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I Can Not Tell A Lie

It is Friday and I am happy!  I am happy because this means I get to unload some heavy burdens on my blog.  Okay I can not tell a lie.  I am happy it is Friday because it means there is no homework.  I am happy it is Friday because it means I get to sleep in the next day.  And I am happy it is Friday because I get to play along with Glamazon!  Just click on her button if you would like to play.

I love these meme's.  By the end of the week, I am usually too lazy tired to think of anything.  So I love these meme's to help me along when I need it.  I also love to ride on other people's coattails.  It's true.  If I see I good idea I run with it.  I won't steal it though.  That's not how I roll.  Besides, I can not lie.  At all.  So, if you ever kill anyone and need help hiding the body and you know, an alibi.  Don't ask me.  I would crack.  It's better if I don't know. 

My daughter dared me to confess this next one:  When I was 5, I was babysat by a dea…

N is for Newborn

Today I am playing Alphabae-Thursday with . Jenny Go and check it out, after you have read my post of course!

N is for "Newborn" and with all the birth stories I have seen lately, I thought I would share some newborns with you all and a short story of each one.

Newborn Number one was No surprise to us.  We had her planned right to the Nano-second.  I had to have a Non-stress done the day before she was born.  I don't remember why.  I just remember being terribly uncomfortable.  I had No idea I was in labor.  When I went to the doctor the next day I was dilated to a 4.  Yikes!  I went home and waited it out until contractions were every 5-6 minutes and making me cry.  We got to the hospital and 4 hours later a baby was born.  She was a teeny thing:  6 pounds 11 ounces.  20 and 3/4 inches.  She is still long and lean.  I do not have a Newborn picture of her...handy, but I have a picture at six months.  Dig those eyes!

Another Newborn came along...I had a lot of Nausea with …

Who Will Go and Who Will Stay?

Monday Night was "Movie Night" on DWTS.    First  up was Niecy and Louis.  Their movie was La Bamba and their dance was The Jive.  Niecey was very excited to shake it loose!  I thought it was a nice come back, but the jive needs to be more lively.  Yes, she shook it all right, but I thought it was a "safe" jive. At the end of the dance,  Niecey kissed Len right on the forhead.  Nice lip print!  Len told her she put her personality in the dance and that was nice to see, but that the jive needs to be very sharp, and hers was soft.  Bruno also pointed out that the dance needed to be accurate and somewhere it went wrong.  Louis spoke up and said it was him who went wrong, and not her.  Carrie Ann dubbed Niecy as the "Shimey Queen!" But again the dance overall was a little bit small.  And so were the score.  Sixes across the board for a total of 18.

Chad and Cheryl: 
Movie:  The Jungle Book  Dance:  Quick Step

I think Chad improves a tiny bit each week.  And…

And the Award Goes To

Emmy from EmmyMom has given me an award!

If there is any of you who don't know her yet, you should definitely check out her blog.  She is funny, a brilliant photographer, and a great mom.  As a recipient of this award I am supposed to link back to the presenter.  Check.  Then list ten things that make me happy.  So here goes:

1.  Blog Awards!
2.  Warm sunny days
3.  Reading
4.  Silence
5.  Chooclate
6.  Funny stories told by my kids
7.  My husband
8.  My new dishwasher
9.  When I take a good picture
10.  Comments from readers

Now I must bestow this award to some of you....

Sarah from *No, Don't and Stop!*  
Terry from Oh, For Pete's Sake!
Aphrodite from Me, Myself, and Aphrodite
Catherine from Wink at Me
Shelley from Hand in Hand

And one sticky note for Tuesday:

A Funny Thing Happened....

The weirdest thing happened to me on Thursday.  I was reading everybody's blogs like usual and I was watching Emmy's kids while she had to do that disgusting diabetes test where you drink 8 ounces of liquid sugar.  See it was all normal.  I wear reading glasses, because without them I can't read.  It's just too hard.  *sigh*  Why does getting older suck so much?  Anyhoo....Emmy came back with a good report.  After she left, me and the boy had lunch.  Then, I started to develop a migraine.  I got my meds and laid down on the couch while Ryan wacthed, "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs." Again.  I set my glasses on basket of freshly folded laundry.  I decided that was probably a bad idea so I moved them to my keyboard--which was their normal resting place.  I rested quietly until it was time to pick up my lovelies from school.  After I got through all that running around, I came home and felt well enough to resume some reading.  I picked up my glasses only to d…