Friday, April 23, 2010

I Can Not Tell A Lie

It is Friday and I am happy!  I am happy because this means I get to unload some heavy burdens on my blog.  Okay I can not tell a lie.  I am happy it is Friday because it means there is no homework.  I am happy it is Friday because it means I get to sleep in the next day.  And I am happy it is Friday because I get to play along with Glamazon!  Just click on her button if you would like to play.

I love these meme's.  By the end of the week, I am usually too lazy tired to think of anything.  So I love these meme's to help me along when I need it.  I also love to ride on other people's coattails.  It's true.  If I see I good idea I run with it.  I won't steal it though.  That's not how I roll.  Besides, I can not lie.  At all.  So, if you ever kill anyone and need help hiding the body and you know, an alibi.  Don't ask me.  I would crack.  It's better if I don't know. 

My daughter dared me to confess this next one:  When I was 5, I was babysat by a dear sweet lady.  Her name was Dacy.  I still remember her.  She was nice.  I wasn't her only charge.  She had others.  One "other" was a boy.  He was my age, maybe older.  He was bigger than me.  He was mean.  One day he knocked me down.  "Oh no you didn't!"  I jumped right back up and punched him in the nose.  Oh yes I did!  And I bloodied it too.  Did I get in trouble?  Nope.  Did he ever push me again, not that I recall.  Don't mess with this girl.  I bite.  It's true.  Ask my mom.

I hate clutter.  To see my house, you wouldn't know it.  I am not a hoarder.  I am just a bad housekeeper with way too many piles of stuff.  I have started many times clearing it away.  It's kind of like dieting.  You just go back to your old ways.

I want to go Universal Studios, Florida.  I want to go there to see the new Harry Potter section.  There I said it. 

Come and play...what are you hiding?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

N is for Newborn

Today I am playing Alphabae-Thursday with . Jenny Go and check it out, after you have read my post of course!

N is for "Newborn" and with all the birth stories I have seen lately, I thought I would share some newborns with you all and a short story of each one.

Newborn Number one was No surprise to us.  We had her planned right to the Nano-second.  I had to have a Non-stress done the day before she was born.  I don't remember why.  I just remember being terribly uncomfortable.  I had No idea I was in labor.  When I went to the doctor the next day I was dilated to a 4.  Yikes!  I went home and waited it out until contractions were every 5-6 minutes and making me cry.  We got to the hospital and 4 hours later a baby was born.  She was a teeny thing:  6 pounds 11 ounces.  20 and 3/4 inches.  She is still long and lean.  I do not have a Newborn picture of her...handy, but I have a picture at six months.  Dig those eyes!

Another Newborn came along...I had a lot of Nausea with that one.  Needless to say I do not like saltine crackers.  At all.  The very thought of them causes me to gag a little.  This Newborn was supposed to come in July.  But this Newborn was impatient.  She wanted to come sooner.  She came one month early.  My water broke in the middle of the Night.  I thought I had peed the bed.  You know in the TV shows when their water breaks and they are dry.  Yeah.  That is not accurate.  The water keeps coming.  And coming.  The receptionist at the ER actually asked what they could do for me.  Really?  I was holding a towel under my drooping belly and looking like I needed an epidural...STAT.  I got that plus pitocin.  The doctor foolishly thought this Newborn would wait til Noon.  No, she wanted to arrive at 10:43.  She needed to be born.  Her umbilical was wrapped around her Neck.  Twice.  She was purple. Not breathing.  There was no chaos like in those medical shows.  They worked fast and quiet.  That Newborn pinked up and started tasting the air with her tongue.  She spent the next four days in the NICU.  She was one of the bigger babies there.  She had a heart murmur, trouble maintaining her body temp and had to be taught how to Nurse.  She weighed 5lbs. 12ounces.  19 3/4 inches. 
Look at that little peanut.

And finally a third Newborn.  This one waited a long time to join us.  He didn't want to be early.  He was late.  Hmmmm...maybe I should tell that to his future wife.  I had a lot Nausea with this one too.  French toast and me were not friends for a very long time.  I liked meat.  And lots of it.  I got big with this Newborn.  Real big.  I was real worried about having another small baby and having to lose a lot of weight. I had Numerous false alarms with this one.  It got to the point where I could barely walk across the street without starting a series of contractions.  Why I was not put on bed rest, I will never know.  They stripped my membranes.  Not a pleasant experience.  I walked around the Oktober Fest, also unpleasant.  Nothing got it going.  He just wanted to wait for his sister to get baptized.  Six days after that, he decided to come.  My contractions were consistent enough for me, but not the hospital the night before.  I slept, sort of, between contractions.  Waking Rich along the way.  At 5AM it was time.  The girls were at a friends.  My mom was there and she came with us.  The gal at labor and delivery was snotty and Noted how calm I was for being "labor."  At that exact moment, I had a killer contraction and then I bawled like a baby.  Take that!  I was examined.  Dilated to 4 and 80% effaced.  We are a go!  Twenty minutes later I was 8 and 90%  I wanted my epidural.  I was in a military hospital.  A teaching hospital.  Team A wanted me to go Natural.  Which I almost did.  Team B was fighting for epidural.  The Colonel came in and ordered the epidural.  No, I mean he ORDERED it.  He was my favorite person, until the anesthesiologist arrived.  He started asking me questions.  I answered one, I think.  Rich answered the rest.  I don't remember what they were.  I just remember the pain was gone, and I could push.  I pushed and pushed and when that head and shoulder came out, that Newborn stayed.  He was very big you see.  A big chested guy.  One last push and out he came.  I looked at him for the first time, and he was big.  I was happy.  Oh and that Newborn had the Nerve to pee on the nice Colonel who took such good care of his Mommy.  Oh yes he did.  He weighed 8 pounds 10.3 ounces 21 3/4 inches.  My big boy.
All adorned in white, like an angel from heaven.

And there is just one more Newborn I would like to share with you.  This Newborn is very Near and dear to my heart....she is the youngest in her family.  She was born fast.  Not early.  Not late.  Right on the date.  She was once punctual.  Too bad it didn't last.   8 pounds 14 ounces.  And she was the SMALL one.
Don't worry, that sad big sister ended up liking that Newborn.
N is for Newborn!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Who Will Go and Who Will Stay?

Monday Night was "Movie Night" on DWTS.    First  up was Niecy and Louis.  Their movie was La Bamba and their dance was The Jive.  Niecey was very excited to shake it loose!  I thought it was a nice come back, but the jive needs to be more lively.  Yes, she shook it all right, but I thought it was a "safe" jive. At the end of the dance,  Niecey kissed Len right on the forhead.  Nice lip print!  Len told her she put her personality in the dance and that was nice to see, but that the jive needs to be very sharp, and hers was soft.  Bruno also pointed out that the dance needed to be accurate and somewhere it went wrong.  Louis spoke up and said it was him who went wrong, and not her.  Carrie Ann dubbed Niecy as the "Shimey Queen!" But again the dance overall was a little bit small.  And so were the score.  Sixes across the board for a total of 18.

Chad and Cheryl: 
Movie:  The Jungle Book  Dance:  Quick Step

I think Chad improves a tiny bit each week.  And I think he gives an honest effort.  He really likes I mean...he. really. likes. Cheryl.  And because he likes her he wants to make her proud.  Cherly's dress was tiger striped what fun!  The song was, "The Bear Necessities." and I think that is what Chad gave in his dance.  He has improved a little each week.  I will give him that.  Bruno wasn't impressed, calling it, "jungle fever."  He told Chad, his holds were terrible and so was his frame.  Carrie Ann noted how at times she saw improvement, and other times she wasn't sure what she saw.  Len making a full 180, said the dance was bright and lively.  Noting Chad's posture as being good.  The only nitpick was in the quickstep the torso must be still while the legs are always in motion, and that is a hard balance.

Another round of sixes.  Maybe that's the only paddles they have.  Either that, or the judges have not been fed properly.

Erin and Maks:  Movie: Pulp Fiction: Dance: The Jive

I like Erin and Maks together.  They are like that couple that hate each other, and then at the end they get together.  They are fighting all through this rehearsal.  I would love to write a book based on them!  Despite their bickering, they always come out smiling and shinning.  Their jive was fun and bouncy.  I really liked it.  Carrie Ann liked it to and praised them for delivering the story.  She said Erin was a little ahead of Maks and her black shoes were the focal point.  Yeah, I guess they were.  Len did not like the beginning which had them in a cafe, with Maks looking at a menu.  He said it started out slow, but then it kicked off.  He pointed out her being a little ahead too, but otherwise said good job.  Bruno said she had the Uma Magic! That it was her best dance ever and she did nothing wrong!!

Bruno 8

Jake and Chelsie:  Movie:  Risky Business  Dance:  The Cha Cha Cha.  Okay so rumor has it that Jake looks like Tom Cruise.


 Well, I guess if you close one eye, squint the other and turn your head a little then yeah.  Jake said, he thinks of it as a compliment.  He has grown on me.  Every week, he gives it all he's got and every week he improves.  I would love to see him go far.  This week, he not only gave all he had, but he also...hmmmm....well their movie was RISKY BUSINESS.  Now, he didn't do the whole dance with the shirt, and "tightie whities" but yeah, he did that.  And he did a great cha cha cha.  I was once again impressed with him.  Len was very pleased with their dance and called it a "full on cha cha cha"  Bruno called him a "cheeky bugger" and asked him why he put his pants back on.  I am thinking most of the ladies had the same question. Bruno added to his point by tossing Jake some cash, and told him it was one of his best performances.  "No guts, no glory!"  Carrie Ann said, and then added that he had a lot of guts so he better enjoy the glory. 

Carrie Ann:  8
Len: 7
Bruno: 8
Total 23

 Pamela and Damian:  Movie:  9 to 5 Dance:  QuickStep  Hmmmm....Pamela Anderson portraying Dolly Parton.  That's odd.  Say what you want about Pamela Anderson, I truly had my doubts, but she actually can dance.  I think the song, "9to 5" was kind of hard to dance too.  But they pulled it off.  The opening of the dance had her sitting at a table, and "getting ready" for work.  Len hated this.  They also did a tricky maneuver over chairs and a table.  Len hated that too.  I thought they were trying to ride on Jake and Chelsie's coattails from last week.  But whatever.  Bruno called Pamela, "Dolly" and told her she was spot on and in character.  And her dancing was good too.  The nit pick:  more movement.  Carrie Ann gave Pamela the compliment of the night, when she told her she would love to see her on Broadway.  The nit pick:  holds are loose.  Aside from all that he disliked, Len said the dance was good overall.

CarrieAnn:  7
LEn: 6
Total 21
Yikes...somebody feed Len and give him a strong drink! STAT!

Kate and Tony:  Movie: The Breakfast Club  Dance:  Fox Trot.  I finally figured out what it is about Kate that I simply can't stand.  She reminds me of one those girls back in high school who stand around acting superior to everyone else.  Tony was showing her a dance move he wanted her to do--the siwm, and she stared a minute and then said, " What is up with that?  Are we swimming or are we dancing?  I mean we're in a blue room and everything but...."  I mean honestly, what a snot.  She actually yawned at one point.  I feel sorry for Tony.  Okay so the "dance" is supposed to be the fox trot.  All she is doing is walking.  Oh please send her packing.  Carrie Ann tries to be encouraging when she says there were little itty bitty bits of improvements, but there were also moments of Charlie Brown, "Wah, wah, wah, wah."I think she just liked making that sound.  Len was not amused.  "It wasn't a dance, it was a 'stroll'" And Bruno, said Tony could have had more life from a coat rack.  He urged her to capitalize on what they say to do.  I am thinking it went in one ear and out the other.  Tom chimed in with, "Don't hold back Bruno, tell us how you really feel."

Carrie Ann:  5
Len: 5
BRuno: 5
Come one voters...HINT HINT!  there IS a reason why she is getting such low scores!

Nicole and Derek: Movie:  Pretty Woman Dance: Tango

Derek and Nicole are the judges favorite and mine to win.  And their Tango proved the point.  It was sharp, precise, and entertaining.  Len gushed that it was the best dance of the season so far!  Bruno went on and on about them being two players being on top of their game all the while keeping the fine line between the dance and sexual tension.  All Carrie could muster was bows and waves of "Supah Stah's!"  

Carrie Ann: 10
Len: 9
Bruno 10
Total: 29
Well they fed Len, but they forgot the drink!

Evan and Ana:  The Movie:  Armageddon  The Dance: The Rumba.  Evan and Ana will definitely give Nicole and Derek a run for their money.  This week--and my understanding--the remainder of the season has Evan on tour with the ice skaters.  We got to see him skate.  It was nice seeing him in his element.  Even out of his element, he has really grown and improved.  He is pointing his toes more.  (I've been watching) Their Rumba was sultry and romantic.  Nicely done.  Bruno told Evan that he moves like a ballet dancer, and his hips are getting better.    Carrie Ann said their movement generated beauty.  Nit pick:  a little break between the top half of his body and the bottom.  Len finally got his drink apparently as he raved about the musicality of their dance.

Carrie Ann:  9
Bruno: 9

In top two:  Derek and Nicole and Evan and Anna.  In the bottom:  Pam and Damian and Kate and Tony.  And finally we are relieved of our suffering it was Kate's turn to be eliminated.   Darn.

Next week they are doing two dances:  The Argentine Tango and a Swing Marathon.  Also the couples get to design each others costumes!  That is always fun.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

And the Award Goes To

Emmy from EmmyMom has given me an award!

If there is any of you who don't know her yet, you should definitely check out her blog.  She is funny, a brilliant photographer, and a great mom.  As a recipient of this award I am supposed to link back to the presenter.  Check.  Then list ten things that make me happy.  So here goes:

1.  Blog Awards!
2.  Warm sunny days
3.  Reading
4.  Silence
5.  Chooclate
6.  Funny stories told by my kids
7.  My husband
8.  My new dishwasher
9.  When I take a good picture
10.  Comments from readers

Now I must bestow this award to some of you....

Sarah from *No, Don't and Stop!*  
Terry from Oh, For Pete's Sake!
Aphrodite from Me, Myself, and Aphrodite
Catherine from Wink at Me
Shelley from Hand in Hand

And one sticky note for Tuesday:

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Funny Thing Happened....

The weirdest thing happened to me on Thursday.  I was reading everybody's blogs like usual and I was watching Emmy's kids while she had to do that disgusting diabetes test where you drink 8 ounces of liquid sugar.  See it was all normal.  I wear reading glasses, because without them I can't read.  It's just too hard.  *sigh*  Why does getting older suck so much?  Anyhoo....Emmy came back with a good report.  After she left, me and the boy had lunch.  Then, I started to develop a migraine.  I got my meds and laid down on the couch while Ryan wacthed, "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs." Again.  I set my glasses on basket of freshly folded laundry.  I decided that was probably a bad idea so I moved them to my keyboard--which was their normal resting place.  I rested quietly until it was time to pick up my lovelies from school.  After I got through all that running around, I came home and felt well enough to resume some reading.  I picked up my glasses only to discover one of the lenses had come out.  I searched and searched for this lens.  I couldn't find it.  It's not like it is easy to find.  I tried to read the blogs.  I couldn't do it.  It was too much.  Do you know I went through blog withdrawal!?  Seriously!  I considered buying readers to tide me over til next month when I am due for my regular exam.  Those things are expensive at certain pharmacies *cough* CVS.  I tried them on and all it did was make things bigger.  I could tell it wasn't going to help.   So I thought I would call my insurance and see if they would give me a reprieve and let me go early for my eye exam.   Nope.  No go.  I would have to wait the 30 days.  Here is where my questions come into play....

First of all, seriously...they can't fork over the cost of the exam 30 days early?  Why!?  Because their $77 is just too steep of a price to pay?  I mean it's not like they cover anything else.  Glasses and frames are all on me.  Yep, that is right.  I pay my $12 for the exam and they are so wonderful they cover the rest.  If I need glasses I guess I need to figure it out.  Why is it like that?  I mean I would even accept coverage of frames up to $100 and glasses coverage for the basic lens.  No fancy stuff is covered.  You know, if you want transition lenses or the anti-glare, you have to cover that.  Doesn't that sound fair?  I went to Lens Crafters on Friday since their exam was $30  cheaper than the regular doc.  I then prayed they could turn out my new eyes in an hour.  After all that was the whole point! 

$400 later, I have new eyes and I can read blogs again.  They are stronger than the last pair, duh.  I have a very slight need for distance correction, but she didn't seem to think I needed it...yet.  I opted to let it go for now.  With my old prescription, I could look across the room and see fine.  With this new pair, not so much.  They are for close work only.  I am fine with that.  I like being able to see.  I just want to know why insurance will not take care of me.  Isn't that their job?  I know I am opening a huge can of worms here.  What is your insurance like?  How would you like to change it? 

Me and my new specs.