Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Review Extravaganza October-December!

It's the final wrap for the 2011 Review Extravaganza!  Hosted by yours truly,  EmmyMom, Emilisq, Impulsive Addict, Janette of Johanson Journey, Mimi Living in France , and Runner Mom.  Be sure to snag that button and mention each of us when you link your post.

And now....


It was Ryan's birthday, but we also had a TRIPLE BIRTHDAY BASH!
I was featured on Shell's Blog for her Things They Can't Say!  It was definitely a SQEEEE kind of moment!

Kristin was in The Hobbit at school...
She was an Elf
Halloween, where my kids totally got into character and scored big time in the candy dept!


We had some proud academic moments for the kids in November.  Plus, Kristin had also scored a 3.0 for the semester!  Which we found out AFTER this particular post been written.

Thanksgiving of course came along...and I named my big juicy bird...
Bubba!  He was as good as he looks!  


 I talked about "The Signs of Weak Mind"  I also got very busy.... like most of us did.  And I got sick too.  Like most of us did.
That night, I literally almost cried myself to sleep.  Happily I am well again!

 And more importantly, I was healthy in time for Christmas!  And after all the presents were unwrapped, I shared how I got my craft on. 

And that was our year in review!  I can hardly wait to see what you all have to say!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Crafty Christmas Gifts

Are you on Pinterest?  Sky blue?  Do bears....?  A while back, I saw this:
A spice rack turned polish holder.
I saw this a few times before I finally pinned it.  What a cute and clever idea.  I had a spice rack.  And sadly, I just didn't use it anymore. So I got the idea to make the spice rack into a polish rack.  Well I had taken a before picture of my plain spice rack and sadly I can not find it.  So you will have to use your imagination....

I used Folk Art paint and painted two coats.  Then I added the stickers and covered the stickers with two coats of Mod Podge.  After that, I did two coats of High Gloss Finish Decopauge.  This really brought out the brilliance of the paint. 
The backing was done with foam board and scrapbook paper.  I simply glued the paper to the board then I glued the board to the rack.  However, on Christmas morning the backing came loose so I nailed the backing to the rack.  As you can see, kitty approves.  I made this for my girls since they are both big on doing their nails.  ALL. THE. TIME.  They love it.  Now I have to hang it up for use!

A few weeks ago, and I believe I blogged about this, Ryan asked if the meat I was serving, was ham.  I told him it was beef.  He asked, "Wouldn't it be funny if I had a shirt that said:  Where's the Beef?  I laughed so hard at that.  I just had to buy a white T-shirt and make him one for Christmas!!

He was so excited about this shirt that he wore it special for his best buddy yesterday....

And since Ryan got to see his best buddy...I got to see mine!

We all had a blast.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Simple Question...

I have a simple question today.  How was your Christmas???  I want to hear all about it.  I do!

Ours was great.  The whole day was just fun, relaxed, and filled with laughter.

Just a sampling of our morning.

The kids made out like bandits.  We had gifts from his parents, gifts from "Secret Santas" from church, from each other, and from Santa.  Then we went to my mom and dads and got spoiled some more.  

A few things I got:  Jewelry.  I got necklaces.  A necklace you can string beads through.  One bead says "mother" one says "faith" and the other is blue like sapphire.  Kristin got us a mother/daughter set.  Very pretty.  I got The Golden Girls on DVD from my MIL.  Already started watching it.  hehe. 
This is a closer look at the tile Ryan made for me.  A big deal since he absolutely hates getting his hands messy.

I am only going to bore you with share a couple more pictures as I felt these ones were truly special.  I was getting trigger happy with my camera, and my brother was...errr...."loosened up" so he was more than willing to pose with my kids. (He says he is too ugly!)  And I loved every second of this!
Emily and Uncle Mike
Kristin(my love bug) and Uncle Mike--this is actually where the fun started.
I think this one is my favorite.

We also got a "snowball fight" in a can from Rich's mom.  She crocheted "snowballs"...10 I think for each of her kids and their families and sent them off for a Christmas Eve gift.  They are poofy snowballs.  We had a blast tossing them around.  A couple went missing.  I think they melted. ;) It was a super smart fun gift.  

Tomorrow I am going to be showing my craftiness off.  And on Friday for the last part the 2011 Review Extravaganza I will boring you with sharing more Christmas pictures.  

So how as your Christmas???

Friday, December 23, 2011

Review Extravaganza Week 3

It's time for part three of the Review Extravaganza 2011!!!  This week covers July, August, and Sept!!! So come on and link up with us:  Me, Emmy, Mimi,Em, Grumpy Grateful Mom, Runner Mom, Janette of Johansen Journey and Impulsive Addict!

July was a crazy busy and super fun month for me!  It started off with a most grand adventure with my lifetime bestie!  Love you Lou!  Muah!  She came to So Cal with her daughter for college orientation and I went with them.  We didn't cause too much trouble.  hehe.  
I know I also saw my other bestie in there somewhere...I have pictures to prove it!
Miss you Emmy!XOXO

We also got a special visit from Rich's parents.  They took the kids on special adventures and then we all went to Knott's Berry Farm! Yes indeed July was a crazy busy month for us.

 And some how we managed to get to the beach more than once!!!

August meant we had little or no time left to prepare for school...but before any of that could happen....a very special event took place!
I don't mind being a "great" aunt, cause I already am!  ;)

There was a whole big drama and roller coaster getting Emily all set for school.  I was getting more and more frustrated by the minute.  She literally didn't have a school to claim until the day before!!!! But she got where she needed to be.  And now finally is settled in her school. And more importantly it is where her friends are. started up again...and because I had three big promotions in June, I had three big starts in "fall."  A big First Grader, Middle School, and "gulp" high school!

September is a pretty special month in our house...but before I go there....I want to talk about something really important(heh)I love to recap Dancing with the Stars, and September it was coming back with a cast, that at the time I was less than happy with.  So I came up with my own picks!

We celebrated MY birthday in September....
We celebrated Kristin's birthday!

And it was my 18th anniversary...even though I was convinced it was the 19th.  I don't do math! 
Now it's your turn to review and link up!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

My Weekend....

My weekend started off like this.  I started with a sore throat on Thursday.  I was feeling kind of run down.  By Friday night (pictured) I was at death's door practically begging to be let in.  We promised the kids shopping and a visit with Santa!  I refused to break my promise no matter how horrible I felt.  Unfortunately, Rich was coming down with it too.  So we both just sucked it up.

Saturday we alternated sleeping and being a parent.  Kristin was the "parent-aide" and Emily was the assistant.  Ryan was most awesome.  I called on my visiting teacher and had her bring dinner to us.  I had to drive to Orange County to pick up my nephew--because I said I would.  Luckily I was feeling much better than that!  But I was still down. 

Sunday was church, lunch at my mom's with the fam and the driving all over the place to take one nephew one place and the other home.  What a day.  Rich was in recovery mode. 

So this week I am taking time off from blogging...until Friday for week three of the Review Extravaganza 2011!!!  I will be getting ready for Christmas, getting the house in order and catching up with all my bloggy pals!  I love you all have a wonderful week!

Friday, December 16, 2011

RE2011 week 2

It is week two of The Review Extravaganza 2011!!  To be reminded of the rules just go here.  And remember you get an extra point for following anyone of the lovely hosts:  MOI!  Emmy, Grumpy Grateful Mom,Mimi, Runner Mom, Em of Emilisq, Impulsive Addict, and Janette of the Johanson Journey.  Remember to link your post and not your blog.  This week it is April, May and June!!!

My favorite question in April was about Easter Eggs...or Easter Spheres!

Emmy and I got to meet fellow blogger, Glamazon in real life!! It was most awesome!

In May I got my iPhone!  I was in Geek Heaven!  My favorite question was tied directly into a gripe!

My niece had her baby shower.

In June we had not one, not two BUT THREE graduations!  It will be the only time it ever happens!

Ryan graduated from Kindergarten.  Kristin graduated from middle school. And Emily graduated from Elementary.  It was a crazy busy week for us!

My favorite question for June was about brain damage.  Is it ours or our kids?  You decide!

And last but never least we celebrated Emily's birthday!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

So Random

Today my blog is so random that it happened on a Thursday!  Before I get into anything totally random, I want to remind you all tomorrow is week 2 of the Review 2011 Extravaganza!  A quick refresher of the rules:  snag that button there.  Link back to all of your beautiful hosts!  ME, Mimi, Emmy, Grumpy Grateful Mom, Runner Mom, Impulsive Addict, Em of Emilisq, and Janette of Johanson Journey.  Then simply link your post--not your blog and viola!  It is that easy.  Plus it is lots of fun and there are prizes in the end!!!  You know you want to play along!

Yesterday Ryan landed on RED at school.  This meant he got sent to the principals office.  He and some other boys were playing a game of, "Attack the Booty."  Awesome.  Things got rough.  Imagine that.  Ryan said he would tell.  The other boys said they would tell and started chasing him.  This set him off on a spiral of bad behavior and landed him in the office.  We hope this does not happen again.  He's a good guy.  

Kristin has finals this week.  She has math today.  The teacher is using practical math and getting goodies at the same time.  He wanted the students to bring in a recipe and also multiply the same recipe on paper by 2 1/4.  We made chocolate chip cookies.  I know this recipe by heart.  I wrote it down for her simply for the assignment.  Well.  I made a boo-boo!  It calls for two eggs.  I wrote down ONE egg.  We doubled the recipe.  I used two eggs and not FOUR!  The cookies are still tasty good.  The texture is just a little different, but not in a bad way.  It took until they were all cooked for me to figure out my error! 

That mistake with the eggs is just one of many I make on a regular basis round the clock!  Unfortunately my family is totally used to it.  To the point, that yesterday when I was talking and saying stuff all wrong, and missing the turn to Little Middles school, she said, "Mom, you need a Diet Coke!" 

Another funny thing one of my kids said....  This one was by ready?  We had roast beef for dinner on Monday.  He asked what it was, I told him it was beef.  He said, "Wouldn't it be funny if I had a shirt that said, where's the beef?"  If I had a Diet Coke then, I would've snotted it through my nose.  I was dying!  I am now making him a t-shirt that says:  Where's the beef?  LOL  Shhhh it's for Christmas.

Remember to link up tomorrow for the Review Extravaganza!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cactus Buddies

Kristin has a friend.  She met him through The Hobbit.  One day during rehearsal they were all practicing with PVC pipes as swords, and this young man was goofing around and sort of dancing.  Kristin was puzzled, and asked, "What are you doing?"  He responded with, "I'm dancing." and then added, with the pipe  held above his head with both hands, "I feel like a cactus." and proceeded to dance like like a cactus.  And the cactus buddies were born.  For a long time I didn't know his real name.  She has names for all her friends.  It's almost like Seinfeld.  His real name: Teddy.

This past Saturday, he invited her to go Christmas shopping with him.  I didn't think of whole lot of it. His mom drove them.  He bought stuff for family and he bought stuff for her.  Yes, he likes her.  And she likes him.  It's very a little scary for me.  I am thankful she has good moral standards.* They went and saw Santa Claus. 

So I see happy smiles.  I see cuteness.  And I worry. 
*I am in no way implying Teddy has no moral standards, as I really don't
know him.
What's a mom to do?

Monday, December 12, 2011

Reality vs. Are You Serious?

Kristin Sept 25, 1997

When Kristin was born, I was surrounded by help.  And I do mean surrounded.  My mom came and stayed for almost two months.  Some might say overstay...we said please don't go!  At the time Rich was working two jobs.  I needed all the support and aid I could get.  While she was there.  Rich took his regular paternity leave plus he had leave saved up.  So he actually had a lot of time off.  His parents came in for a week.  My sister was there for a weekend and so was Rich's sister.  So when I say I was surrounded with help, I really meant it.  I could sleep if I wanted to.  I could shower if I wanted to.  It was so easy to be a Mommy.  But then, everyone left.  And Rich had to go back to work.    I was left alone.  All alone with a baby who was colicky.  She cried constantly.  And I was her soul provider, nurturer, everything.  Poor Rich felt mostly helpless and helped every chance he had.  It was rough.  Her first 6 months of life are basically a blur for me.  I was a train wreck.

Fast forward to present day...
She's such a nut!

Okay now please don't judge....the TV was just on, I was busy creating--it's a secret for now.  I will share after Christmas, kthanks. was The View.  And the guest was Ivanka Trump.  And their big hook was how life with baby has changed her.  Really?  How much has her life changed?  I have to know this.  So I turned up the TV so I could hear and went back to work.

Her new title:  MOM!  Her working title:  Executive Vice President of Development and Acquisition in the Trump Organization.  Whew, what a mouthful.  They asked her right away about Mommyhood.  Now her first response, I completely agree with.  She said that one would think with nine to ten months of preparation you could prepare, but nothing prepares you for parenthood.  She is absolutely right about that.  Nothing does.  Nothing.  And the more you think you got this thing covered the more you are going to fall flat on your face.  Eat crow. And all that humbling crap.  Then they asked her about "mommy guilt."  Oh how I hate that.  Mommy guilt is the worst.  And this is where she lost me.  She was playing golf with her husband and was only able to play two holes before she had to go home.  Oh cry me a river.  Am I wrong?  Am I cynical?  What is your opinion?  What is your mom guilt?

Friday, December 9, 2011

2011 Review Extravaganza!!! Jan-March

It is time to review your year!!!  And to earn points towards some great prizes from some great hosts.   *wink wink*  Who is hosting?  To refresh your memory....

Emmy Mom
California Girl cagirl
Em of Emilisq
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Impulsive Addict
Janette of Johanson Journey
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Runner Mom
runner mom blog
And to remind you what to do... each Friday of this month we will be reviewing 3 months of the year.  Today it is Jan, Feb, and March.  This can be done with a single post, pictures, links or all of the above.  Then link your post (not your blog) to me or any one of these lovely ladies.  You will have until Tuesday--Dec 13th to post the first review!  So don't feel you can't participate if you already posted something else today.  
And now for my first installment!

I discovered....I am quite hilarious!  (and modest too!)  Seriously decide how funny you think you I am....personally I think I am quite the comedian.  

Jan 2011

But I can be serious when I need to be.  Depression is very real.

Feb. 2011

I like to share Life Lessons, the fact that sometimes Reality Sucks, and admitting that I suffer from DDS.

March 2011

March is loaded with birthday's in our family...but there is one very special one....
I talked about how cool you are if you are a GEN X kid.

And of course I had TEN THINGS to smile about!!!

All right!  Now it is your turn to walk down memory lane, link up and earn chances to win prizes!!!!  What are you waiting for???