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Happy Halloween

Hello boys and ghouls! Tomorrow is Halloween and I just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy one.
Be sure and eat a healthy dinner first!
Wear comfortable shoes.
Wear your glow necklaces.
Stay with your group.
Check through your treasures.
Do these things, and I predict you will have a Happy Halloween!!

Favorite Halloween Costume

If you are like me, you love Halloween. If I had the means, I would go alll out. I would be Morticia Addams, and Rich would have to Gomez. And he would have to learn French. I would be Elvira, but her costume is a bit...well it's a bit too much...err...too little. I think there have only been a few in my life when I have not dressed up for Halloween. And if I didn't dress up I wore the appropriate colors. So now I dig into my past and try to come up with a costume I would love to have on video/film...well there are quite a few actually. Hey, I told you I loved Halloween!!

Jeannie. As in I Dream of Jeannie. You remember her! I was Jeannie in high school. I can not remember how old I was. My costume wasn't pink like hers, it was creams and browns. It matched her design pretty well. And to make it even better, my mom had this fantastic hair piece that we used as the ponytail. Everyone knew who I was, and even better some guys at school sang the song as I walked …

Lourie vs 20 Pounds of Kitty Litter

Yes, you read the subject line right. I do not have cats. I do not want cats. I do not need to take care yet one more thing in the house. So why was I in a battle with a 20(actually it is 14 but who is counting?) pound box of kitty litter? Well I will tell you...

Yesterday I went to Wally with my mom. we have officially dubbed Wednesdays as Wal-Mart day. We usually go on a Wednesday anyway so why not. I had a lot of stuff to buy and because I came across some good deals--64 ounces of apple juice for just under $2, and a fruit drink also 64 ounces for less than $2 well I bought them both. I hate Wally. My mom had to buy kitty litter. She doesn't have cats either. At least, not by choice. She does have my brother, sister, and niece's cats. Another story, another time. We shopped for over an hour and stood in the shortest line we could find. No easy feat at Wally.

I loaded our treasures into my van from the side since the lift gate no longer stays open. It could h…

Today Was Good

It is important to remember the good days. It is important because it makes facing the bad ones a little easier. So what made the day a good one? Well I am glad you asked!

1. We are all healthy! I am sooo sorry to all my bloggy friends who are sick. Please get plenty of rest, keep your loved ones isolated as much as humanly possible. But I am thanking the Lord that we are healthy.

2. Kristin went to school and stayed there. This is a good thing. It really sucks being 12. You are on the edge of childhood. She hasn't learned quite yet that you can hang onto some of it.

3. It was cooler today. Good grief it was 71 today. I made soup(thanks for the idea Rachel Sue) I loved it. Tonight the news is saying "How long will it last?" Well more than a one day I hope. Bring it on. I am ready for cool air.

4. I made cookies. It was just a Betty Crocker mix. They are gone. They were very good. Oh and just for verification I did not eat all of them.

5. I got a nap. …

I Should Write A Book

Have you ever said this? Or has anyone said it to you? I can answer yes to both. Problem is, no one would believe anyone's life could be like mine. I know people who have lives far more chaotic and dramatic than mine. I think we could collaborate and make the next Desperate Housewives! Instead of being narrated by a dead housewife, it will be narrated by the woman who actually wrote that book. You heard it here first.

Here is just a little piece of my life. And really, isn't that what the blogs are for? To share little bits of our lives. Today, Nikki--one of my extras--wanted to know where the cord was for Emily's laptop. I thought that was really bizarre. I asked her if it was attached. I guess if it was she wouldn't be asking for its whereabouts! Of course it wasn't. I went and checked it out. Nope. No cord. So I get down on my easy task, and start hunting for the cord in question. It is no where. By this time my knees are screaming…

The Mondays

I have got a really bad case of "The Mondays." Rich is off to a geek convention...aka...The Windows 7 release. Big fat hairy deal. I am not saying I am without geekiness. No, that would be a lie. However, I do make it look way cooler. I tried to get through morning with a smile. Did you know it actually takes less muscles to smile than it does frown? Yeah yeah whatever! Then I remember this message from church yesterday. Sometimes it's hard to swallow truth...but "Come what may...and love it!"