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Friday Confessions: Farewells and Other Stuff

I confess...

I have been really struggling with my weight the past few weeks.  Okay really it's been since Christmas.  I have been up and down and up with the same six pounds.  I refuse to accept that my body has "settled" and "likes" where it is. And yet, I am really struggling with the motivation.   Maybe I need to get back into my Metabolism Blues blog to keep me more honest and on track.

I confess...

I had an IEP meeting yesterday for my Little Middle.  Those meetings exhaust me.  It's a lot to take in and a lot to remember.  I am not known for retention...unless it is water based.  She is transitioning to middle school.  I am not ready.  I wasn't ready when she started Kindergarten either.  We both survived.  Mostly. 

I Confess...

I am glad so very glad I am going to Zumba this morning.  I am glad because it will be nearly 2 hours of no kids.  No kids fighting over petty things.  It's a four day weekend for us.

I confess...

I am not looking for…

Proud Mommy Moments: Being Mature

It's time again to share those proud Mommy Moments.  Whether they are big or small, or whether they are truly great or truly horrifying!  Write about your proud moments and link up with my BFF Emmy of EmmyMom--One Day At A Time and KMama at the Daily Dribbles!

Remember from my Tuesday post, I said it was 19 years ago that I first met my husband?  Well he reads my blog.  He apologized for not really remembering the exact date.  I could have played that up to the hilt, but the truth is I really don't play that and I also didn't totally remember myself.  I actually googled May, 24, 1992 to see if it was on a Sunday.  We both remember we met on a Sunday.  How funny is that.  I knew it was either the 24th or the 26th.  Well it was the 24th.  And he asked me out to dinner to celebrate.  But what about the kids?  "Yoyo" was his reply.  (You're on your own)  He verified what time DWTS was to start.  Oh he knows me.  So it was set.  I would meet him for dinner.

Here …

DWTS Finals

The Final Three
 Tonight the final couples are dancing two dances.  The first dance is the judges pick and the second is the much anticipated:  Free Style.  For their first dance, Chelsea and Mark are dancing the Samaba.   Chelsea  gets special coaching from Carrie Ann who tells her to loosen up her hips for the Samba.

Their Samba, for me, almost had a more retro feel to it.  Perhaps it was the music.  The music can have a great impact on a dance.  So can choreography.  They danced it great, I just didn't feel too much Samba.

Len said, "Every step you take, I'll be watching you!" He said that over all it was well done.
Bruno called her an ultra sexy bombshell and a firecracker of the samba.
Carrie Ann said she was Hot hot hot! And that Chelsea was on fire. "This is SO what I wanted from you!"

Carrie Ann:  10
Len: 9
Bruno: 10
Total: 29

Kirstie and Maks are also dancing the Samba.   Maybe it was the music.  Maybe it was the choreography.  Whatever it wa…

Another Totally Random Tuesday!

Oh to have money and just buy an outfit you like....
The top looked cuter on the hanger...but I would love to go back and get those capris....and maybe... this shirt.  Isn't it cute?  Who knew I would ever like ruffles again?
This past weekend we had a baby shower for my niece...she is due July 21.  That is my moms birthday.  There was another baby in the family due that day....she came a month early--my Little Middle!
31 weeks  Her baby is going to be BIG! My sister(her Mama) made the cake and cupcakes. Just some of the yummy food!
See the punch on the left?  It is that Cherry Limeade I mentioned a post or two ago.  I said Crystal Light makes it.  I was wrong.  It is made the Wal-Mart brand:  Great Value.  It's really good.  But you will only find it at Wal-Mart.
I really don't know who will win DWTS this year.  Usually I have it pegged long before the finals.  This year there just hasn't been any front runner.  I will say that Kirstie Alley knocked my socks off.  I hope I ca…

Double Parked

I live in a cul-de-sac.  I am at the end of it.  I love this because it is a very low traffic area.  There are hardly ever any cars there.  I am spoiled by it.  So are my kids.  They can ride their scooters and bikes all over it without a care.  My neighbor teaches piano and sometimes there are a few extra cars hanging around.  I have never had more than two at a time.  And they usually park in front of her house not mine.  Every once in a while they back up to the end of cul-de-sac, which is fine as long as there is only one and I am not expecting company myself.  Oh and then there is that pesky fire hydrant.

Over this weekend, the house directly across from us was having what is called and "estate" sale.  A fancy term for indoor yard sale if you ask me.  I would rather go with yard sale myself.  I digress.  Unbeknownst to me, this estate sale began on Thursday and continued through Saturday.  Each day the sale began at 7AM and ended at 4PM. 

My first problem is, no one cam…