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Bad News, GOOD News....

I am playing bad news...good news....and while I am at it... I am linking up with my bloggy friend Grumpy Grateful Mom. 

Bad News:  I have an ear infection.  My ears are ringing like crazy.  I now understand why babies cry so much.  It hurts!

Good news:  Medicine.  I have it.  I also understand that it will get better.  The ringing should subside.  We hear with two frequencies.  Right now, I am hearing with only one which why they are ringing.

Bad news:  Public schools are not free.  They are not cash cows.  They are given table scraps. 

Good news:  When your kid is in a show and needs a costume that needs to be shabby.  Thrift stores are a life saver.  The choir is doing A night on Broadway and The Women's Ensemble is doing Hard Knock Life from Annie.  Well I made a killing at the thrift store.  I will be sharing pictures next week.

Bad News:  Ryan was sick.  He missed two days of school.  Oh he was miserable on day one.  My heart just ached.

Good news:  He is back to his normal…

Proud Mommy Moments--Blast From the Past

When Kristin was about five or six years old, I taught her Primary class.  I think I have taught each one of my kids' Primary classes.  I digress.  I team taught with another gal.  The lesson that week was about "let your light so shine." and we used candles as an example. 

Now, of course we didn't light them.  Safety first.  But we asked the children, what do you light candles for.  Expecting (and hoping) for answers like (so you can see) if the lights go out they will light your way...etc.  What does my child say?  "Sometimes if the house is stinky (aka the garbage) my mom lights a candle!"  Yeah thanks Kristin.  Out of the mouths of babes.  I am sure my face turned many shades of red that day.

And what are your proud moments?  Past or present.  I am linking up with EmmyMom and KMama!

Getting My Craft On...

I am not a crafty person.  So when I make something I get very excited a little giddy.  So what have I been up too?  Well....

I had a couple of Mason jars and I was keeping pens and pencils in them.  I started thinking--yeah dangerous territory I know.  What can I do to make them more interesting?  Hmmmm.... Pinterest....Don't ya love that place?   I found a way to dye them, but it was kind of involved.  I like simple.  Mostly because I am.  So I bought some plain old Folk Art paint at Wally.  It was a whopping 99 cents.  And ribbon and floral rocks at the dollar tree.  That's right.  The whole project cost me $3.  Sweet.
From the beginning....
Almost there....I also gave them a high gloss finish. 
All done.  Nothing fancy. 

I also made a Valentine's bouquet for my table.  Everything came from the dollar tree.

Heart shaped doilies
Floral rocks
plastic vase
Total spent $ 6.00
Again, it isn't much, but for me this is huge.  I am very proud my accomplishmen…

It Bears Repeating

I know I have blogged about this before.  I looked...and looked.  But I simply could not find it.  But it's bullying.  When I blogged about it before it was Kristin.  What made it so horrible for her, was it was her so called friends.  Thankfully she no longer associates with them.  And lo' and behold she is much better for it.  It was a horrible time. 

Now we are dealing with a bully issue with Ryan.  He is getting bullied.  It's just not right.  I get angry.  I want to meet this child's parent's and ask them just what in the world are they teaching that child.  Case and point:  just last week this child put hot sauce on Ryan's sandwich.  If you are wondering wondering where a kid would get hot sauce, it was taco day.  Still, why give them hot sauce?  That just burned my butt!  My dark side was right at the surface.  What is a mom to do?  Where does this come from?  How do you arm your children?