Monday, May 7, 2012

Crystal Apple Awards

My church hosts The Crystal Apple Awards where our Seminary students get to nominate their favorite teacher.  It can't just be a favorite teacher either.  This teacher has to have gone the extra mile, made the student want to better themselves and improve those around them.  Sounds like an impossibility doesn't it?  But 65 teachers in three high schools were nominated.  Three teachers were awarded the Crystal Apple in each school and 6 teachers from each school were given an honorable mention.

One teacher from a school that was not my daughter's school was an Air Force Retiree.  He is an ROTC teacher now.  What I found interesting about him was, he was headed to Homeland Security about the time my husband was to retire.  He would have been doing the same job.  He told me he found no satisfaction at that level.  That he wasn't reaching anyone.  His commander then told him, it was teens he needed to reach.  He was adamant and said, "No way!"  But all things fell into place and he became the ROTC instructor.  And a darned good one, as he has impacted many.

Another recipient was a Biology teacher who said, whenever she tells people she teaches that subject people always say the same thing, "Ugh!  I hated that subject."  And she wanted kids to be excited about learning period.  And that there was so much more about the subject itself.  She sounded like a cool teacher.  I talked to her as well.  I remembered my Biology teacher.  He was awesome.  He went the extra mile for me.  He made sure I didn't get lost in the system.  And had they done these awards when I was in school, I would have entered him and a few others....

Which brings me to this...

Mr.  Ostrowski my Biology teacher.  He made sure this kid didn't get lost in a class full of kids who didn't give a crap.  I struggled to get a C most days.  Sweat blood to get a B and never dreamed of a A.  So maybe at the end of the school year I was teacher's pet, but he cared about all of his students, even the ones who didn't care.

Any and all my drama teachers.  Our drama department was so poor.  But our teachers were spirited and fun.  They played and let us be our misfit selves.  They also challenged us with Shakespeare and Greek Tragedies.  Some of them sang with us.  Some of them we crushed on.

English teachers who encouraged my writing even when I said in an essay that teachers were mean and only there to babysit(more or less).  The teacher who received that essay gave me an A for the paper saying only this:  Teachers like that need to get out of the profession.  He was spot on!
Who was your favorite teacher?  How would you honor them? 


mormonhermitmom said...

Well I hope those teachers got a prize a little better than a glass paper weight ;).

There was the 7th grade english teacher who encouraged me to write a play - it was drivel but still - you have to start somewhere.

And the 12th grade AP english teacher who urged me to send a poem I wrote in class to a college literary publication - I hated poetry - but I thought it was cool he thought my effort was decent.

And the drama teacher who helped pry me out of my shell.

And the AP history teacher who didn't yell or shame me when I totally spaced a take home essay test. I still got a C but he didn't yell. And I never forgot an assignment like that again.

There are so many.

Christina Lee said...

Niiice! Good teachers! My favorite teachers was one who noticed the bullies and meanies and made it public (nice for the insecure wallflower that I was)!

becca said...

i have to say i'm not sure I had a favorite teacher though in most cases i was what people call a teacher pet but in the end i never had one teacher who inspired

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I've been lucky to run across a few of my favorite teachers within the last couple of years, and I told them how impactful they were on me as a student. They seemed to be quite touched that I still thought of them.

Emmy said...

That really is so awesome they honor the teachers that way. Good teachers make a huge difference. Mine was probably my AP English teacher- she just let us enjoy books and read books I otherwise would not have and Learn to really journal and made an English class really fun

MiMi said...

Well that's really nice.
None of my science teachers gave a crap if we did well or not...we weren't in AP science so they figured we were stupid.

Nicole said...

I generally got stuck with the "mean" teachers but they were the absolute best. They weren't mean, they just expected things from you. Those were the ones that made us excel.