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College Life: Check Me Out

If you are curious about what or how I am doing in college, here is a taste.  It was suggested to me by a bloggy friend that I should post work from time to time.  Now, these pieces are just discussion pieces, and not full assignments.  The discussions are set up so that students can learn from one another.  The first discussion is about how to write to a strong thesis.  I realize you do not have the text to go with my piece, but work with me, k.  The second discussion is analyzing a narrative written by Mr. Steve Martin after his father died.  We were asked to identify the types of narrative he used, his thesis, and his intended audience. I will put the link to the article at the end of my discussion piece.  Enjoy!  
          My family tells me that I make the best chocolate chip cookies in the world.  I don’t know for certain if that is entirely true, but as I read through the construction of a thesis, I thought about the construction of a recipe.              First, you n…