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Why I Don't Want a Straight Parade

I don't want or ever need a pride parade as a straight person. I am actually disgusted that there is going to be one in Boston. Straight people do not need a pride parade. It's redundant. We get to tout it EVERYDAY! I will say it again, and LOUDER for those of you in the back. As straight people we get to celebrate our straightness EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE YEAR.  I really shouldn't have to elaborate this point but I will. 
In all my years, during the worst of all the times I was bullied, I never once was bullied for my sexuality. I was bullied for the color of my skin. Yes, I am white. I was still bullied. I had mud thrown at me, rocks, dirt, and I was spit on. All because of my skin color. I was never once harmed because of my sexuality. I am straight. I like men. I married a man. From a very young age I felt attraction to the opposite sex. I understood my sexuality. It is entirely possible to understand attraction to a gender same or otherwise. You might not fully unders…

The Ugly Truth

Right now in Southern CA there are wonderful and beautiful things happening. There is the migration of the Painted Ladies. I can't remember the last time I have ever seen so many butterflies in my lifetime. It is almost hypnotic! Thankfully, the entire area seems to be transfixed by the travelers and we all are driving(YES) slower as we watch them pass by in droves. I just wonder with so many of them flitting their wings, what will happen on the other side of the globe! These butterflies are stopping by or through our little spec of town due to our unusual and copious amounts of rains which have brought forth the poppies.

They are in abundance. As result, countless people are turning out to come and see the blooms. So much so that parks in the surrounding areas had to close off access for the poppy gawkers. My Instagram has been overloaded with Poppy posts. I love them. They are beautiful. They are the state flower. (FYI: It is illegal to pick the poppies in CA because they are th…

National Women's Day

I don't need a day to talk about women I admire. I need a month, a year, a lifetime. Whether they are fictional or real it would take me more than a single post to log in all the women I admire as there are countless women out there whom I admire for their strength, spirit, and ability to uplift one another at all times. First, I want to talk about all of the fictional women simply because they give a performance of what we aspire to be or something we wish could be real.

Dorothy Gale

I fell in love with The Wizard of Oz at a very young age, I mean who didn't? But mostly,  I loved Dorothy and her absolute determination to get back home. She was completely terrified of the witch, but she still fought back. She was afraid of the Wizard (at first) but she still spoke her mind. Remember she is supposed to be TEN not nineteen (as Judy was in the film). She was a little girl. I always saw it that way. She's a little girl, like me, lost, far from home and a witch was chasing h…

Age is a Number, Nothing More

I have been looking for work for eight months now. In eight months time, I have been graced with two interviews. One interview, I completely tanked.

I was fine with them telling me no, because I knew I tanked the interview. I was out of practice. I actually looked good on paper and was a good fit for them. It was a marketing company; a small one and since I majored in English with a minor in marketing it looked nice. I stumbled and fell flat on my face. Well when that happens we brush ourselves off and get back up, right? I even had coaching through my church, at no cost to me. This was an immense help. I applied for months before I got another interview. Then, when I finally got one, I was given a refresher course in how to interview so I would be sure to sell it. I did great! (In my mind.) I did a phone interview first, and then an in person interview the next day. I felt it went well. Sadly, I never heard back. I have applied many other places. I honestly have lost count, and forgo…