Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

It just isn't Christmas until I see my favorite commercial! Last year, I never saw it. It was just sad. This year I see it almost every night. I can't help but love it.

But Christmas comes with or without my favorite commercial because Christmas isn't about Hershey Kisses ringing out We Wish You a Merry Christmas. It's about something that could never be duplicated and something that can only be best told by a blanket toting kid named Linus.

From our house to yours, have yourselves a Merry Christmas!
After another day of dealing with the house, signing papers, and spending the better part of the day in my car I came to the conclusion that some of the Christmas traditions would have to be suspended until next week. These traditions are homemade candies. Every year since I got married, I have made homemade peanut butter cups and homemade butterfigners. They are very tasty and very time consuming! I will be sharing the process with you next week.

One thing I do, is keep my promises. Something I learned from my mother. She never promised me anything that she didn't intend to keep. If she knew she couldn't keep a promise, she would say, "I won't promise you..." I do this now. My kids know that my promises are just that. A promise. I promised we would gift wrap. I specified that I wanted to just sit and rest a while. It had been a trying day. Well, I fell asleep. For just about 30 minutes. But hey, 30 minutes of shuteye can do a mind a world of good.

After dinner, I stayed true to my promise. I gathered the troops and began my brave mission: Operation Gift Wrap.
Making sure everything is secure
Gathering supplies
Name Tag Duty
Hats. Why? Why not?
Operation Gift Wrap

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Blank Look

Yesterday I went to make our down payment on our house. We are now officially in Escrow. If only it were as simple as that sentence. Getting there is half the battle. Finding the place was an adventure in and of itself! I knew right where it was. I should know better by now. I haven't learned. GPS was invented for two kinds of people: geeks and hopeless people with no sense of direction. Guess which one I am. After some wrong turns and ending in a different part of town, I did manage to find my way with my pal GPS. No, mine does not have a name.

I arrived at the Escrow office and I marched in there ready to write my check. It was at that exact moment that I realized I had no clue what I was doing. I didn't even know what to say. "Ummm hi. I'm buying a house. And I am supposed to write a check for the down that we can open escrow." Yeah...that sounds right. It went more like this....

"I am opening escrow today."
"Are you the seller?"
"No I am the buyer."
"Who are you with?"
.........Why must my brain fart at this moment? I know their names! But what is the name of their company. They own it. It's their baby. But can I think beyond their names!! Names!
"I am with Doug & Martha (Last Name)"
"Oh are you the realtor?" Dude, wait what? How did we make that leap?
"No I am the buyer." Finally I think we are on the same page. She looks them up and lo and behold she finds me too! Success! She tells me who my Escrow rep is and invites me to sit in the conference room.

My rep's assistant comes in and takes care of me. We do small talk and I find out she is from Michigan. Since Rich is from there, I ask which part. *Snort* Yeah, like I know where any city is in that state! She does the glove thing and I figure it out. Now it is the moment of truth. Time to write the check. I begin filling it out only to realize that I have written the amount in the Pay to the Order of section! Nervous? Me? I give a sheepish grin and start again. This time I get it right.

"Now all I need is your address to mail you --"at this point I am not hearing what she is saying because I am thinking, "Duh! It's the one that is right there!" Then it hits me. Most people are not already living in the house they are buying!
"We are buying the house we are living in. We have been renting."
"oh! Okay, then that is easy." And that was it. Quick and mostly painless.

By now it was time for lunch. I offered to take the kids to an "eat store." Translation: fast food. They happily accepted.

The next three days will hopefully be heavily concentrated on Christmas. I have much to do. I am sure we all do.

Monday, December 21, 2009


Before I begin, I want to say thank you all so much for your well wishes. I am doing better. Still coughing, but then that always lingers.

Have you ever planned out something to the letter only to have life explode in your face and thus mocking your sad attempt to follow through on your plans? Or is it just me? Last week I had the 10 days before Christmas mapped out. On Wednesday my plan was to go to my Mom's to do some wrapping and watch a Christmas special. I did that. Thursday was likely going to be more wrapping at home and some cleaning. Friday would be grocery shopping and wrapping. Saturday would be a joint effort to clean and do laundry. Sunday would be church and rest. Monday would be mailing the Christmas newsletters and lead into the week of Christmas with candy making, cookie baking and everything Christmas!!!

As most of you know, Thursday I was very sick. I seriously do not remember the last time I felt that sick. I couldn't have pushed through even if I wanted to. All I could do was lay down. I am not certain, but I think I even had a fever as I was constantly cold, and I am never cold! Once you hit 35 that changes. I was cold when others were not. I spent the day with my mom sleeping on and off.

Friday I spent on the couch at home and Ryan did a good job and didn't get into too much mischief. Saturday I was feeling about 50% better. I had to grocery shop. As I was making my list, my phone finished charging and notified me that I had a voice mail. I listened and as I did so I had to scoop my chin off the floor and find my eyes. Our offer has been accepted. I had to scramble and find 2007 W2's and print 3 months worth of bank statements. We went to our Realtor's house and began the paper work. I still have some stuff to do today starting with the down payment.

Now with only 4 days to go the race is on. The trick is separating what needs to get done from what I want done! In the meantime, put on your favorite Christmas music, light some candles that are nice and stinky, and enjoy the small moments....okay back to work! Hehehe.