Friday, October 8, 2010

I Can Neither Confirm, Nor Deny

Before I begin this weeks confessional, I would like to direct your attention this bloggers post!  She saw my picture of Ryan and asked if she could use it and write a poem about it.  I of course said yes.  So please go and see her and give her some bloggy love!

Since I skipped out on confession last week, I have a lot to confess.  However, I can neither confirm nor deny the following admissions.  You must decide for yourself if I am guilty or innocent of such heinous offenses.

The people that live on the opposite side of our street have birds.  As in macaws.
Oh sure they are pretty to look at!  But these people let their birds outside. And I get to hear them squawk and make noises that can only be described as an animal of some sort being tortured to its untimely demise!  So what is my confession?  I want to shoot these stupid birds.  Sick a hungry cat on them.  Don't their neighbors complain?  One day I will record this racket and post it.  You will come to my defense. 

I spent a good forty-five minutes screaming yelling convincing my Little Middle to do her homework.  I also spent the same time convincing myself not to lock myself in my room.  Oh did I mention I was making dinner and trying to get the boy to play quiet games?

My house is a mess.  It seriously looks like it threw up everywhere.  And I cleaned the family room at least, but you really can't tell.  I did the dishes too, but the kitchen isn't at its best. 

I am giving a talk in church on Sunday.  I haven't looked at the article that was suggested nor have I put thought to paper.  I suppose I am hoping for a miracle. 

I need chocolate...the hard stuff.  DARK.  You just can't be a chocolate lover unless you like the hard stuff.

I am a cranky person.  Not all the time..just the last few days.  The kind of cranky you get when you wish your family people would just run for cover until the storm that is you blows over.

I am done...for now.  I am sure I have more to confess.  But I will save that for another time.  What do you need to confess?


Cherie said...

I will help you get rid of the birds!! Ha ha birds are seriously annoying and loud and poopy. Yeah, not my favorite pets. Out in the wild they are fine.

I also appreciate your DWTS recap below. I have been so swamped this week I could not watch it either night - Ugh!

Linda Medrano said...

You might need a Calgon moment. Or a gin and tonic. One or the other.

blueviolet said...

You're right that the sound of birds is not a calm, peaceful, serene thing. It's an awful, awful thing.

Nikki said...

lol well at least the bird is a pretty color! oo I have a good keeping the kids quiet game, you could start playing and when you start, whoever makes the most noises (any kind) for the duration of the game loses and has to put a coin in a jar. I'm kind of surprised I just thought of that one, lol I'm corrupt! now I'm scared to start TTCing!

the best chocolate I can think of is D&Donuts hot chocolate, its milky and I'm sure fattening and bad but soooo chocolatey!

Emmy said...

I hate homework fights :(. Sorry. We definitely have to go shopping so we can remember the good things about them being in school

Kellie said...

Go to Walmart, buy a $4 bottle of Valerian Root, take 2 or 3 tonight before bed, then call me in the morning. No, srrrrrrsly, it takes the edge off in a great drug free way.

And chocolate, if you cut me I'd bleed chocolate...wonder if I ahve and Midnight Milky Ways left...

Kellie said...

HAVE ANY....can't type today

mormonhermitmom said...

argh...the homework fights...I hear ya

Amy said...

Dark chocolate, the hard stuff... I love that!

Those birds can be annoying. When I lived in CA the neighbors had a parrot type bird that was always yelling. Sometimes I found it humorous, but mostly it was just hard to concentrate with it. Of course, my companion would yell at it, and it would yell back, and it did give us hours of entertainment that way.