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Proud Mommy Moments...Times Three....

I haven't participated in couple of weeks and now I have some bragging to do.  I may have to widen the doors in my house after this post, but not for me...for them!

This girl is turning into a remarkable young woman.  Sometimes I forget she is only 14.  Yes, Kristin only 14.  She likes to take care of me when I am down.  She won't miss school unless she is on death's door.  She went to school on Monday to finish state testing(and to see him) despite being right at that very door of death.  Yeah, I am proud of her.  She also stands up for her friends.  Her BFF has a glass eye, and when someone made fun of that, she about tore that kid a knew one.  She might have scared her man a little too. But that is okay.  It shows she is not to be crossed.  I love her.

Oh this girl is my trial, my puzzle, and I have to say I am proud of her.  She struggles with school.  Going is our biggest fight.  But she goes.  It is never easy for either one of us.  But she does it.  She is funny, kin…

Pouring My Heart Out

Rather than my usual DWTS recap, today I am participating in Shell's POYHO.

I have been wanting to do this for a while now, but when DWTS is on I can't because my recap is on Wednesday.  And I also will forget.  Does that happen to you?  It happens to me.  All the time.  I just have too much going on.  Which is why I decided to do this today.
I am tired.  I spend so much time in my car driving that I literally dread it.  I am the taxi.  I do not want that as a job.  It would suck.  It's draining for one thing, and people are horrible drivers.  Some are okay, like me and you of course.  But the rest of them just plain suck.  And I just hate driving all day.  It's my whole day it seems.
I never knew I could do the things I do.  Make my kids go to school.  It's been especially challenging this year with my Little Middle.  I have had to really crack down on her.  She may hate me right now, but I know what is best.  She always comes back happy.  It's rough though. …


I am convinced that there are gremlins living in my house.  How else could you explain the messes?  I can not keep up either.  *Whispering* I tried something...I left my dishes for four days.  And do you know what?
There they are!!!  The Gremlins made sure they stayed put!  Nasty gremlins.

I am in the ultimate poking war with one of my best friends.  I started it.  An innocent little poke.  She poked back.  And then she left this message:

So this is a major quick-draw war, girl!! And from that it has moved into pictures and pokes.  Last night we sent pictures back forth.  She started with Captain Picard.  I countered with Janeway.  She answered with Han Solo and I tried with Captain Jack.  Well we all know how that went down... *Swoon* Oh I can't wait to see what today brings!
Kristin has been sick.  She barely made it through the last of her state testing yesterday.  She made it though, and managed to stay through lunch.  Why stay through lunch???  Well to spend time with the boy…

Crystal Apple Awards

My church hosts The Crystal Apple Awards where our Seminary students get to nominate their favorite teacher.  It can't just be a favorite teacher either.  This teacher has to have gone the extra mile, made the student want to better themselves and improve those around them.  Sounds like an impossibility doesn't it?  But 65 teachers in three high schools were nominated.  Three teachers were awarded the Crystal Apple in each school and 6 teachers from each school were given an honorable mention.

One teacher from a school that was not my daughter's school was an Air Force Retiree.  He is an ROTC teacher now.  What I found interesting about him was, he was headed to Homeland Security about the time my husband was to retire.  He would have been doing the same job.  He told me he found no satisfaction at that level.  That he wasn't reaching anyone.  His commander then told him, it was teens he needed to reach.  He was adamant and said, "No way!"  But all things fe…