Friday, November 6, 2009

What Day Is It?

What day is it? This is usually the first question my son will ask me in the morning. Most days have a theme of sorts. For instance....

Sunday: Church day
Monday: Well so far Monday is just that...Monday!

Tuesday: This is when he starts asking me if it is a "Lucas" day. He wants to go play with his best bud and cousin Lucas.

Wednesday: Wal-Mart day. Unless there is an appointment. Which this Wednesday I had an appointment with the dermatologist. It was so cool because they had an Apple in the exam room and they turned on CARS for Ryan! Oh and Wednesdays is also Young Women's* and every other Wednesday is Activity Days** which is at someone's house.

Thursday: I try to squeeze laundry and housework in there somewhere. But usually I am so beat from running all over the place the day before that I sit and think about it instead.

Friday: Store day. This is the day I get gas and go to the grocery store. I go with my mom. The checkers know us and they know it is Friday! It's funny.

Saturday: This usually ends up being the catch up day. Hey I just noticed something horribly wrong here. There is not a day off day in here!!! What is up with that???

What day is it for you?

* In my church, Young Women's is part of the youth program. It is for the girls age 12- 18. They have spiritual lessons, set goals, and do fun things.

** Activity Days is the beginner program so to speak before YW. It is for the girls age 8-12. They do similar things but on a smaller scale.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Altar

I am guessing that most people have at least one funny story to tell when it comes that special day. They probably even have a horror story to tell. Well sit back and enjoy the ride because I am about to bring you horror and comedy all in one lovely post.

Our original wedding date was set for Aug 21. That got changed for us when the ship Rich was stationed on was set to be on patrol to Alaska for two and a half months. We chose an alternate date. Shortly thereafter the ship's schedule changed and they would now be leaving at a later date. By leaving at this later date, it of course went past our second choice. Well by now the invitations had been printed. Rich said with firmness that he was not changing his wedding date for the Coast Guard again.

Aug 21 rolled around and Rich's uncle--one of our groomsmen--had been playing baseball that day. He was sliding into second and well let's just say it had an ugly end. He broke his leg. Now I can't decide if we could have prevented that from happening by keeping the original date, or would it have happened at an earlier date. He was fine, and he was coming crutches and all.

After the fateful fall of our groomsman, things seemed to move along smoothly. The dress was picked, the bridesmaids dresses were chosen. The invitations were addressed and mailed. No mistakes there. It was all in order. Then, just like on the roller coaster you reach the top of the hill and make that little turn to the right and then....

Two days before the wedding my sister flew in from in Utah. Her dress was MIA. She did not carry it on. Note to self: Always carry on the dress. My Matron of Honor and my sister in law carried theirs onto their planes. They had their dresses. While we fought with the airline(futilely I might add) we scrambled for an alternative dress for my sister. The day before the wedding my good friend and final bridesmaid came in by bus. Okay here is where it gets a little least for me. She was coming from Denver, and was scheduled to arrive in Long Beach. Instead of Long Beach she ended up going to Los Angeles. Okay, that is not the confusing part, no the confusing part is coming. Like my sister, she did not carry her dress with her. And her luggage did not arrive in L.A. with her. So where was it? Well, it was in Long Beach. Huh? Excuse me? Did you say Long Beach? Well why didn't SHE go to Long Beach then!? After taking that in, we headed back to Long Beach station.

Once we arrived at the Long Beach station, we immediately went on the search and rescue. We got no where fast. And as I recall, the people there were not only UNhelpful, they were down right rude. Someone did mention that it might be in the lost and found. Great. Let's go there and recover the dress. The person at the counter was not helpful either. Now this is where it gets a little fuzzy for me. What I remember is he was not willing to look for her one piece of luggage since there were piles of unclaimed luggage. Well, umm isn't that your job??? He practically dared me to go back there and find it myself. Oh no you didn't! This is where BRIDEZILLA kicked in. There was a little opening under the counter he stood behind. Folks, I got down on my hands and knees and proceeded to crawl through it. That's right! I CRAWLED through it! Did I mention that Rich was with me? You have to admire the guy for not backing out at the last minute. It was at this time that the security guard came. At this point, I did what I should have done in the first place. I completely turned around. I went from BRIDEZILLA to civilized human being. He escorted me and Rich to the office where we talked. I apologized for my actions, but emphasized the importance of that luggage. I was not arrested, nor was I handcuffed. In fact, we got the luggage.

So what became of my sister's dress? Well, hers was never recovered. So we did the next best thing and bought the closet match we could find. In the end, she was much happier with the replacement. It was more modest. In the pictures, the dresses I chose looked like they would be on the shoulders. They were not. Oh well.

I could also tell you about my brother-in-law trying to move our car to the front of the church and how he kept triggering the anti-theft device. In which case, the engine was cut and the horn honked repeatedly. Rich had to go out there and fix the problem. How about the coughing fit I had in the middle of the ceremony. My throat was sooo dry I couldn't even swallow. Nervous? You could say that. How about when the preacher (we were married in a non-denominational church) asked Rich to say, "and all my earthly possessions.." To which he asked, "What?"

Yes, we all have a funny tale to tell. I was inspired to share mine because of Mama Kat. You can join the fun and choose one of her writing prompts.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

But It's Not All Bad....

I hate doing laundry!! I mean actually hate it. No wait, I loathe it. Just to be clear, I HATE LAUNDRY. Sometimes I feel like I am stuck in some "Ground Hog Day" time warp where I keep washing, drying, folding and lugging around the same loads of laundry over and over. And just when I feel like I have made progress another basket has collected another load. And why is it that the dryer eats socks??? But it's not all bad. I do have a functioning washer and dryer. I don't have to drag it to my mom's...or worse a laundromat.

I hate homework. Man it sucks. Yeah I said that. It's terrible what these kids have to do. And let's not forget most of us have more than one in school and in some cases a little one disrupting the homework hour. But it's not all bad. The older they get the more likely they are to do it themselves. TV is okay once in a while to distract a little one. And a couple of cookies and milk doesn't hurt either.

I hate clutter. It's all around me. It suffocates me. Sometimes I have this fantasy where I just throw everything away. Poof! Be gone! I know I would never do that, but can you imagine??? A great big trash bag and you just go bananas. But it's not all bad. Sometimes we are lucky and we have people who help us. Emmy helped me out today by taking Ryan for a few hours so I could find my floors and get rid of some of that offending clutter. I have a long way to go, but thanks to her I made a nice dent.

I hate being tired. I hate how I wake up and I immediately want to go back to sleep. Now, I will admit that I do not go to bed early. No I am up til midnight most nights. Why do I torture myself? Because from 9PM I am finally able to sit and do what I want. Unfortunately I am usually so tired all I am willing to do is sit. But I refuse to go to bed at 9! Mostly because I would just wake up at 3AM anyway, but also because I have shows to watch! But it's not all bad. I have a set amount of time that is mine each night--under normal circumstances. I may be tired but that quiet me time keeps me mostly sane. Emphasis on the mostly.

I hate chocolate! You heard me! I hate it. I hate it because it knows my name. It calls me. It tells me how much it needs me and how much I need it. I listen. It tells me that a few nibbles is all I need and I will be happy. It says it won't cling to my hips, thighs or other areas. I believe it. But it's not all bad....after all it IS chocolate!!!

We have gripes. We are human. Some of them we can change(going to bed early) some of them we can not(laundry!) and some...well some we just have to accept defeat. (chocolate!)

Monday, November 2, 2009

No Turkey For Perky

One of the perks of having school age children is performances. I have been to several. I love them. I love watching the joy on their faces as they give it everything they've got. Today was Emily's 4th grade Thanksgiving production. She was up and rarin' to go. She was "bread dough" so she needed to wear a beige shirt. Happily we had one. I sent her off to school assuring her I would be there watch the much anticipated performance. Hey, she had two dances. I had to be there right!?

I double checked the flyer for the date and time. Yes, it was for the 2nd at 1:45. Now this to me was odd. Every Monday is early out for elementary and middle school kids. They get out within 5 minutes of each other. Well lucky for me that the big girls stay after school for tutoring. Nice. I invited my mom to come along. She happily accepted. The flyer advised bringing chairs since it would be at the flag salute area. We headed over to the school --all of 50 seconds away--and began to set up. Hey we get a good spot in the shade. And then from behind me I hear, "Mom the show is over!" It was Emily. Apparently I had read the flyer wrong. It actually says: Show time: 1-1:45PM.
Man! Was I ever bummed! Well Emily promised a solo performance as a consolation prize.

Once we got home we held her to word....
The stage is set....
But then she gets shy. Please Emily....
No, I don't want to. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassseeee!!!
I don't want to. Okay...Ryan will entertain us...
Some serious jumping...
and some fancy footwork.

I may have missed out on this performance but I still got a show or two. Cameras and kids make a good combination.

Halloween All Day!

What a busy fun day we had. It started out kind of boring actually. I did some cleaning and did a load of laundry. Ryan kept asking me when we were going to do "Halloween." After dinner when it gets dark. "Are we going to the pumpkin patch?" After lunch. It was a rough morning but I got smart. I had the kids busy themselves by drawing various Halloween pictures. It worked.

Finally the glorious hour arrived! We had all our things gathered and headed over to Grandma's. She was coming with us. We went to Peltzer Farms. It was really way out in wine country. I love my GPS!!!
What's a farm without a John Deere?
Wonder how much it weighs?
It was very bright..can you tell?
A cool ghost.
A train ride with Big Sis.
A pony ride. Ryan bowed out of this one.
She's never ridden or had a lesson. Looks like she belongs!
Onto pumpkin dissection...err...carving
Way to go Kristin!
Ryan chose to spectate.
Eyes by: Emily Nose: Ryan Mouth: Kristin. Carved by: Daddy
A kitty--make up by cousin Nicole. Kristin went to her first Halloween/trick or treat party. It was strange without her.
Another kitty: make up by cousin Nicole
You have to have a super hero
And a scary witch. It's okay...she's my mom. Without meaning to, she scared Ryan a bit.

We spent about 80 minutes trick or treating. The kids got quite a haul. Kristin spent about 2 hours trick or treating and got twice as much as her brother and sister with a full size candy bar thank you very much! All in all it was a lot of fun. I was very tired and sore, but it was well worth it.