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The Real Me

A bloggy friend of mine, Jen from Denton Sanatorium, has challenged people to show who they really are!  If they are brave enough.  So ready or not....
 My house is messy more than it is clean.  I am not sure how often I vacuum.  But given the floors are usually cluttered with toys and papers, it probably isn't that often. I let the boy sleep in a favorite shirt....wait for it...he has already worn it....not yet....he plans to wear it tomorrow.  I just might let him.   Little Middle and the boy seem to be fighting more and more these days.  They can hardly be in the same room for more than five minutes without getting into it.  I am getting very tired of it.  I want to either lock myself in my room, or lock them in theirs.At least once a week, but sometimes more, we are "TV People."  Which means we eat dinner while watching TV.  Sometimes it is something Disney, but once in a while it is Myth Busters.    Thursday I made cookies.  I made dinner.  I did the dishes.  And tha…


Energetic is something I have never been accused of being.  Not even as a child was I told--that I can recall--that I had unending energy.  Maybe I did.  I don't remember being so full of energy that it is exhausting to watch.  Loud is something I have been accused of.  That and verbal diarrhea. 

There are energy bars There are Energy Drinks There are even Energy Pills For generations we have been trying to find ways to bottle our childrens energy.  And if we could, oh the money we would make.  I think though, that people are just wired differently.  Some people simply have energy that is unmatched.  And some of us struggle which why there are products like these.  However, I just think it's age and full schedules.  When you are no longer 20 and you are suddenly balancing not just your schedule, but also your families it hard to have the energy to do much of anything.  Even blogging can sometimes be exhausting!!

How do you get your energy?


DWTS TV Theme Week

It is week five of DWTS and the pressure is on.  The remaining stars now have to really step it up if they want to stay.  And let's face it.  They all want the prize.  This week the theme is television.  Each couple will dance The Rumba, Quick Step or Foxtrot to a theme from a television show.  Sounds like it will be hard, but lots of fun.
Brandy and Maks Chmerkovskiy 1-800-868-3406
Maks and Brandy are dancing the Quick Step to Friends. A lot of unnecessary and punny remarks were made during rehearsals.  Brandy to Maks:  Will you always be there for me?"  Maks to Brandy:  Most of the time.  There dance was fun and clean.  I think all the elements were there.  She improves each week.  They even earned themselves a standing ovation.

Len said he was so impressed with their dance and assured them he was not joking.  "Without a doubt your best dance!"  Bruno congratulated Brandy and Maks telling them that they have found the right formula.  "I kept thinking you were …

Jumping the Shark

Are you familiar with the term, "Jumping the Shark?"  If not, I will tell you.  It refers to a rather famous episode of Happy Days in which Fonzie literally jumped over a shark.  It conveys the message of when a television has "jumped the shark" or reached its peak.

I have way too many shows that I follow and keep up with to list them all.  So I will just mention a few.  Desperate Housewives continues to be outrageous, devious, delicious and always makes me LOL. Perhaps though, with Gabby's daughter being switched at birth, they have.  Grey's Anatomy addressed a very real issue with hospitals and stories of revenge in their season finale and opener.  I was glued to my seat with that one.  Its sister show Private Practice, is testing the shark infested waters as they killed one of their own last season.  I mean was that really necessary?  But then, they didn't throw him under a bus!  Ooops.  Maybe Grey's has jumped. 

Lost and 24 completed their serie…

What Would You Do?

When Kristin was turning four and we lived in military housing, she had a little friend who was exactly one year older than her.  And by exactly, I mean exactly.  They were one year apart to the day and had so much fun together.  Her friend's mom and I were friends too.  Our husbands were both in the Coast Guard.  Her husband was on a ship, which meant he would be gone on patrols for weeks at a time.  It just happened to work out that he was going to be home on our daughters birthdays.  So we decided to throw a big party for the two of them.  They were so excited.  
The day before the party Kristin's friend got sick.  We're talking spiked a fever and throwing up all over the place.  With all of this happening she still planned on having the party.  I was a bit concerned, but decided it would be okay.  Besides her husband was going to be on duty over the following two weekends and then back out on patrol for another 4-6 weeks.  How could I argue with that?  Well I couldn'…