Thursday, October 7, 2010

Curiosity Killed the Kitty!

Curiosity by definition means to have the desire to learn or know about anything.  So where did that expression come from?  Or should I even ask?  I mean after all, if curiosity killed the cat, what will it do to me? know me and questions.  And I do love Google!  Google is my friend! 

Wikipedia gave an abundance of answers.  Which, you can see for  What it boils down to is be cautious of being too curious.  Like my brother for instance.  When he was around 11 or 12 he thought it would be fun to ride his bike off the garage roof.  Oh yes he did.  And he did it unscathed!  I, too have had my moments of being overly curious.  However, I never rode a bike off  of a roof. 

Curiosity is not a bad thing.  In fact, I think it is a lost art.  Our children are naturally curious and I think we should grow that curiosity.  These beautiful people are the future.  And their curiosity is a big part of that.  So let's not kill curiosity.  Let's bring it back to life!

What are you curious about?

Jenny Matlock

This week I am only going to do two truths and a lie since my partner in crime is posting a more serious subject today and felt it was not appropriate.  We will be playing again next week.  Now, I do not want to leave you hanging from last week, so I will give you the answers today!

My sister and I have always been close.  Even when we were little and fought horribly we were still best friends.  We even took up sign language to carry on secret conversations...almost like twin speak.  My mom hated it.  

My sister and I played all kinds of games too.  From restaurant to Jeanie and Wonder Woman to the Bionic Woman.  

However, as much as we would have liked too, we never did lock our brother out of the house!


blueviolet said...

My sister and I didn't have a sign language but we could speak without words, just by using our eyes. We still can!

magsmcc said...

I have a brother, and a fledgeling sun, who did (attempts to do) such things!

Jackie said...

Hi lourie, I am curious with some things too I suppose . Like I wish I knew stuff I didn't know like what time do my neighbours wake up lol or what are my neighbours eating for supper you know that type a thing .

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I'm curious about everything! Google is my best

Anonymous said...

It sounds like it's lucky curiosity didn't kill your brother!


Amy said...

I hear you on the death of curiosity. Kids are naturally curious, but I worry that their curious natures are not encouraged nearly enough and it is disappearing earlier and earlier.

How fun that you both took up signing! I wish I had done that. Now, however, all of us speak Spanish, so I guess that is the same thing.

Amanda said...

I totally agree that we should nurture curiosity in our children, and it is a little troubling that so many of our young kids are parked in front of video games, instead of encouraged to do and think and play and explore.

mle said...

I marvel at the unabashed curiosity of children! Your brother though - pure luck

So, what did we do before Google again?!!

sarah said...

i agree curiosity is a lost art indeed! when my son was younger and he would tell me "i'm bored!" i would say "you realize you are saying you are boring? find something to do, you have to be interested to be interesting!" now he knows he better stay busy or i will tell him to clean the bathrooms! (:

Brenda said...

I have 6 curious grand children and sometimes the boys do get in a jam. One in particular lately that is 3 but I cannot think of a way to tell that story without too much exposure if you get the drift. The lie. It is hard to decide. I think maybe number one. I have a sister I was close to but never did we go so far as sign language, but did play those sort of games and for sure locked our brother out of the house at least once if not more when he was being mean as boys can be.

Judie said...

I was once curious as to just where I could hide the dime that the tooth fairy left me. There was a lamp in the sunroom that had no bulb in it so I thought the socket would be a wonderful place. It actually turned out to be quite shocking!!

Emmy said...

My oldest two brothers tied the third to the tree outside. :)

Jenny said...

Lourie, what a thoughtful and thought-provoking post. I agree with you on curiousity in children.

I think there are too many batteries and video games and not enough time playing outside with sticks and rocks and making forts and treehouses.

It saddens me.

My grands are very curious and imaginative and it is starting to make them 'different' from their classmates. Sometimes when you're a little red-headed girl with freckles 'different' is not great!

Lourie, I always love visiting here. Thanks for the laugh about riding the bike off the garage roof. I'm glad you didn't try it!


Christy said...

No one has ridden a bike off the roof, but I have an uncle who tried to parachute off a 2nd story building (no, it didn't open and yes he lived), and I have a 5 year old who drove a golf cart into the pond. I try to promote (by giving lots of free time and little tv time) creativity in my children. Great post!