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A Typical Week CA Girl Style

What is a typical week for you?  A typical week for me goes something like this:

Monday:  Take the kids to school.  Take the man to work.  I usually end up running an errand or have an appointment on this day.  It's early release for the two younger kids and they get out five minutes apart and the schools are 2 miles apart.  Who set this up?  After I get them home I have about a 30 minute break before picking up the teen.  Come home for a small break, homework, dinner, dishes and pick up the man.

Tuesday is similar, but add in Weight Watchers and usually a Wal-Mart trip. The kids all get out at the same time...well let me rephrase that...they get out at 2:45(elementary and high school) and 3:10 Middle school.  Homework is in there, dinner, dishes, DWTS recap, picking up the man and finish that recap!

Wednesday:  Husband and kids all need to be to school/work between 8:30 and 9.  I like to keep Wednesday's open for working at home. But they are usually crowded out by last minu…

Proud Mommy Moments-Academics

It's time for Proud Mommy Moments with EmmyMom and KMama and have I got some proud moments to brag about share with you.
Let's start with my Little Middle...Emily.  Miss Em as we often call her struggles so much in school but she is fierce and she works hard.  And she has a team of people working with her.  And it has paid off because she has leveled up in the state testing.  Yeah those horrible state tests that the kids take every year.  I hate those!  But she was among the highest scoring in her class!!  Woot!  Go Emily!  Well she got an award for her achievements!  Go girl!  See!  Hard work does pay.  You can do it!  We are so proud of our fierce girl.

But that is not all....
I have one more....
I had a parent teacher conference earlier this week with Ryan's teacher.  I went in knowing that there would be lots of talk about his behavior.  It was absolutely hilarious because she was actually apologizing to me because she knows he is not a bad kid.  We talked about his s…

Dancing with the Stars--Semi Finals

Tonight it is the semi finals, and the four remaining couples are dancing two dances PLUS a cha-cha relay where each couple will dance a segment of the Cha-cha.
Hope and Maks 1-800-868-3408
Hope has THIRTEEN anchors in her shoulder.  Yes you read that right.  Thirteen.  She was in a lot of pain.  And you know, for an athlete to admit any kind of pain it's bad.  She called her doctor in to give some shots which she was saving for the Olympics.

Their Paso Doble was powerful, perhaps too much.  It started with Hope chained at the wrists.  Yes, Hope has come out of her shell but now she has an attitude. Hmmmm.
Len said she had attitude and aggression,but there was so much aggression and attaack it lacked finesse and control.  (I actually agree with Len????) Bruno said she was unchained and untamed, but that she went so far she lacked artistry.  He pointed out that control is as important as energy. Carrie Ann told her she had the character of the dance in the zone, but that in the ho…

Strangers and Jokes

Yesterday I was on the go.  It was non stop.  I had an award assembly, minimum day, early out, parent teacher conference and regular school release.  It was back to back.  I have some proud mommy moments, but those will wait until Thursday so stay tuned.

In between all that running, there was some interesting things that could only happen to a blogger.  I say that because only a blogger would write about it.  Especially on a random day like today!!  After the award assembly I hopped over to the dollar tree.  I had to buy a frame after all.  Well no one ever buys just one thing at that they?  Well when I left, this little old lady pulled aside to tell me a joke.  Okay, I will play.  She told me to spell like four times.  I did.  Then spell silk.  I did.  Did I mention I am a bad speller?  She then asked me what cows drink.  I said, milk.  She said, "No, honey they drink water."  Her delivery was fantastic. I loved it.  It did not matter one bit that I already knew…

Don't Make Me Go Jack Bauer....

Being a stay at home mom has it's pros and cons.  The pros of course are you are there for your children.  As a young teenager, I literally scoffed at that.  I was going to have a career.  Staying at home was so 1950's.  But maturing and having children does something to your brain.  It changes it.  Also I realized I have control issues.  Another problem I have is, I am an enabler.  And I really need to stop being that way.

Here are some examples....

Over the weekend, Kristin was sick.  Not like deathly ill just blah I feel like crap kind of sick.  She spent the night in our room.  On the floor.  Come on she is 14.  Last night she was hinting at it, and I was proud of myself for simply telling her, "You will be much more comfortable in your own bed and sleep much better."  Which is true.  She did.  Ryan woke up in the night with a bad dream.  When I had bad dreams, my mom always took me back to my room, laid down with me til I went back to sleep.  I don't know h…