Monday, June 27, 2011

Is It Brain Damage?

Have you ever seen Bill Cosby Himself?  The best bit about parenting I think I have ever seen.  And it is true to this day.   But there is more to it than the brain damage he talks about.  I think that some of them are brain damaged, some act brain damaged and some are conspirators.  They scheme instead of dream.  Each night as they recharge their little batteries, they are plotting.  Plotting their way to drive you to breaking point.

My son, is their leader.  He jumps from one topic to the next and from one question to the next that it makes your head hurt.  I realized this weekend as I battled another migraine, he just may be the very cause of all of them.

Ryan:  Are we going to lunch tomorrow?
Me:  No
Ryan:  Why
Me:  Because tomorrow is church.
Ryan:  Will we go to lunch on Monday?
Me:  Yes
Ryan:  Can I have some blue juice?
Me:  No
Ryan:  Why
Me:  You just had some
Ryan:  I still want to make videos with your iPhone.

This conversation was in no way taken out of context.  I couldn't possibly.  Conversations with Ryan go in circles.  Go in all directions.  Are questions upon questions.  Leaving you tearing your hair out. He will also argue to argue.  This is not a brain damaged child.  Selective hearing yes.  But brain damaged...not necessarily.  Although, he did shove a bead up his nose a couple of weeks ago.

What's my point?  What's my question?  I want to your child, niece, nephew, grand, whatever that child is to you in your life...are they brain damaged or are they the direct cause of YOUR brain damage!?



Nicole said...

I can't see the clip right now... but my step-daughter's brain damage is a direct result from her mother... :) I only say that b/c she lives with her mom so we have very little influence on her.

VandyJ said...

Brian damage is real. Turbo has it in spades. Bruiser doesn't show much yet, but the time will come.
And yes I do have brain damage--I got it from my kids.

blueviolet said...

You brought back painful memories of my son doing this to me. It just hurt my brain so much! I feel for you!

Emmy said...

Ug yes that and that awful worst word ever- "why?" I have realized I have gotten very good at tuning my kids out... but sometimes I think a little too good and I miss a few things along the way :)

Linda Medrano said...

You should have drown them when they were kittens. Now it's too late.

Nikki said...

LOL that is a conversation you can't zone out of! At least he keeps you on your toes! :)

mormonhermitmom said...

Oh yeah, the kids give it to the parents. We just have lunch and then one of them says, "What's for dinner?"''

And it's any wonder we can't remember their names????

Amy said...

Kids are so funny, and Bill Cosby is a genius! I love that conversation with your son. That makes me laugh.

Jen said...

Oh man, migraines are the worst. I get them too, and I really can't function let alone answer a million questions when I have one.
And beads up the nose are never good ;)