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Please Tell Me...

I confess...

I miss Fall.  I love all the beautiful lush colors.  The weather.  I envy those who get to have it.  However...I do not miss having to pack away my summer clothes.  I do not miss the extreme cold.  I do not miss snow.  At all.  I can drive about an hour north of my home and take my kids to the snow for  a day and then come home to warmer temps and dry roads.  Oh and I have a tree in my yard that gives me fall.
I confess...

I can not stick to a grocery or Wal-Mart list.  I do stick to the grocery list better than the Wal-Mart list.  Unless I am hungry.  Then it is simply a lost cause.  And I always forget at least three or four things.  I find that super frustrating.
I confess...

I saw a lady at the grocery store yesterday and she was still wearing her visitor's sticker from her child's school.  I told her that it was there, thinking I was being the being the good Samaritan and she acted a bit offended and then said maybe people will think she works there.  Umm ok…

Proud Mommy Moments--Angry Style

I love participating in Emmy and KMama's Proud Mommy Moments because it is not limited to those moments of glory it is also for those moments of hanging your head in shame.  Today I am talking about those moments of anger when the kids are mad.  Mine are (mostly) beyond throwing themselves on the floor wailing, thrashing, crying and out of control.  Now they use a different method of manipulation.

Eye rolling, feet stomping, heavy sighing....

"I don't like you"

"You're the meanest mom ever!"

"That's it!  I don't want to be around you!"

Silent treatment.

Can you tell me which child offers which bit of flair when they aren't getting their way or having to do housework?

While I get eye rolls from and feet stomping from all three, my biggest eye roller and foot stomper would have to be Emily.  Aww...but she's so sweet and quiet.
Yeah it's those quiet ones you have to watch out for....she is very sweet but she can roll her eyes…

Dancing With the Stars week 2

It is week two of DWTS and the dances are The Jive and The Quick Step. I am not in agreement with the judges on a lot of the dances.  I think they are slipping and need a vacation.  I will happily take their place for an episode or two.  

  Hope and Maks 1-800-868-3408
In rehearsal for her Jive, Hope was doing soccer kicks.  Maks, completely out of character, was laughing all the way through it.  He must like her.  He also attended a game of hers.  Yep.  He's sweet on her.  Their dance, was kickin' coin a phrase.

Len said it was great and fast moving, but that she lost timing at the begining.  "I say what I see!"(After being booed.) Bruno said she had thighs that could crack a walnut, but that she has to be precise and that she lost it too many times. He said it is time to apply herself.  Carrie Ann said she was great, flirtatious and it was a new side of her.  But there were a few mess ups. She advised her to relax into it. 

Carrie Ann:  6
Len: 7

Ten Things To Smile About--September

It's the end of September already?  What?  Well that must mean it is time to share Ten Things To Smile About with EmmyMom.

1.  My birthday
 Photo By Emmy 2.  Seeing my bestie

3.  Dancing with the Stars--yeah cause I'm a nerd!

4.  Kristin's Birthday
 Kristin's epic ensemble is epic.  My niece--who is 21 asked if she wore that to school.  I desperately wish I would have said yes.  It would have made me deliciously happy! 5.  My anniversary

6.  Funny sleep pictures

7.   Hot Fudge Sundaes--which is what I chose in lieu of cake for my birthday.

8.  Not needing the AC as much.  While most of the country is donning long pants and jackets we are still in shorts and t-shirts.  Yesterday was a no AC day.  Today will be 90.  We shall see.

9.  Not giving up on myself with Weight Watchers...I just keep at it.  It's rough, but I keep going.  I think I need to get back to my (other) blog to shake things up.

10. And getting to see this little guy which isn't all that often.


I Don't Do Math

He said it was 18 years ago I said it was 19 He said I forgot I said I don't do math We were married on September 25th, 1993.  That was 18 years ago.  We were sealed in the San Diego Temple on the same date two years later.    I may not do math but there are some things that are never forgotten.  Happy Anniversary, dear!