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Random and a Winner

I decided to go with a random post today.  I haven't done in many moons, and let's face it, I haven't blogged in many moons.  
I am suddenly the crazy cat lady.  Every night as of late, both of the cats come and curl up with me.  What gives???

Silly beasts.

I got to see my bestie.  We may have been on Pinterest some of the time!
Has anyone seen Frozen?   Such a CUTE movie.  I now have the soundtrack on my phone!!  Olaf is my favorite of course.
In case you are not cold in your neck of the woods, or maybe you are into that whole polar bear thing... This is very typical of California.  I do hope my frozen friends are thawing out soon!
Last but not least....we have a winner for The Review Extravaganza! VandyJ of The Testosterone Three our runner up is... Mindi from Simply Stavish
And finally another tremendous thank you to all of our marverlous sponsors!

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