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aha moment: voting

I thought this one was so dang cute! You can still vote until October, 15th. Click the link below and it should show the one I liked.

aha moment: voting

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Time to Breathe

We face battles every day. Sometimes it's a garage door, or a stinking washing machine. Other times you are battling for or even with your child--those are the toughest ones. Whatever it is there is sure to be another one lurking quietly in the corner waiting to pounce. That is why we must breathe. We need that oxygen to keep us alive and feed what is left of our poor scattered mommy minds.

Today was somewhat typical. I always get gas and grocery shop on Friday's. It is my routine. And to make it fun, I shop with my mom. We caravan over to the gas station and fill up. Then back over the freeway to the grocery store. We are so regular that the checkers know us on site. They also know if they see one they will see the other. They know Ryan too. It's kind of a sad sort of way. I digress. My usual plans were somewhat sidetracked when I made the decision to take my oldest to the doctor. She has been struggling with the stress of being a 7th grader,…

How Many IIs That?

Battle number one: should I make cookies or not? Okay that one is not really a battle. The battle was deciding what kind. Chocolate chip. A double recipe of course.

Battle number two: My washing machine. Well, really it isn't mine. It belongs to the landlords. This thing walks no matter what it is in it! Drives me nuts. Well this time it walked so hard it ended up blocking the door. Now remember my victories from yesterday? Those were very real. No shoving and stuffing was done. I earned my stripes. That being said, my laundry room is a scary place. It's not very big to begin with, and right now it has about 2 feet of workspace. This happened once before, and maybe the room was clean then...I don't remember. What I remember is having Kristin climb through the small opening between the door and the washer and push it out of the way. She did it. Well today she was at school, and I certainly won't fit through that space. So the battle begins. Why? Be…

Just MY Battle

I know it is just me who battles with the condition of her home.

I know that I am the only one who is mocked by the clutter that seems to grow in the night while I sleep.
I know I am the only one with laundry that multiplies. I am the only one who finds cars and other various small toys at every turn.

And I know I am the only one with a messy kitchen!.

Okay so I am not the only one, but I know that many of us have felt that way. And because we have all been there at one point or another, I thought I would share my victories of the day.

Poof! Clutter, be gone!

The kitchen still needs a little TLC, but it's looking much better!

Too bad it won't last!

Yes, I know I am not alone. None of us are. We just do the best we can each and every day.


I love presents. I love buying them. I love wrapping them. And I thoroughly enjoy watching the receiver open it. Especially if it is one of those gifts that you just know they will flip for. And yeah, I love getting gifts! I'd be lying if I said I didn't. Let's face it, getting presents is awesome.

Today I did a lot of present buying. I went to the Salvation Army first and made out like a bandit. My intention was to simply buy some pants for Emily. She needs them so badly it's ridiculous. I thought that would be the best place to start. Now I don't know about you, but for me, places like a thrift store and the dollar tree are big trouble. I went in planning on one pair of pants (choke) and walked out with: two pairs of pants for Emily, one pair of pants for Ryan, a shirt for Ryan, a hoodie for Emily, jammie bottoms for Kristin and Emily all for $18! Not bad. I was proud of my good work. Best part it would all be a surprise!

Next was good old Wal-Mart…

Battles We Choose

Last week, due to drama in my life, my blog had a fairly consistent theme. So it got me thinking, you have to be careful with thinking especially as a Mom. You just don't know what you might come up with, or in my case forget. My thought was it might be interesting to use a theme each week to base each post on. Of course this hits me at 12:30AM last night. Okay great idea, now put it in the box and go to sleep! That was not the battle that inspired this theme idea. No, that was a whole different battle.

Last night I watched TV until about 11. Terrible I know, but it is fall and the new season has officially started. It was at this time I realized I hadn't moved the white clothes into the dryer. Oh well, no harm done. It's just underwear. It can spin in the dryer and sit and wrinkle. Onto more important things. Snack dishes and making lunches. Those can't be left behind. So I began my chores. How I hate making lunches. And here I thought they were sup…

Banana Nut Bread

A family favorite, this is another one from my Grandma Jo. I don't know how long it lasts in your house, but in mine it only lasts about a day. We all love bread and well banana bread is just plain yummy. And it smells good too.

1/2 cup butter
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
2 ripe bananas
2 cups of flour
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 to 1 cup of chopped walnuts (I don't use the nuts so the amount is up to you)

In a small bowl smash bananas and set aside.

Cream butter well. Add sugar and cream together with butter thoroughly. Add eggs one and at a time and mix well. Stir in crushed bananas. Add dry ingredients. Pour into greased bread pan and bake at 350* for 45 minutes. Stick a toothpick or cake tester in the center to see if it is done. I usually end up turning my oven off at 45minutes and then leaving the loaf in for another 15.