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I Can Neither Confirm, Nor Deny

Before I begin this weeks confessional, I would like to direct your attention this bloggers post!  She saw my picture of Ryan and asked if she could use it and write a poem about it.  I of course said yes.  So please go and see her and give her some bloggy love!

**************************** Since I skipped out on confession last week, I have a lot to confess.  However, I can neither confirm nor deny the following admissions.  You must decide for yourself if I am guilty or innocent of such heinous offenses.

The people that live on the opposite side of our street have birds.  As in macaws.
Oh sure they are pretty to look at!  But these people let their birds outside. And I get to hear them squawk and make noises that can only be described as an animal of some sort being tortured to its untimely demise!  So what is my confession?  I want to shoot these stupid birds.  Sick a hungry cat on them.  Don't their neighbors complain?  One day I will record this racket and post it.  You will co…

Curiosity Killed the Kitty!

Curiosity by definition means to have the desire to learn or know about anything.  So where did that expression come from?  Or should I even ask?  I mean after all, if curiosity killed the cat, what will it do to me? know me and questions.  And I do love Google!  Google is my friend! 

Wikipedia gave an abundance of answers.  Which, you can see for  What it boils down to is be cautious of being too curious.  Like my brother for instance.  When he was around 11 or 12 he thought it would be fun to ride his bike off the garage roof.  Oh yes he did.  And he did it unscathed!  I, too have had my moments of being overly curious.  However, I never rode a bike off  of a roof. 

Curiosity is not a bad thing.  In fact, I think it is a lost art.  Our children are naturally curious and I think we should grow that curiosity.  These beautiful people are the future.  And their curiosity is a big part of that.  So let's not kill curiosity.  Let's bring it back to l…

Story Time

Tonight is story night on DWTS.  The pros and their celebrity dancers have to tell a story through their dance and are allowed to use props.  (As a general rule, props are not advised and almost always frowned upon by Len.)  Before the fun begins, we are treated to a performance by the pros to show you what the dances are supposed to look like tonight.  The dances:  The Fox Trot, The Waltz and The Samba.
 Jennifer Grey/Derek Hough 1-800-868-3411

Jennifer and Derek play out a story of a boy who is crushing on his teacher.  Derek admitted to having a crush on his third grade teacher.  I thought it was really cute and clean...until she had a stumble.  She made a face and everything.  Too bad.  Len liked how they story flowed nicely and that it was very clever.  However, there was that little stumble. Bruno told her she was the Sexy Mistress of Cougar Town--teaching at the academy of samba--there are a lot of students forming around the block.  "You should be recruiting!" He admi…

Hairy Legs and Bad Hips

It's true!  I have been putting it off for a week a few days and I finally break down and do it and the next day I have to wear pants!  That's what I love about winter and the necessity of shaving.  The hair keeps you warmer.

I originally went to the doctor complaining about my knees.  I could not take it anymore.  It was too much.  I wanted to cry.  My doctor gave me two referrals:  Ortho and PT.  Well of course the PT came through first.  I went...begrudgingly.  Like my doc, the therapist suspect my hips over my knees.  Seriously?  Are you even hearing me!?  I am telling you it is my KNEES.  They are what's hurting.  My hips are fine thank you very much!  But what?  You want to check my range of motion in my hips?  Well if you must...Wow, really?  I saw it with my own eyes
At first I explained the lack of range with I must have tightened up and resisted because he didn't tell me what he was going to do.  Of course, the next day when I went to put on my shoes and socks,…

Too Harsh?

Last week on DWTS, Bruno had some colorful words of criticism for Michael Bolton after his attempt at the jive.  I say attempt, because I can't in good conscience call it dancing.  It really wasn't.  It was painful to watch.  At least for me it was.  It opened with Michael (Bolton) crawling out of a doghouse as the song "Hound Dog" began.  I thought it would be cute.  Clearly he wasn't comfortable with that.  That is part of the problem Billy Ray Cyrus had when he was on it.  He just wasn't comfortable with a lot of the styles of the dances.  And he couldn't dance either!  I WISH I had been blogging then.  I would love to see what Bruno and Len had to say about his dance INabilities!

Just last season, as Kate Gosselin "danced" week after week, I wondered just how in the world she was staying on the show!  Especially when her team mates gave her "golf" claps after her "dances."  And Bruno said things like, "It looked lik…