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Random Friday/Confessions

It's been beautiful all week long.   A little chilly at times...well chilly by CA standards.  They kept talking about the rain that was coming.  And it kept getting bumped back further and further.  So we had a gorgeous week and tomorrow and Sunday we are going to get slammed.  It's a trade off.

Speaking of trade offs...having the kids at school offers a nice break from the chaos and kid shows.  But the trade off is homework.  By the time summer rolls around I am dancing with joy because I get two months without any homework.  That joy lasts for about a week.

And speaking of time off for good behavior, Spring Break Easter vacation is just around the corner.  We get 2 weeks here.  In VA it was 4 days.  But then they started later and ended it way way later.  It doesn't make sense to me really since they are supposed to go to school a specific amount of days.

Which reminds me, remember when summer vacation was like 3 months of total freedom??  My kids get exactly 60 days.  …

Nothing to Fear

There is nothing to fear, but fear itself.  Quick who said that?  I don't usually have pop quizes in my blog, but if you said Franklin D. Roosevelt you were paying attention in class that day.  That's a great saying really.  But the truth is, we all have fears. 

I am afraid of elevators.  I have bad knees.  And even on their hurtiest days, I will opt to take the stairs instead of getting into the box of doom.  I am afraid of closed spaces.  My kids--all of them--sleep with their heads under their blankets.  Oh how can they do that!?  I couldn't breathe.  I need AIR!   I am afraid heights.  I am not deathly afraid of them, but you also won't see me walking out on the glass floor at the Grand Canyon either!  I am afraid of flying.  Ironically, I love to look at the ground below.  Go figure.  I am afraid of being sick.  Like puke sick.  Like I would rather be set on fire than be sick.  No really.  I will fight it with every fiber of my being.  I think most people in the w…

Wordless Wednesday

Ryan sitting in the middle of Grandma's "grass" Picture taken with my phone. Edited with Paint Shop Pro X

New Beginnings

Last week for Wordless Wednesday, I posted this picture.  Some of you knew exactly what it was.  Some of you thought I took it that day.  Some of you wondered what it was.  The picture of the Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, was taken in July of 2007.  If you go all the way back to my very first post, you will see we moved from VA after Rich retired serving 20 years in the United States Coast Guard.  We made our journey a road trip and visited family, friends, and visited as many Temples as we could.  That particular one was Houston. 

Another thing that happened last on Wordless Wednesday, was Kristin went to Young Womens.  This is a program for the young women in the church ages 12 to 18.  Each week they have a lesson, spiritual thought and an activity.  Last week they had a special meeting called, "New Beginnings."  It was aimed at the the girls just coming into the program.  They talked about each of the Young Women's values.  Kristin repres…

What Do You Think?

As you can see, I have a brand new look.  I get restless in the cyber world so I like to play.  I have Incredimail which is a really fun email program.  I change its look regularly.  My Yahoo is also changed on a regular basis; as well as my avatar for it.  I suppose if I had the means and the drive, I would paint my house at least once a year, changing the look entirely.  Since I don't have either, I live that dream in the cyber world.

I spent most of the weekend working on it.  Here is what I did...

The Header:  For the header I used the picture below.
I opened Paint Shop Pro and did a panoramic crop.  Then, I copied a section of the picture with no people, and pasted it wherever there were people.  The lettering I selected inner beveling.
The Background:  The background is from The Cutest Blog on the Block.  The link can be found in the upper left hand corner.
I have been wanting a three column blog for ages.  Finally I found a very simple -- and by simple I mean SIMPLE--tutorial o…