Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rocks and Gravity

Today, Ryan found a rock. Ryan threw the rock up in the air.
Today Ryan learned about gravity.
Today Ryan learned ice and Motrin can be good.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Chronicles of Lourie

This little gem is from October of 2005. I was about 38 weeks pregnant, and desperately wanting this kid to be out of my body. I couldn't walk. I could only waddle. I was in pain constantly. Not labor pains. Just pregnancy--this-kid-has-gotten-to-big-pains. This particular tale is about our adventure at Oktober Fest on post at Fort Belvoir. Oktober Fest had games, rides, food, entertainment, vendors, and of course beer. Now we certainly never went for the beer or even the food. We went for rides, games, and entertainment. We had gone every year previous, so it was understood that we would go that year too.

Over the years I have visited many theme parks and fairs. When I have visited these places, I always saw pregnant women. Not one per visit, but several. I always thought they were nuts; in fact I still do. Why on earth would you want to even be there? You can't ride the rides. You are big, pregnant and miserable and now you have to wander around all day on swollen feet watching your family doing what you can't! I swore I would never do that to myself. Well, "never" is a strong word. And as the saying goes, "Never say never!"

At 38 weeks pregnant, and many false alarms I was desperate to get things moving. So I figured wandering around the grounds of Oktober Fest for a few hours might encourage some excitement. While it didn't cause any action in the way of labor, it did offer a forgettable...errr UNforgettable experience.

I sat in a chair and waited while Rich and the girls stood in line to buy the coupons. We bought 50 this year and used all but 2. Most of the rides were 3 a piece. The first ride they went on was a kiddie roller coaster. Kristin is almost too big for it. While they waited in line for it, I wandered off to find the port-a potties. Okay I am not crazy about these things in the daytime, but when you gotta go,you gotta go...especially when there is 20 pounds of pressure on your bladder! Now, just like an outhouse there is NO light in the port-a-potties. Well, people miss! I got a wet butt! How gross is that!? I told Rich that if I had to go again I was going to go and find a bush! The girls rode some more rides, and then Daddy took Kristin on the scrambler while Emily rode the merry-go-round. They had no belts to hold them in. I was a nervous wreck. She loved it and stayed on the horse. After those rides, we stood in lines for food. I was going to get Emily mini donuts but they were out so we got a funnel cake for her. Kristin wanted french fries, and Rich and I wanted ice cream. Guess what? Emily ate the ice cream and I ate the funnel cake. Haha. After that...the girls rode on the BIG YELLOW BANANA SLIDE. you know the kind where you ride on a blanket? It's HIGH! At least two stories. I was petrified to watch Emily. She did it though. And had a blast. Then we got our traditional beanie babies. We had enough tickets for two more rides each. So Emily picked the merry-go-round and Kristin picked this ride called HIP HOP. It is the kiddie version of the one that takes you straight up and drops you down. It does it four times in a row. Kristin did NOT like this ride. I'm thinking STOP THE RIDE! STOP THE RIDE! Poor kiddo. She was fine when it was over. Although, she did say it made her feel like she might throw up. Then the very last ride they went on was another repeat for both of them. It is called SPEEDWAY. It's little race cars on a loop and the corners are sharp and fast...the straight part is slower. They were just cackling through the whole thing. Then it was time for home. I got into the car and told Rich that I could not close the door. I couldn't move anymore! I still remember walking back to the car and almost crying for the pain I was in. All that, and it didn't even induce labor! Sheesh.

I know how much I love my kids because I have worn bathing suits while pregnant and gone to a "fair" in my final weeks. That is love!