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I Remember...

I remember when the training wheels came off. I was so excited for her, and yet I was a little sad since that meant she was growing.

I remember when she met all of her favorite Princesses. It was definitely the highlight of her summer. I got live vicariously through her eyes.

I remember when she got baptized how blubbered like a baby marveled at how much she looked like an angel. And how pleased I was with her decision to be baptized.

I remember thinking how grown up she looked when she attended a concert at The Kennedy Center for a field trip.

But I was not ready for this.

Her first winter formal. She had an "amazing" time. I know it's just going to continue on and on. I will savor each moment with all three of my children. It may be cliche, but it really does go by fast.

Random Acts

Every week Mama Kat gives 5 writing prompts to choose from. I enjoy her challenges very much. They always give me pause to think. And this week is truly exceptional. Please see The Liz Logelin Foundation and Anissa Mayhew's Hope 4 Peyton.

Mama Kat and other sites(all listed on Mama's Losin It) are also holding auctions to benefit the sites listed above.

Writing prompt #4 asks to describe a time when a stranger helped you.

When I was a senior in high school, I didn't have a car like a lot of kids did. And if you didn't have a car you either road with friends who did, got carpooled, took the bus, or rode your bike. I was the latter.

School was just a little over 2 miles from home. I had traveled about 1/2 a mile and was getting ready to cross a busier intersection. It was a 4 way stop, which is sometimes easy enough, but that doesn't apply here. As most of us know, you must stand up on the pedals to gain momentum. Since I needed to cross quickly, I did just th…

What Scares You?

What scares you? Is it the slasher movies? Ghost stories? Stories of women bearing Satan's spawn? Are you afraid to swim in the ocean? What movie has scarred you for life?

I pose this question because a couple of nights ago, I saw a movie that totally disturbed me the first time I saw it. It is called Dreamscape starring Dennis Quaid. In one of the dream sequences, Dennis Quaid's character is helping a young boy get away from the monster in his dream. Well the monster is a pretty scary thing, or at least at the time I thought it was. It was a snakeman. In my mind, I remembered it looking sooo real! Plus they were going down miles of rickety old wooden stairs. Now who hasn't has THAT dream!? And yet when I watched it, I was half laughing at myself and literally laughing at how completely fake the effects were. And the whole concept of the movie now seems preposterous.

Another movie that scarred me for life, was a movie called "The Hand." Okay I was to…

My Family Knows

*****We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog for an important announcement*****

Dear Jerk-Behind-Me,

You can honk your horn until the cows come home. You can lean on it to your hearts content. I really don't give a flip! But no matter how long or how many times you honk that horn, I can not go to the other side of the street if there are cars there that are not moving! Okay, so you can't see over the top of my big old van. I get that. But I am not some dumb redneck picking their nose either. And I am not on the phone. And I am not drifting off to never land. Don't you think I would go if I could. My kid is getting wet too! Sheesh. I hope when you are in a similar situation that the person behind you is far more understanding than you were. But then, you are in a little runt car so anyone could easily see over the top or simply tip you over.

Yours Truly
The "Moron" in the Van

****We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog, without further interr…

A New Me

When I was 17, I had my wisdom teeth removed...surgically. I had the worst recovery imaginable. I had the dry all four areas. A spot on my chin remained numb for six months. I couldn't chew food for about a month. My mom made me shakes. Aren't mom's great!? As a result of my liquid diet, I lost 25 pounds. I was looking good. Hey when you are seventeen you are allowed to be a little self-centered. I also got the grand notion to dye my hair. Why? Who knows. I thought it would be fun I guess. I chose to dye it red. Why red? Why not. It was fun. It turned out very nice and looked natural, surprisingly. I also received a lot of male attention. Again, at 17 one tends to eat that up. I tried many times over the years to duplicate the red result and never have been successful.

I have also gone blond(er) which is the normal color I choose. The last time I colored my hair we lived in VA. I don't even think Ryan was born yet. I went blond(er) a…