Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Five

Emmy Mom

I am linking up with my bestie, Emmy for Friday Five.  And you all thought I was going to miss this week of blogging entirely.  Oh ye of little faith!  ;)  The hard part starts next month when I attmpt to blog TWICE a week!

1.  It rained last week.  That's a really big deal here in S. CA.  Such a big deal that kids and grown ups alike will actually stand at the window and stare at it.

2.  Kristin and her friend a dog on one of those rainy days.  This was no ordinary dog.  The poor dear was missing a leg.  She was very sweet.  Happily, between a FB friend and her work with a rescue worker we were able to reunite the dog with her family.

3.  I wasn't going to watch the Oscars, but I did.  I had more fun tweeting than watching.  And I totally loved the pizza guy.  He had no idea.

4.  I had a really bad day on Monday.  We all do.  They just suck when they happen.  It was a battle especially with homework(mine) but I got through it.

5.  Do you have pictures of people that are worthy of blackmail?  I do!  (insert evil laughter)

I have lost 5.8 pounds.  This is my reward.  I get another reward at ten pounds!

The rain caused some of the trees to fall.  We are in a drought though and need more rain.

These cats think I am their bed.

Look at the way his legs are twisted.  Does that look painful to you too??

I kidnapped my daughter's Loki doll.  I had a little bit of fun.