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Rocks and Gravity

Today, Ryan found a rock. Ryan threw the rock up in the air.
Today Ryan learned about gravity.
Today Ryan learned ice and Motrin can be good.

The Chronicles of Lourie

This little gem is from October of 2005. I was about 38 weeks pregnant, and desperately wanting this kid to be out of my body. I couldn't walk. I could only waddle. I was in pain constantly. Not labor pains. Just pregnancy--this-kid-has-gotten-to-big-pains. This particular tale is about our adventure at Oktober Fest on post at Fort Belvoir. Oktober Fest had games, rides, food, entertainment, vendors, and of course beer. Now we certainly never went for the beer or even the food. We went for rides, games, and entertainment. We had gone every year previous, so it was understood that we would go that year too.

Over the years I have visited many theme parks and fairs. When I have visited these places, I always saw pregnant women. Not one per visit, but several. I always thought they were nuts; in fact I still do. Why on earth would you want to even be there? You can't ride the rides. You are big, pregnant and miserable and now you have to wander around all day on swo…