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The Quiet Game

Have you ever played "The Quiet Game" with your kids? You know, where have them be quiet and the first one to make a sound is out! Well tonight, there was noise as usual. What else can there be with three pre-teen girls and a tweener girl??? We watched the much anticipated cross over of three of the favorite Disney shows. They were quiet (except when laughing in the appropriate places)through out the show's entirety. Since the show ran 90 minutes, that is saying something! After it was over the TV was turned off and the giggling began. can we get back that quiet atmosphere. I know! The quiet game.

"Let's play the quiet game!" I say.
"What will we win?" I am asked with a sly grin. Hmmmm..."Well let's play and you will find out." I can be quick sometimes. Kristin leaves room after I start making faces at the four of them. I deem her disqualified. Knowing she is out, she comes back talking. She says, "Yo…

The Chronicles of Lourie

I could actually call this one, The Chronicles of Lourie's Kids. This one was 4 years ago when I was pregnant with Ryan. We knew were having a boy so I know I was close to the end. He wouldn't give up his identity for a long time! Luckily for me, I was so OLD (35 when I would deliver) that insurance insisted on upon regular 4D ultra-sounds. Well twist my arm why don't you! Those are awesome by the way! Well one day as our family was off somewhere, we were talking about the kinds of things we would teach this new addition to the family.

Daddy said he would teach him to treat all girls like a lady, but remember they are equals.
I said I would teach him to show his soft side.
Kristin said she would teach him to be kind to others.
Now it was Emily's turn. She very proudly said, "I am going to teach him how to burp!" A talent she had recently acquired and taught herself! She emphasized her point by belching loudly. And it has come to pass. Ryan is proudly …

The Chronicles of Lourie

One of the blogs I follow--Emmy Mom--has challenged her readers to confess childhood games and or celebrity crushes. Oh the tales I could tell! Where do I begin??? Do I start with days spent pretending to be Jamie Somers...
I remember my sister and I doing our "death defying leaps" off of our fences, one of which was all of two feet high and the other might have been 3 and a half feet high. Or perhaps we ran in slow motion. I certainly remember raking my fingers through my hair just she did, and of course tucking my hair behind my bionic ear so I could listen to what the bad guys were saying and then I could thwart their evil plan!! Hmmmm I also remember Wonder Woman.

My sister and I went as far as to make belts, bracelets, tiarras and magic lassos. We would spin around in a "hidden" place just like she did. And suddenly we were transformed into Wonder Woman! How about I Dream of Jeannie???
Sure she wore a skimpy outfit and called her man, "Master" …