Friday, November 6, 2009

What Day Is It?

What day is it? This is usually the first question my son will ask me in the morning. Most days have a theme of sorts. For instance....

Sunday: Church day
Monday: Well so far Monday is just that...Monday!

Tuesday: This is when he starts asking me if it is a "Lucas" day. He wants to go play with his best bud and cousin Lucas.

Wednesday: Wal-Mart day. Unless there is an appointment. Which this Wednesday I had an appointment with the dermatologist. It was so cool because they had an Apple in the exam room and they turned on CARS for Ryan! Oh and Wednesdays is also Young Women's* and every other Wednesday is Activity Days** which is at someone's house.

Thursday: I try to squeeze laundry and housework in there somewhere. But usually I am so beat from running all over the place the day before that I sit and think about it instead.

Friday: Store day. This is the day I get gas and go to the grocery store. I go with my mom. The checkers know us and they know it is Friday! It's funny.

Saturday: This usually ends up being the catch up day. Hey I just noticed something horribly wrong here. There is not a day off day in here!!! What is up with that???

What day is it for you?

* In my church, Young Women's is part of the youth program. It is for the girls age 12- 18. They have spiritual lessons, set goals, and do fun things.

** Activity Days is the beginner program so to speak before YW. It is for the girls age 8-12. They do similar things but on a smaller scale.


mormonhermitmom said...

Let's see: Monday: Try to drag my sorry self out of bed to get kids off to school. Same as Wednesday, and Friday. Same as Tuesday and Thursday except I get to add my youngest in the school prep and I get an hour or so to do what I can't do with kids around. Tuesday adds YW and cub scouts in the evening and I'm pooped by bedtime.

Emmy said...

Mondays-get up take Lucas to preschool
Tuesday- park or Ryan day :) Eric has scouts at night so I put the kids to myself
Wednesday-hurry to the grocery store before I have to take Lucas to preschool
Thursday--usually our Time For Tots day, Eric often has a meeting--put kids to bed myself
Friday-Take Lucas to school

hmmm.. I never mentioned cleaning in there... hmmmm

Mamma Christine said...

I keep trying to get back in a daily schedule like this and it's not working! This post is motivation to try again though. Thanks.

Carolynn said...

This brought back an old memory. Not just me, but family members knowing what day it was because of what I made for dinner. That was the signal to shake things up and change up the menu a bit. Having a schedule is a good idea. but be sure to stay out of a rut.

KK said...

Thursdays are horrible, weekends are awesome, the others are all the same for me!