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It's time to Confess...are you ready?  

I Confess...

I am sitting here in my jammies.  I will be going to Zumba this morning.  But for now I am sitting in my jammies doing nothing.

Which is kind of sad because I am stressing about my messy house.  I've got company company on Monday.
I wouldn't even call her company.  She is more like family.  I grew up with her.  We are more like sisters.  Her family moved to OH when we were teenagers.  Now her daughter is headed to college out here.  It's crazy.  Mostly because we are both to young to have college age kids.  I just can't wait to see her!

I confess...

I dreamed that I ate sheep brains.  Gross I know.  It was really good in my dream.  It was also smothered in butter.  But sheep brains?  Who am I?   Are you all really afraid of me now?  I promise...I haven't been watching and taking notes from Hannibal Lecter!

I confess...

I am wimping out.  I have osteo-arthritis in both my knees.  It's been a while since the…

Proud Mommy Moments: Pride and Shame

Sometimes we have moments of pride that cause our hearts to swell and faces to beam with pride.  Well you all know what happens with pride right?  We are usually humbled all to quickly.  So for today's Proud Mommy Moments I thought I would share two since I have both ends of the spectrum. 

If you saw my post yesterday, then you know we took a trip to the OC and saw the Crystal Cathedral.  As we toured the grounds we saw many statues with quotes from the bible.  Imagine how my heart soared as my five year old read this one without help or even being asked...
"Let the one who is without sin cast the first stone" I was floored!  Amazed.  He read it again for his sisters and aunt who didn't get to hear him.  Yes, that was a proud moment!  What a great reader he is!  That's my son!
Fast forward to the next day when Kristin and her friend had washed my car.  Afterward, Kristin had put on her sweats over her bathing suit.  They are a little big on her.  She took off runnin…

Wordless Wednesday

We were in Orange County on Monday and we visited the Crystal Cathedral.  I grew up in the OC and never once saw it.  There are statues all over the grounds taken from the bible.  From Moses and The Ten Commandments to The Prodigal Son. 

Ten Things to Smile About June

Is June over already???  It must be!  Because it is time to link up with Emmy and share...

1.  Three graduates!
 Kindergarten elementary 8th Grade 2.  High adventure for my oldest at Girls Camp 3.  School's Out!  (Still smiling!!!)
4.  Got to see Pirates!
5.  New shoes--sorry no picture of those...but they are cute.  Strappy back silver sandals.
6.  Laughing and possibly scaring off guys at the shoe store with my sister.
7.  Going to the beach with my BFF and host of this fabulous meme and seeing our boys go into the ocean for the first time!

8.  Having a special birthday....
9.  Going to see the Fireworks that same night after....
10.   11 years ago....a very special miracle came into our lives

Happy Birthday Emily! What made you smile in June???

Is It Brain Damage?

Have you ever seen Bill Cosby Himself?  The best bit about parenting I think I have ever seen.  And it is true to this day.   But there is more to it than the brain damage he talks about.  I think that some of them are brain damaged, some act brain damaged and some are conspirators.  They scheme instead of dream.  Each night as they recharge their little batteries, they are plotting.  Plotting their way to drive you to breaking point.
My son, is their leader.  He jumps from one topic to the next and from one question to the next that it makes your head hurt.  I realized this weekend as I battled another migraine, he just may be the very cause of all of them. Example:
Ryan:  Are we going to lunch tomorrow? Me:  No Ryan:  Why Me:  Because tomorrow is church. Ryan:  Will we go to lunch on Monday? Me:  Yes Ryan:  Can I have some blue juice? Me:  No Ryan:  Why Me:  You just had some Ryan:  I still want to make videos with your iPhone.
This conversation was in no way taken out of context.  I couldn'…