Friday, November 18, 2011

A Typical Week CA Girl Style

What is a typical week for you?  A typical week for me goes something like this:

Monday:  Take the kids to school.  Take the man to work.  I usually end up running an errand or have an appointment on this day.  It's early release for the two younger kids and they get out five minutes apart and the schools are 2 miles apart.  Who set this up?  After I get them home I have about a 30 minute break before picking up the teen.  Come home for a small break, homework, dinner, dishes and pick up the man.

Tuesday is similar, but add in Weight Watchers and usually a Wal-Mart trip. The kids all get out at the same time...well let me rephrase that...they get out at 2:45(elementary and high school) and 3:10 Middle school.  Homework is in there, dinner, dishes, DWTS recap, picking up the man and finish that recap!

Wednesday:  Husband and kids all need to be to school/work between 8:30 and 9.  I like to keep Wednesday's open for working at home. But they are usually crowded out by last minute errands, appointments, grocery trips, business calls, etc.  Pick up kids blah blah.  Husband gets off at the dinner hour so teen has to finish up dinner.  Come home to make sure homework and dishes are completed before bedtimes are enforced. And collapse in my chair.

Thursday:  My regular shopping day.  Plus everyone to work and school.  Shopping knocks me out!  Maybe it is because I am always running.  Maybe it is because I am wimp.  Whatever it is, by the time I am done, I am DONE!  Sit and have lunch and then I just sit!  But then I am back in the van!  I swear sometimes I live there!  Kids. Homework.  Dinner.  Husband.  Bed times...collapse again!

Friday comes and I am ready for it be Saturday!!!  No taxiing.  No lunch making...what?  I didn't mention that?  Shoot.  I do that.  Did you notice I didn't mention the laundry.  Yeah I do it on the weekend.

Does this mean I do not take time for me?  Almost!  I do go to Zumba and Weight Watchers.  Those are mine.  I just lead a very crazy busy hectic life. I am sure one day it will slow down, and I will wonder where all the time went.  In the meantime, I will be busy busy busy. 

What is a typical week for you?


MiMi said...

I used to be on taxi duty so I felt like I spent most days in the car, but not since the boys started riding the bus. :)

Emmy said...

If only there were buses or lives would be that much simpler! Yesterday I took Lucas to school, quick run to Target-home to put stuff away then time to take Alex to preschool. Leave from preschool for trip to Scout Store, thrift stores, dollar stores- then back to Alex's preschool - feed Ryder lunch while we wait. Get home lunch, nap for Ryder then a little over a hour until time to get Lucas. And that was a long sentence.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Oh, I look forward to Saturdays too, though usually I end up running all my errands. I would love a chauffeur. The preschool, half-day kindergarten, 2nd grade, try to fit a toddler nap in combo is not working so well. :)

Nicole said...

Hmmm now you have me wondering what my typical week is like...