Friday, October 9, 2009

Time to Breathe

We face battles every day. Sometimes it's a garage door, or a stinking washing machine. Other times you are battling for or even with your child--those are the toughest ones. Whatever it is there is sure to be another one lurking quietly in the corner waiting to pounce. That is why we must breathe. We need that oxygen to keep us alive and feed what is left of our poor scattered mommy minds.

Today was somewhat typical. I always get gas and grocery shop on Friday's. It is my routine. And to make it fun, I shop with my mom. We caravan over to the gas station and fill up. Then back over the freeway to the grocery store. We are so regular that the checkers know us on site. They also know if they see one they will see the other. They know Ryan too. It's kind of a sad sort of way. I digress. My usual plans were somewhat sidetracked when I made the decision to take my oldest to the doctor. She has been struggling with the stress of being a 7th grader, harder classes, harder homework, tougher teachers, changing from a child to a young woman, and the list goes on and on. But this was going beyond pre-teen angst. I needed intervention.

The doctor said to keep with the bed time, but absolutely no computer or cell phones. I was letting her watch episodes of Full House on you tube--my girl she loves that John Stamos!--I figured it would relax her. Nope. Exactly the opposite. It was funny, the doctor was putting it all on Kristin. Not on me. Telling her how that is too much stimuli at night. So we need to get her old routine back along with a new one. She needs time alone each day to unwind. And we started with it today. It was very nice actually. My house was quiet for over an hour...with the exception of The Incredibles playing for the 14th time in two days. *sigh*

Because of this doctor appointment, I did my shopping first thing in the morning. I wondered if we threw the checkers off today since I went by myself and so very early. My mom went much later and by herself. I didn't have my regular checker, but that could be due to the time I went. After doctor appointments, lunch, and all that grand fun, I managed to get Ryan to take a short nap! I love it when I win that battle! Especially when the battle of the migraine was still on. Lay quiet with a cold pack on my head. But before I know it, it is time to pick everyone up. A sleepover is requested for the first time in weeks. Okay. One extra is gone home with Dad, and the other is here. Soon I will take myself upstairs and put head to pillow for the night. Sleep always finds me fast. I have a secret weapon though. Well, okay...being a mother is not such a big secret but that is not it. In the last year or so, I noticed I was having a real battle with sleep. Getting to sleep was not a problem. In fact, it was a breeze. Close my eyes, and I am gone. However, I would wake up two or three times a night. I never stayed awake long. Always went right back to sleep. But it was broken sleep. And broken sleep is almost worse than none. So what is the weapon of choice? Melatonin. It is hormone created in the brain which as we get older it produces less and less thus causing true insomnia. This stuff works. I sleep worlds better and it doesn't have the after effect of a sleeping pill because that is not what it is.

So there you have it. My week of battle. It was a quieter week for me. I don't like to say that, because then I will be ambushed. That is why we must remember to breathe. Just like when we (gasp) exercise they always say, "Don't forget to breathe!" Well why would I do that!? But you find yourself holding your breath as you struggle to do that last lunge. The same is true here, but instead of saying, "Don't forget" let's say, "Remember to breathe." instead.


Mamma Christine said...

I'm glad you've all found time to breathe. I hope Kristin finds a comfortable place soon. She's at such a hard age. I'm sending her good thoughts :)

Emmy said...

I hope Kristen's new routine works for her. And so glad Ryan took a nap for you, that really is a glorious thing.
We'll see you tonight :)