Wednesday, December 23, 2009

After another day of dealing with the house, signing papers, and spending the better part of the day in my car I came to the conclusion that some of the Christmas traditions would have to be suspended until next week. These traditions are homemade candies. Every year since I got married, I have made homemade peanut butter cups and homemade butterfigners. They are very tasty and very time consuming! I will be sharing the process with you next week.

One thing I do, is keep my promises. Something I learned from my mother. She never promised me anything that she didn't intend to keep. If she knew she couldn't keep a promise, she would say, "I won't promise you..." I do this now. My kids know that my promises are just that. A promise. I promised we would gift wrap. I specified that I wanted to just sit and rest a while. It had been a trying day. Well, I fell asleep. For just about 30 minutes. But hey, 30 minutes of shuteye can do a mind a world of good.

After dinner, I stayed true to my promise. I gathered the troops and began my brave mission: Operation Gift Wrap.
Making sure everything is secure
Gathering supplies
Name Tag Duty
Hats. Why? Why not?
Operation Gift Wrap


KK said...

Looks like you guys did a great job! Can't wait for the candy recipes. My aunt makes incredible homeade peanut butter cups!

Rachel said...

The candy will taste just as delicious next week! It's good to not kill ourselves over holiday things. The presents look great too!

Merry Christmas!

Carolynn said...

I will not promise everything will get done...but...

I will promise that Christmas will come and we will smile, laugh and spend less time opening gifts than we did wrapping them.

Emmy said...

Good job! And yes I agree with Rachel candy any time is good :)