My Weekend....

My weekend started off like this.  I started with a sore throat on Thursday.  I was feeling kind of run down.  By Friday night (pictured) I was at death's door practically begging to be let in.  We promised the kids shopping and a visit with Santa!  I refused to break my promise no matter how horrible I felt.  Unfortunately, Rich was coming down with it too.  So we both just sucked it up.

Saturday we alternated sleeping and being a parent.  Kristin was the "parent-aide" and Emily was the assistant.  Ryan was most awesome.  I called on my visiting teacher and had her bring dinner to us.  I had to drive to Orange County to pick up my nephew--because I said I would.  Luckily I was feeling much better than that!  But I was still down. 

Sunday was church, lunch at my mom's with the fam and the driving all over the place to take one nephew one place and the other home.  What a day.  Rich was in recovery mode. 

So this week I am taking time off from blogging...until Friday for week three of the Review Extravaganza 2011!!!  I will be getting ready for Christmas, getting the house in order and catching up with all my bloggy pals!  I love you all have a wonderful week!


MiMi said…
Seriously. Death's door last night. Still dragging. :(
Emmy said…
Yea, I think I might post again Wednesday to show our home decor and then obviously Friday but otherwise have a lot to get done this week.

Hope you are feeling better.
The Santa picture is very cute!!
Rachel said…
Yes, a very cute picture!

I haven't been feeling very well either. Let's hope we're all better by the weekend!
becca said…
i feel you been fighting for a week now..feel better soon
Sorry you've been miserable! Hopefully you're doing better by now.
I'm glad you had some sweet assistants. :)
mormonhermitmom said…
Oh, you poor woman. In all your running around I hope you down a gallon of OJ.

I'd like to say I'd trade you weekends, but..... I can't. ;)

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