Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lourie vs 20 Pounds of Kitty Litter

Yes, you read the subject line right. I do not have cats. I do not want cats. I do not need to take care yet one more thing in the house. So why was I in a battle with a 20(actually it is 14 but who is counting?) pound box of kitty litter? Well I will tell you...

Yesterday I went to Wally with my mom. we have officially dubbed Wednesdays as Wal-Mart day. We usually go on a Wednesday anyway so why not. I had a lot of stuff to buy and because I came across some good deals--64 ounces of apple juice for just under $2, and a fruit drink also 64 ounces for less than $2 well I bought them both. I hate Wally. My mom had to buy kitty litter. She doesn't have cats either. At least, not by choice. She does have my brother, sister, and niece's cats. Another story, another time. We shopped for over an hour and stood in the shortest line we could find. No easy feat at Wally.

I loaded our treasures into my van from the side since the lift gate no longer stays open. It could have been the act of reaching in and out of the cart. It could have been throwing my lighter treasures into the back seat. Who knows. It came time to hoist the offending box of kitty litter. I lifted it out of the cart and was least it felt that way. I put it into the van....still seemed good. Then I stood up and that is when it hit. My back had suffered somewhere in loading the car. I have a bad back anyway so I do have to be careful. I know better. Bend your knees. I thought I had. I guess not. So ice and heat it is. And of course ibuproferen. Although I wouldn't mind a nice muscle relaxer. haha.

Kitty Litter - 1
Lourie - 0


Mamma Christine said...

:( I hope it gets better soon. Sore backs are the worst!

Emmy said...

Bummer :( sorry you are hurting. Stupid cats.

mormonhermitmom said...

Ouch! Icy Heat!
My hubby has kitty litter in his garage for oil spills.

KK said...

I hope you feel better soon!