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Proud Mommy Moments: Kids Are Funny

Ryan cracks me up.  Daily I think.  Sometimes they are just down right hilarious and sometimes they leave me shaking my head and biting my tongue so I won't burst into childish fits of laughter.  Here are some examples of my funny boy.

While doing his Valentine's cards (Iron Man) he wanted to know if he could use some of his sister's Shrek ones for all of his "Lady Friends" because they would like that more than Iron Man. 

While getting ready for school the other day, he wanted to know if he could wear two shirts.  Yes, two!  Because his friend does.  His other argument..."It's not like it's dangerous."  You have to love his logic!

Last Friday, after Zumba I went to my mom's for lunch.  This is normal.  Rich picked me up on his way home from work.  Also normal.  He was a little late so I didn't have to time to shower before picking up the kids.  Upon getting home, Ryan wanted a juice bottle.  I told him he could have one.  He brought it…

A Night On Broadway

It doesn't matter what our children do, it's going to cost us money.  And since my daughter is all about acting, I support her no matter what.  She is also in choir.  That one hasn't cost us a whole lot...yet...but it costs money.  Most recently, the choirs and drama put together "A Night on Broadway." Kristin's choir did, "A Hard Knock Life" from "Little Orphan Annie."  The teacher wanted the girls to look the part. 

I think he needed to tell them to google orphans of Annie....
Most of them looked more like they were cleaning the house rather than orphans from the 1930's.  Now for the most authentic...

First, I bought a (very sturdy) romper at the thrift store and we ripped it. I sewed some patches on it.  Then the next day we....
dragged it on the ground Rubbed it in the dirt, and rocks--this thing was TOUGH Jumped on it Beat it Even rode a bike over it!!
And what did the finished product look like? Well.... And who looks most orphan…

Happy Valentine's Day

My morning has been rough!  Let's just say I am glad Ryan still needs Good Night's as a very unusual thing happened in his sleep.  My oatmeal exploded.
Emily woke up feeling sick to her stomach.  Awesome.  I fix myself some regular cereal since I don't feel much like oatmeal anymore anyway.  And check my latest Facebook notifications as I do every morning often do.  And there is a notice on a picture of Kristin's.  I had commented on it, so of course I get to see all comments.  Plus hey, I am her friend yo!  She is pictured with her friend who is being transferred to another school.  It was his last day.  (I cut him out for privacy)
Some so called friend made the remark that she looked like a drug addict. Didn't even spell it right!  Oh no he didn't!  I now understand why moms go off! And just snap!  It clicked.  In that single moment of time.  I was ready to strike.  But then it hit me.  Aside from the obvious, be a good person blah blah blah, I have a very im…

Sleep Deprived

A mother knows what true sleep deprivation is.  It begins at conception with the frequent trips to the bathroom during the night.  Luckily, in the beginning you are usually able to go right back to sleep.  Which is good because your body is exhausted.  By the end of the pregnancy, you wake at every turn, pee every 5 minutes and just want the kid out so you can sleep.  But the last laugh is on you.  You will never sleep again.  At least not for the next year.  Or however long you plan to continue to have babies.  So as a mother, when the occasional night of restless sleep happens we can blow it off and say, "I can swing this." But there's the can't.

You are older, you don't have one child you have more than one.  They are growing.  Causing you worry.  Fighting over dumb stuff.  Making messes.  Being noisy.  Asking for a snack for the third time in an hour.  You have errands to run, a week to plan, and soon your list is filling your head and sleep is b…