Friday, July 17, 2009

The Quiet Game

Have you ever played "The Quiet Game" with your kids? You know, where have them be quiet and the first one to make a sound is out! Well tonight, there was noise as usual. What else can there be with three pre-teen girls and a tweener girl??? We watched the much anticipated cross over of three of the favorite Disney shows. They were quiet (except when laughing in the appropriate places)through out the show's entirety. Since the show ran 90 minutes, that is saying something! After it was over the TV was turned off and the giggling began. can we get back that quiet atmosphere. I know! The quiet game.

"Let's play the quiet game!" I say.
"What will we win?" I am asked with a sly grin. Hmmmm..."Well let's play and you will find out." I can be quick sometimes. Kristin leaves room after I start making faces at the four of them. I deem her disqualified. Knowing she is out, she comes back talking. She says, "You said I was disqualified. " Emily is already cackling at this point. So that leaves my "extras." My extras are my girls I watch Mon through Friday. They are twins and happen to be Kristin's BFF's. Oh they have played this one many times. I made faces only to be stared back at by one, while the other covered her eyes so she couldn't see me. This went on and on for several minutes. It was indeed very quiet. Kristin sat next to me and I asked quietly who their crushes were. They both have a fondness for Nick Jonas.
"I am going to get a picture of Nick Jonas,"I began."And I am going to give him a mustache." Some smirking begins. "Then I will draw glasses on his face"A hand over a mouth. "I will add devil's horn's....and big ZIT right on his nose!" The one who I thought would not break said, "I give up!" HAHAHA. So what was the prize???? A funky makeover on me! What kinds of cool things have you done for your kiddos?


Carolynn said...

You have the best house ever. They will all always remember happy times there.

Emmy said...

That is awesome! So was the show as good as they anticipated?

The first thing that comes to my mind is when I let my kids have a tea party, complete with treats and lots of water. They had fun pouring water for hours, then pretending to drink it and starting all over. And I played right with them the whole time, rather than using it as an excuse to sneak off and do something else.

Kekster's Palace said...

aren't you so pretty in the picture