Friday, October 8, 2010

I Can Neither Confirm, Nor Deny

Before I begin this weeks confessional, I would like to direct your attention this bloggers post!  She saw my picture of Ryan and asked if she could use it and write a poem about it.  I of course said yes.  So please go and see her and give her some bloggy love!

Since I skipped out on confession last week, I have a lot to confess.  However, I can neither confirm nor deny the following admissions.  You must decide for yourself if I am guilty or innocent of such heinous offenses.

The people that live on the opposite side of our street have birds.  As in macaws.
Oh sure they are pretty to look at!  But these people let their birds outside. And I get to hear them squawk and make noises that can only be described as an animal of some sort being tortured to its untimely demise!  So what is my confession?  I want to shoot these stupid birds.  Sick a hungry cat on them.  Don't their neighbors complain?  One day I will record this racket and post it.  You will come to my defense. 

I spent a good forty-five minutes screaming yelling convincing my Little Middle to do her homework.  I also spent the same time convincing myself not to lock myself in my room.  Oh did I mention I was making dinner and trying to get the boy to play quiet games?

My house is a mess.  It seriously looks like it threw up everywhere.  And I cleaned the family room at least, but you really can't tell.  I did the dishes too, but the kitchen isn't at its best. 

I am giving a talk in church on Sunday.  I haven't looked at the article that was suggested nor have I put thought to paper.  I suppose I am hoping for a miracle. 

I need chocolate...the hard stuff.  DARK.  You just can't be a chocolate lover unless you like the hard stuff.

I am a cranky person.  Not all the time..just the last few days.  The kind of cranky you get when you wish your family people would just run for cover until the storm that is you blows over.

I am done...for now.  I am sure I have more to confess.  But I will save that for another time.  What do you need to confess?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Curiosity Killed the Kitty!

Curiosity by definition means to have the desire to learn or know about anything.  So where did that expression come from?  Or should I even ask?  I mean after all, if curiosity killed the cat, what will it do to me? know me and questions.  And I do love Google!  Google is my friend! 

Wikipedia gave an abundance of answers.  Which, you can see for  What it boils down to is be cautious of being too curious.  Like my brother for instance.  When he was around 11 or 12 he thought it would be fun to ride his bike off the garage roof.  Oh yes he did.  And he did it unscathed!  I, too have had my moments of being overly curious.  However, I never rode a bike off  of a roof. 

Curiosity is not a bad thing.  In fact, I think it is a lost art.  Our children are naturally curious and I think we should grow that curiosity.  These beautiful people are the future.  And their curiosity is a big part of that.  So let's not kill curiosity.  Let's bring it back to life!

What are you curious about?

Jenny Matlock

This week I am only going to do two truths and a lie since my partner in crime is posting a more serious subject today and felt it was not appropriate.  We will be playing again next week.  Now, I do not want to leave you hanging from last week, so I will give you the answers today!

My sister and I have always been close.  Even when we were little and fought horribly we were still best friends.  We even took up sign language to carry on secret conversations...almost like twin speak.  My mom hated it.  

My sister and I played all kinds of games too.  From restaurant to Jeanie and Wonder Woman to the Bionic Woman.  

However, as much as we would have liked too, we never did lock our brother out of the house!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Story Time

Tonight is story night on DWTS.  The pros and their celebrity dancers have to tell a story through their dance and are allowed to use props.  (As a general rule, props are not advised and almost always frowned upon by Len.)  Before the fun begins, we are treated to a performance by the pros to show you what the dances are supposed to look like tonight.  The dances:  The Fox Trot, The Waltz and The Samba.
 Jennifer Grey/Derek Hough 1-800-868-3411

Jennifer and Derek play out a story of a boy who is crushing on his teacher.  Derek admitted to having a crush on his third grade teacher.  I thought it was really cute and clean...until she had a stumble.  She made a face and everything.  Too bad.  Len liked how they story flowed nicely and that it was very clever.  However, there was that little stumble. Bruno told her she was the Sexy Mistress of Cougar Town--teaching at the academy of samba--there are a lot of students forming around the block.  "You should be recruiting!" He admired her for her taking on the challenging choreography and said that despite the mess up she did it!
Carrie Ann also enjoyed the fluidity of the story, but pointed out, "The BIG mess up!" 

CarrieAnn: 8
Len: 8
Bruno:  8
Total: 24

Florence Henderson and Corky Ballas 1-800-868-3409

Corky and Florence danced the Waltz with Edelweiss.  It was fitting for her as she starred on Broadway as Maria von Trapp in 1960.  She shared a special and tearful memory of her late husband and said that she hoped he would be proud of her.  Their dance was very sweet and tender, but also she played it safe.  At the end, Corky planted an unplanned kiss right on her lips! 

Bruno said the dance was simple and effective and noted the sweet emotional connection.  He pointed out she would stop between transitions and said that she need to keep the movement continuous.  Carrie Ann praised her for a touching performance only telling her to push her boundaries.  Len positively gushed over her beautiful and emotional story.  Then he hit her with her non existent technique and footwork. Ouch...way to knock someone off their pedal-stool!

Carrie Ann:  7
Len: 6
Total: 20
Kurt Warner and Anna Trebunskaya 1-800-868-3408

 Kurt and Anna have the Fox Trot.  This dance requires light feet.  Which is something Kurt has never been accused of having.  So  who better to teach him about being delicate but his two beautiful little girls.  A tea party was in order.  "Pinkies up!" they instructed.  It was cute. 

The dance begins with a bad day that turns out all right in the end.  There is "rain" and Kurt for a moment reminds me of Gene Kelly.  Carrie Ann; without saying the same tells him he has incredible charm, beautiful holds, and has great chemistry with his partner.  Len on the other hand thought his arms were lacking in the lyrical sense.  Everything else, he said, was done well. Bruno told him that he knows he can do it, but "you nearly dropped her!" He really did...almost.

Carrie Ann:  8
Len: 8
Bruno: 7
Total 23
--Brooke doesn't know how to add.  I say this because she claimed that this is the highest score yet.  What?  Jen and Derek got a 24.  Either that or she meant that was THEIR highest score yet.

Margaret Cho and Louis Van Amstel 1-800-868-3405

Margaret Cho says her Samba will be a coming out party!  Did I make the connection?  Nope.  Did I make the connection when I saw the bright rainbow dress.  Nope.  It wasn't until after the dance when she said, "This was probably the gayest thing on Dancing With the Stars!"  OH!  Now I get it!  That being said, I wasn't impressed her coming out party.  Len said it started out good, but that her legs got heavier as it progressed and he didn't quite get the story. Bruno told her to keep waving her flag proudly...even though you lost your way. (when you lost your timing.) Carrie Ann said she loved the story but told her she sort of lost control.  "Work on your arms and your lines."

Carrie Ann: 6
Lenb: 6
Bruno: 6
Total: 18
Audrina Patridge and Tony Dovolani 1-800-868-3401

Audrina and Tony's  waltz is told in a dreamlike sequence when a soldier returns home from war.  It was beautifully danced and a very emotional message.  Bruno said it was beautiful and touching story. A hit!  Carrie Ann said it was in fact beautifully danced, but "point your toes." Len enjoyed how she danced with her heart.

Carrie Ann:  8
Len: 9
Bruno: 9
Total 26
Remember last week when Tony said he would shave his legs if they scored less than a 24?  Well he did!  OUCH!

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas 1-800-868-3407

Mark makes Bristol step outside her comfort zone, and has her start the dance without him by her side.  The most I got out of their story is that Mark is a homeless man.  Her waltz was tentative but nice.  Carrie Ann praised her for her quality of movement but that the story "wasn't happening."  Len reminded her that last week he told her to take a chance.  "You did...and I didn't like it."  Bruno told her that her execution was very neat and clean, but that she needs to feel it.  "Show it to me, baby!"

Carrie Ann:  6
Len: 6
Bruno: 7
Total 19
Brandy and Maks Chmerkovskiy 1-800-868-3406

Brandy and Maks tell the story of The Body Guard with their Samba.  For whatever reason, Maks decided to use corporal punishment in practice.  I think he just wanted to touch her butt.  It worked though.  Her dance was much better this week.
Len said there was good energy and rhythm and a little improvement, but he didn't feel like MAKS was protective to his partner. Bruno told Brandy that he was starting to see the come back of the diva.  "Way to go girl!"  Carrie Ann told Maks that she didn't condone that kind of teaching and then attempted to spank him.

Carrie Ann:  8
Len: 8
Bruno: 8
Total 24
Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer 1-800-868-3403

Kyle and Lacey's waltz is supposed to be set to the tune of, "Take It To The Limit." by The Eagles.  Neither of them has a clue who they are!!  Seriously!? In the end, they get a different song!  Once again, Kyle pours on the charms.  His upper half moves smoothly, now...Kyle get your feet to catch up.  Bruno said the story was the happy picture of a blossoming teenage romance.  "Work on your feet."  Carrie Ann, giggling like a school girl once again told Kyle he brings the fun to the dance floor. Len commended his acting and performance, but his that his footwork was "atrocious." 

Carrie Ann: 8
Len: 7
Bruno: 8
Total:  23
The Situation and Karina Schmirnoff 1-800-868-3410

Do I HAVE to call him The Situation?  I mean honestly.  Who is he kidding!?  *ahem*  Their Foxtrot is a time travel story.  During rehearsals, Karina tells Sorrentino  he will dance like Frank Sinatra.  Really?  I always thought Sinatra was a SINGER!   Watching "The Situation" dance is well that's a SCARY "situation."  Carrie Ann told him that he is "baby stepping" his way to becoming a dancer.  Umm did you watch the same dance as me? Len, I love you for this, "If that is the future, I am glad I live in the past!"  He gave him chops for listening to his partner, but told him if he saw him dancing in his backyard, he would pull the drapes. Bruno said it was the Land of the Lost FoxTrot.  "Very entertaining in a very weird way."

Carrie Ann:  7
Len: 6
Bruno: 7
Total: 20
Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke 1-800-868-3404

Rick and Cheryl are dancing the Samba and their story is he lost the big game and his teammates have ditched him. Cheryl changes steps to suit his size.  He thinks she is doing it because he slow.  She assured him she wasn't.  And as it turned out, the changes worked!  Len said their standard was much higher and it was well done. Bruno told him he was pretty hot when he let it go! Carrie Ann said he was sexy and hot!  And right on with the music.

Carrie Ann:  8
Len: 8
Bruno: 8
Total: 24

The couple going home:  Margaret Cho and Louis Van Amstel

*Pictures from ABC*

Hairy Legs and Bad Hips

It's true!  I have been putting it off for a week a few days and I finally break down and do it and the next day I have to wear pants!  That's what I love about winter and the necessity of shaving.  The hair keeps you warmer.

I originally went to the doctor complaining about my knees.  I could not take it anymore.  It was too much.  I wanted to cry.  My doctor gave me two referrals:  Ortho and PT.  Well of course the PT came through first.  I went...begrudgingly.  Like my doc, the therapist suspect my hips over my knees.  Seriously?  Are you even hearing me!?  I am telling you it is my KNEES.  They are what's hurting.  My hips are fine thank you very much!  But what?  You want to check my range of motion in my hips?  Well if you must...Wow, really?  I saw it with my own eyes
At first I explained the lack of range with I must have tightened up and resisted because he didn't tell me what he was going to do.  Of course, the next day when I went to put on my shoes and socks, it dawned on me that I did what I always do with the right leg.  I pulled it up and set it on the other leg to put on the shoes and socks.  Okay...let me test this.  Foot down.  Now...come up here foot.  Bring it home leg!  I got it about half way and I couldn't do it.  What the heck!?  Isn't hip trouble supposed to come when you are OLD!?
However, there are some that I would rather just skip.  Because they hurt.  He empathized and agreed that yes they do hurt.  I told him that since starting these exercises, my knees are hurting less, but now my hips hurt.  He told me this was normal as I am retraining the muscles and moving the weight to the center.  Cool that I remember that.  I still don't like it though.  And I still have to see the ortho to see just what is going on with my knees hips.  The therapist told me something that I thought was so interesting.  For me anyway.  He was talking about the progression of my therapy and how he would only use exercises that were appropriate for my needs. all that stuff about ask your doctor...well you should, but if you can see a physical therapist.  That is their specialty.  Not only that, they will give you exercises that will benefit you.  And some that will torture challenge you.
What are your ailments?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Too Harsh?

Last week on DWTS, Bruno had some colorful words of criticism for Michael Bolton after his attempt at the jive.  I say attempt, because I can't in good conscience call it dancing.  It really wasn't.  It was painful to watch.  At least for me it was.  It opened with Michael (Bolton) crawling out of a doghouse as the song "Hound Dog" began.  I thought it would be cute.  Clearly he wasn't comfortable with that.  That is part of the problem Billy Ray Cyrus had when he was on it.  He just wasn't comfortable with a lot of the styles of the dances.  And he couldn't dance either!  I WISH I had been blogging then.  I would love to see what Bruno and Len had to say about his dance INabilities!

Just last season, as Kate Gosselin "danced" week after week, I wondered just how in the world she was staying on the show!  Especially when her team mates gave her "golf" claps after her "dances."  And Bruno said things like, "It looked like Tony (Dovoloni) was pushing around a shopping cart."  And, "Tony would get more life from a coat rack!"  Which brings me to my point and question.  The point is, no one cared that Bruno said these things to Kate because they were spot on!  And because she didn't make a stink about it.  In fact, she grew each week--emotionally.  She never could dance.  And so no one cared when Bruno said those things.  No one.

So my question is:  Was Bruno out of line when he told Michael Bolton to go back IN the doghouse?  I do not think so.  Half the fun of that show is listening to the judges say what they have to say.  It would be stinking boring if all they said was, "That was not your best." or "I did not like this dance at all."  BORING!  No entertainment.  These celebrities and people whose names we happen to know, are on a show where they are being JUDGED.  Judged in their ability to learn and demonstrate a new skill.  Some can, some can't.  Were his words harsh?  No.  I do believe his score of 3 was though.  Four would have been sufficient.  It also would not have changed the outcome.  Tell me your opinion!