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March 11, 19.......

Today is not just any other day.  It's Friday.  But it's not just any old Friday either.  This Friday is a special day.  What makes this Friday so special?  Well, someone special to me was born this very day. 

He's a man of many moods. He can be grumpy.  He can be silly He loves to make his children laugh And he is willing to play He gave me three precious gifts Happy Birthday, Rich!!!


It is Thursday and I am playing along with Jenny Matlock and her Alphabae-Thursday meme.  It's lots of fun, and she reads all the posts.  This week's letter is V. And I thought of the word "very."  How often do we use that word?  Has it lost its meaning?  Allow me to demonstrate.  
Yesterday was a very busy day for me.  I had a chaotic morning, but my morning did not suck. I got a hair cut.  My hairdresser found a white hair.  It was curly.  How weird is that?  It is very weird.  I had an appointment with the school in the afternoon.  An IEP meeting.  We are changing some services for Emily and we are very hopeful she will benefit from these changes.  
But I do not want to bore you with the very tedious details of my day.  Instead, I would like to share some pictures that I am very proud of!
We went to Tom's Farm on Saturday.  The kids rode rides, we shot things at the "shooting" range and saw a magic show.
He was very excited to drive this tractor.  Yes he…

My Morning Officially Doesn't Suck

Do you ever have one of THOSE mornings?  You know the kind?  The kind where everything goes wrong-and-you-can't-find-your-keys-because-you-were-sitting-on-them.  Yes, it was that kind of morning.

First of all, I am sick.  It can leave now.  The way I am trying to cough up a lung you would think I could get rid of it.  I woke up late because I am a light weight I took cold medicine that "may cause drowsiness" last night.  In the world of me, that means I will be in a fog for about 24 hours.  And I only took half the dose.  Yeah.  I only take that stuff out of desperation.  So I am tired and sick...wait.... that would be sick and tired and trying to get the kids going. The boy is testing me more than he ever has.  I hope he realizes how much restraint I exercised.  Especially when he stuck his fingers in his ears and sang out, "LALALALALALA." I get lots of brownie points!!!

Teen angst is very real, and is not to be taken lightly.  Especially when said teen feels…

The Status Quote

R bought Reduced Fat Oreos. Reduced Fat. Oreos. Really?What's the point? There are certain food items that just need to be bad.  Oreos is right near the top of the list.If men are so competent, how come you always see signs reading DANGER - MEN WORKING? :) Oh the possibilities here are endless.If I was to need an alibi, whose got my back?  I will also help you hide the body.One of my coworkers talks to me in a dog voice. does not make me wag, sit up, or bark.  It's annoying, and why is she doing it!?  STOP! Maybe she/he has a Scooby-Doo complex.I hope the next Middle East dictator to step down is Yo Gabba Gabba.  That would be awesome, because then the whole world would plot his demise.I couldn't make this up if I tried. This morning on the way to work there was a herse in the HOV lane (2 or more occupants). There was only the driver and a casket in the back. Was he using the lane legally? Are there stipulations that the passenger must be breathing?  Maybe …

I Hear the Wings Are Great!

Have you ever visited People of Walmart?  Kind of makes you feel good about yourself doesn't it?  I actually saw a person of Walmart the last time I was there.  It would have made a great entry.  It was a dude wearing old faded blue jeans with red, white and blue star patches all over them.  Maybe he was in a show?  Still would have made a great entry.  Sometimes, parents get their kids in the act.  They dress their kids a certain way because they think it is funny and cute.  I think certain items of clothing should not be made for the under 18 set. 

Who exactly do you have a problem with?  The parents for purchasing a Hooters shirt for their child?  Call me prudish, but I don't want my son running around with a HOOTERS shirt on...ever.  What message does this send?  Do you blame Hooters for selling the item?  I choose both.  I don't think it's funny or cute to see a little boy in a Hooters shirt.