  Ryan in a leather jacket, looking pretty darn cool.  Fonzie, eat your heart out.
3.  Our kids blowing bubbles for the cats.  Yes the cats.  And how those silly beasts loved those bubbles. 4.  Have you ever patted your kid's butt in the form affection?  I did/do, and while doing it, Ryan farted. Yeah we laughed. 5.  Getting to spend time with my bestie!
6.  A really nice Thanksgiving 7.  A good report from Ryan's teacher 8.  I am doing well in school too!!! 9.  Our Christmas tree topper "died" which was sad, and now we have a new one.

10.  Knowing I can still laugh and be a little bit nutty!

Review Extravaganza

I am so excited for this year's Review Extravaganza!  This is the third year I have hosted this, and every year it is getting even better and bigger.  (I am just still in denial that we are too this point!)

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What is the Review Extravaganza
  -It is your way to look back over the year and each week recap three months at a time of what happened in your life, your favorite blog posts, favorite pictures- whatever you would like to share. (Here is an example of one of EmmyMom's recaps from last year)

I am happy to have 5 wonderful bloggers whom I love assist me this year.  Introducing the hosts.

Emmy Mom
Lourie- CA Girl
MiMi- Living in France
Nicole- Life's a Beach

Mrs. Match- Date Girl Diaries

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