Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Today Was Good

It is important to remember the good days. It is important because it makes facing the bad ones a little easier. So what made the day a good one? Well I am glad you asked!

1. We are all healthy! I am sooo sorry to all my bloggy friends who are sick. Please get plenty of rest, keep your loved ones isolated as much as humanly possible. But I am thanking the Lord that we are healthy.

2. Kristin went to school and stayed there. This is a good thing. It really sucks being 12. You are on the edge of childhood. She hasn't learned quite yet that you can hang onto some of it.

3. It was cooler today. Good grief it was 71 today. I made soup(thanks for the idea Rachel Sue) I loved it. Tonight the news is saying "How long will it last?" Well more than a one day I hope. Bring it on. I am ready for cool air.

4. I made cookies. It was just a Betty Crocker mix. They are gone. They were very good. Oh and just for verification I did not eat all of them.

5. I got a nap. Naps are good. Why don't our kids realize this. Oh how good they are. I felt better after. I know for some people this doesn't work. But for me, it was needed.

6. I had a great idea for Emily and how to make her homework easier. Sometimes I get a few good ones! Her school work is modified, why not do the same to her homework. I am suggesting to the teacher that we cut the homework down or at spend a set amount of time on each subject.

7. I am reclaiming my living room. It was being overrun with Barbies and other toys. New rule. No toys in the living room. Play in your room or the family room. I love my kids very much, but I am tired of toys. Haha.

8. My dishes are done. A personal victory each and every day!

It was a good day. Oh and here is a headaches! Yipppeee! But we won't go down that road. This is a happy post!


Emmy said...

Yeah!! So glad you are having a good happy day. I don't know how you are all managing to stay healthy but so glad you are. Besides when I was whipped out, we haven't been too bad but it just seems like it is one little thing to next. As soon as one of us gets better than it is the next. Makes it really hard to do anything!!

KK said...

Counting my blessings always makes me feel better, right after a nap of course!

Mamma Christine said...

You deserve a day like this! I'm glad you got it.

Carolynn said...

Just think...without the bad days we would not appreciate the good ones. Hope your bad ones are few and far between.

mormonhermitmom said...

Awe. Some!