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It is confession time!  I love this day.  It is the one day a week I can come clean and feel good about myself.  Or it's a time share some not so nice things about  me and hope you still love me anyway.

I have DDS...or as I like to call it:  Donald Duck Syndrome.  DDS is affected by most Americans.  Did you know this?  It's true.  Here are some examples of my own DDS:

I have road rage.  Seriously, the idiot drivers out there should be grateful I don't own a gun.  When the light turns means stop.  Not three cars go through the left turn light!If you are in the far left lane and realize oh shitake mushrooms I want to go RIGHT...simply drive to the next possible place to make a U-TURN and not drive straight across the FREAKING CROSSWALK to make it your turn right! (yes I actually saw that...right in front my CAR!  Good thing I was paying attention!)The pedestrian does in fact have the right of way.  More specifically if you are looking to your left the entire time you…

Now That's Funny

Last night I was at CVS picking up my husband's medicine.  The line was long.  I guess everyone needed drugs their medication.  As I stood in line with nothing better to do, I started looking around at the various salves and remedies.  On one side it was stomach relief.  From anti-acids to ... well to other parts of the digestive system.  On the other side it was ointments.  Anti-itch creams mostly.  And then my eyes landed on this gem...

Come on now, admit it.  You are laughing at this.  Now look at the full picture I know it is blurry but it says:  skin care.
Now that's funny!

Wordless Wednesday

It's really not going to be totally wordless, but then is it ever?   As I said yesterday, I am posting pictures from the duck pond part of our outing.  It was short, but the kids enjoyed it.  I didn't bring my camera, but Emily brought hers.  It's a little point and shoot by kodak that actually is quite nice and does quite a few decent tricks. 

This one is SOOC(Straight out of camera)  and I edited it twice...


SOOC per Emily's request....doesn't even begin to show how many were flying around.

action shot sooc
He came close to the edge more than once, but I was watching him like a hawk.

One of Those Days

Did you ever just have one of those days?  You know the kind, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and you get out of bed and trip?  Yeah, that is the kind of day I am talking about.  Yesterday was a holiday.  No school.  The only redeeming quality about this is being able to sleep in.  After the day I had, sleeping in is entirely over rated. 

Let's a play a little Status Quote here.  This time with my own status updates:

1. "I am being lazy.  I need a dose of ambition though."  I was given a radioactive dose of ambition from a friend.  I still feel shiny.  It must have worked, because I finally took a shower, got dressed, and started a load of laundry.  Of course by now it was 11:30. 

I already promised a trip to the mall to the teen.  Hey her babysitting money was burning a hole in her pocket.  I had designs on making sugar cookies.  I even bought cookie cutters.  I really am not fond of the mall.  IDEA!  She can call a friend and go with her, while I run to Targe…


Last week I was going over papers for the house.  I was looking for our home owner's warranty.  I knew it was coming up for renewal and I needed the number so I could call them.  I actually started by going online, because I hate making phone calls.  I found I was able to check on the current status of my account simply by putting my phone number in.  Sweet.  That makes it nice and easy.  Click submit and I get this message:  We are pleased to have been of service to you. Unfortunately, due to high losses or other circumstances, your Plan is not eligible for renewal.  Excuse me?  What in the world?  Really.  So I emailed them.  I hate phone calls.  I get a very quick response...

Thank you for your inquiry.
We do appreciate your interest in our coverage. Our Plan states it may be renewed at our discretion, and at this time, your Plan will not be available for renewal.
If you have further questions, our Applications Department is available at 1-800-445-6999.
This is the part wher…