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These Magic Moments

I am participating in Shell's Magic Moments where you share magic moments in pictures.  This was hard as there are so many to choose from.
My Wedding Day Seeing my childhood BFF for the first time in 20 years Seeing our Little Middle take her first breath when we thought she wouldn't.  3 Generations Seeing my first born take her first big step -- promoting out of middle school and into high school.
So many magic moments in my life that it is impossible to limit them.  

Proud Mommy Moments--Am I Blue?

In Ryan's class the kids each have a behavior chart with colors.  The cooler colors mean good behaviors.  Green is where each child starts.  The warmer colors are the trouble areas.  Yellow is a warning, orange means you had to sit out and red means you had to go to the office and see the principle.  Red is the only color you can't move back from.  Most days Ryan is green.  Sometimes his color is yellow because he gets too excited in his play and he is very "hands on."  He tries very hard each day.  He wants to be purple as this is the top of chart of good behavior.  I am happy for each day he is green.  The boy just can't sit still.

Yesterday he was blue. Not only did he make it to blue, he was also the line leader and teacher's helper.  His teacher said he had an awesome day.  He kept his hands to himself and followed directions. 

What is your Proud Mommy Moment?  Link up with Emmy and KMama.

DWTS My Picks

Since I felt the producer's of DWTS, choices were less than stellar, it got me thinking:  Hmmmm, could I do better?  Well of course that got me thinking.  Who would I want to see on my beloved show?  Well let's see's not as easy as I thought it would be.  Not to mention they have to be paired up.  But a little obsession extra thought and here is what I came up with:
Michelle Kwan, Olympic silver medalist, world champion and professional ice skater.  Like her predecessor--Kristi Yamaguchi--I think she has great potential for the mirror ball trophy.  I would pair her with Derek Hough.  

Tony Hawk because my son loves to watch the cool dudes do cool stunts on their skateboards.  Tony Hawk because it would be out of his comfort zone, and it would be interesting to see how he handled it.  I would pair him with Kym Johnson.

Mary Tyler Moore because she is classy, she is cool, she would be hilarious and because we had Cloris Leachman a few seasons back.  I would pair he…

The Status Quote--Sept 2011

It's the Status Quote the monthly Meme that Emmy and I do where you share your friends Facebook and Twitter updates.  You can leave out names and locations to protect the innocent or guilty as the case may be.  And then link up with us!

If we're talking most underrated bands of the 90's, then I'm talking "Zac Attack"!  Dig Zac's crazy hair.

Some more advice: To ensure you never cut yourself while chopping vegetables, get a friend to hold the vegetables.  Better yet, get the friend to cut the vegetables.

My 5y/o just told me to go to my room and think about sharing. Bc I didn't want to share a cookie with him. He already ate his!  I love their idea of sharing.

Sometimes I wish I was like Sam on Bewitched. Then I could wiggle my nose and these crazy ass kids would be in bed and asleep.  Oh the dreams I have had with her amazing powers.  My house would be immaculate.  Laundry would always be done, and everyone would be VERY nice to me.

You know how we s…

Dancing With Who?

I waited with breathless anticipation.  I cheated and went online I found out who was going to be on this season.  My first reaction was less than enthusiastic.  It also may have been something along the lines of, "Who ARE these people!?"  Well let's have a look at their new line up shall we...

Carson Kressely:  Emmy winning television star, celebrity stylist, author and fashion designer.  Okay...he's actually a star.  Keep.  He's paired with Anna Trebunskaya.  They will be the best dressed on the floor.

Chynna Phillips:  Singer/Song writer and "pop princess" another star.  She is paired with Tony Dovolani.  He treats all his stars well.

David Arquette:  actor, writer, and producer...oh yeah and he was married to Courtney Cox.  He's a star!!!  He will be dancing with Kym Johnson.  These two will be fun together.

Elisabetta Canalis:  Super Model: Italy.  She is gorgeous.  She is Italy. she a star?  I think the verdict is out on …